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Found 4 results

  1. Ok, @TheLieutenant you knew this as coming after the awful sting of questions I forced upon you at WTC. The general gist of my question is how does the timing structure of multiple counter charges mixed with counter attacks resolve? In all the following examples I will be using Masons and Farmers models Example 1 I trigger both Marble and Bricks counter charge with Grange and I want to make a counter attack. How are these declared and how are they resolved? Example 2 I trigger both Marble and Bricks counter charge with Grange. Brick's countercharge allows me to trigger Tater's counter charge. Brick declares a counter attack. How are these declared and how are they resolved? I'm sure there are a ton of permutations of this could you please answer as many as you can think of or at least give me the tools I need to answer judge calls like this in the future. -Vincent
  2. Suppose Jaecar begins his activate and moves to be just further than 2" away from an opposing Brick. Brick uses Counter Charge, but do to a quirk of the terrain and an unrelated compelling reason for Brick to be up the field, Brick's charge causes him to both enter and leave Jaecar's melee zone, provoking a Parting Blow. Jaecar deals damage to Brick with the parting blow and takes no further actions once the Counter Charge attack is resolved. When Jaecar's activation ends, can he use Back to the Shadows even though the only damage he dealt during the activation was from a Parting Blow?
  3. Watching the latest Hot Gaming Game Video around the 22:00 mark somebody (think it was Shark) charged one of the Alchemists but did so in a way to be 2 inches from Compound to "engage" him too to prevent the Rush Keeper. Have they played it correctly? I thought when the charge movement was complete (an advance) Compound can immediately make his own charge?
  4. Last game I played, we got a bit confused: Ghast charges Midas, ending less than 1" away but not base to base. As this is within 6" of Compound, it also triggers Rush Keeper. Both trigger at the end of the advance. Is the end of the advance at the end of the move part of the charge, or the attack part of the charge? Does Midas get to dodge away before Ghast rolls his attack?If Midas can dodge away from Ghast before Ghast rolls his attack dice, can Ghast roll his dice against another model in his melee zone (ie. Flask, who was sat just behind Midas)?In what order do the Immediate actions resolve? If Compound can go first, he will get the crowding out bonus from Midas, so this makes a difference.Can you briefly explain Priority of Actions/Activations (heard of, don't remember/understand)?