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Found 7 results

  1. Less than two weeks to go until the new rulebook comes out. Before it does, I was wondering which characters people think won't make it out of season three alive? Let's start the guesswork, and then we can check back in a fortnight and see if anyone got it right!
  2. ncw103

    Counter attack?

    Hi everyone, Forgive me if this is already known but I see it sort of discussed but not really stated, but how do we handle counter attacks? As someone who mains brewers but is getting into butchers, my biggest hesitation with sending in Fillet or Ox into a player is the counter attack knockdown which can ruin that big stack of influence. What do we have to avoid this scenario with our captains? Is it just a matter of being sure to take a momentous result (if you do not have any momentum) and then just clear conditions and keep swinging? How about pushes or dodges out of melee as well?
  3. Trisfreer

    Goal Scoring

    Hi guys just played my first S3 game with butchers.... does everyone feel that the game meta has shifted to focus more on scoring..... admittedly i I did play against Brewers with a Fillet line up but I felt it was much harder for me to take out a model than it used to be. Essentially I would normally pick a model and decide it was dead and they would be deleted, easy! i felt that the way the rules had shifted it was far better for me to score goals, which I did twice with Fillet and then take out two people which I also did with Fillet.... does everyone else also find it much easier to allocate influence in their Fillet teams now?
  4. Running thread for my non-tournament S3 cogs games. One down, many to go I hope! Was playing against @Maurice's Brewers: Ballista, Mainspring, Ratchet, Salvo, Hoist, Colossus vs Tapper, Scum, Hooper, Mash, vSpigot, Friday T1 vSpigs kicks off Cogs do fun passing things, get momentum vSpigs down to 8, was KD'd so didn't get to do cool stuff Hoist poisoned I think 0-0 T2 Ballista goes first, misses deadbolt on Spigot :/ Gets Spigot down to 2 health, goal with BREACH! (should have put up Minefield but did not) Friday gets a goaaaaal (and a vengeance token) Plot card the ball to Mainspring Pain train happens, Ballista dies to Hooper Tapper beating up Salvo 4-6 Brewers, lots of mom for Brewers T3 Hoist has been poisoned a lot Friday has ball again With Vengeance, Colossus gets ball from Friday... then only gets one hit on Tapper, who is engaging him On third hit, Colossus gets Unexpected Arrival, so blows the Brewers formation apart Salvo is kill Friday gets the ball back and chucks it to Spigs in traffic Spigot goes for goal, is low on Mom, and Misses Should note that Spigot has been receiving a ton of healing, but by this point I have him back on 2 health 4-8 Brewers T4 Ratchet murderizes Spigot and passes to Hoist, who is on 3 HP Tapper slightly too far from cat, tries and fails to kill Hoist (lololol) Hoist M>< out of Hooper and Tapper, walks in for goal! Mash finishes kill on Hoist Ball goes out to where Brewers can't get momentum, woops! Salvo goes up flank 10-10 T5 Spigot comes back on and gets ball Salvo charges Spigot, who counterattacks Salvo gets MT<< and M<, triggering close control Spigot sticks 4/5 hits on Salvo, getting 1>< needed to get out of melee (noooooo) Tapper vaporizes ballista, who was on only 9 health 10-12, Brewers win! Thoughts Great game. Gotta use Mine Field. Tapper with cat still really good; easier Commanding Aura is big. HOWZAT on Mash is frikkin crazy, but Stoic on Colossus also very nice. Hoist is good and his synergy with Salvo and Ratchet is very strong. Not sure auto-include due to 5"/7" speed though. Mainspring is pretty sweet. Mother enables some crazy jank, but Mainspring is mighty efficient. Mascots only giving one is tricky business for gun-based kills against tanky teams.
  5. I've heard a lot of salt all over the world today and I just wanted to let everyone know that I am here to help console you on your grief/help you to understand the changes and ways you can play with your players. It's O.K. everyone, the sky is falling, but at least we get to live in the new world after the apocalypse! Just post something here and if I cannot answer I'll bring in a specialist! Make sure to look through the post to see if your question has been discussed! With Best, Alex p.s I am completely open to being told that I am wrong, but I expect a conversation with stats/a well thought out argument.
  6. Hello! The next Alchemist spoiler is available to view here: http://bit.ly/2exD6jO Enjoy! Let us know what you think below!
  7. Steamforged

    Season 3 - Release the Kraken

    Hello Fishies, hope you’re all doing well, may the Lords of the Deep bless you with fair weather and following seas! Today, as a lovely treat, we’re gonna spoil Kraken for you guys! So, DEF [3+]. We debated this change for a while, since we never want to make changes without a good reason. In the end, we decided that Kraken was in a similar position to Boar throughout Season 2. We knew he was a strong choice, one popular with a lot of Fishermen Players, but perhaps just a little too easy for your opponent to get momentum from. Thus, upping his DEF (and removing his ARM, he’s not supposed to be a tank!), felt like a fair way of making him fit his intended role better. This change also fits his aesthetic a lot more, since he’s not actually wearing any armour! We feel like this is super useful change, which helps bump him up a little and make him much more of a valid choice for all Fishermen Players. Kraken’s second change is the addition of a pair of double Push results, non-momentous on column 2, momentous on column 4. Having taken a good look at Kraken over the last six months, the lack of any Pushes on his Playbook felt…weird. Here’s a model with two Character Plays which are all about Pushing enemy models around, and yet he literally had none on his Playbook? How odd, we cried, how out of place! Thus, we added these Push results to give him more utility and options. He can now get stuck in to his heart’s content, knocking enemy models down and Pushing them all over the Pitch! Much like when we spoiled Mercury last week, not every change has to be big; many smaller changes are just as valid. We’ve given Kraken a boatload (BOOM! BOOM!) more options, and made a tweak to make him more survivable. While these changes aren’t necessarily big, they are exciting. Kraken was a valuable model in Season 2, and now he’s even more viable, creating even more headaches for Fishermen Players in list construction. Hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into the future’s murky waters, we’ll see you all soon!