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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, in this thread we are looking for official clarifications for any rule (parts of the) community don't feel comfortable that they understood them! Anything that has been officially clarified, I'll add here: Cheers Replect PS.: If you have more basic questions, you probably find the answer in that "Quick Guide":
  2. scifidownbeat

    List of Errata

    Couldn't find a compilation of currently-known errata so I figured I'd make my own thread for it. Known (acknowledged by SFG): page 27 Behavior Cards description is incorrect Main boss icons on mini boss cards Titanite Demon health dial gives 12 HP as heat up (instead of 10) Zweihander card has Claymore icon Smough's "Hammer Smash" attack should have an Area icon, rather than a Nearest Player icon Possible: Knight ought to start with a Knight Shield rather than a Kite Shield Attack stats of Scimitar and Murakumo might be switched Sources: the game, and this thread https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/58ed0050d1758e39150c58d6/1491927122180/DS-Core-FAQ-2017-04-11.pdf Anything else? I realized a while ago that there might be incorrect stats/damage values on Treasures/character boards, but we won't know about them until DC, Alex or the official SFG account chime in.
  3. Hi, One month ago (april 11) you said "Revised Italian and Spanish rulebooks are estimated to be online in up to 10 working days as a downloadable PDF.", that was april 25 as estimated date. Today spanish and italian backers we are still waiting the translation. We do not know when we will receive the game. Please, can you say something about? status of the translation? a real date? what resources are going to be reprinted? Regards.
  4. Every single day I read the comment section of the Kickstarter page and you find so so many people there that either has problems with some of the rules or reports of endless streamers who doesn't understand it at all. Many people say your rules are too vague in many important points and that the rulebook is a little loose on clarity. I can't confirm it yet personally because as a German who ordered the English version, it seems we are the last persons on Earth that gets it... Especially since UK already has their English versions and Germany their German versions but we , even if it's manufactured in Germany, nothing, still can change the address on Backerkit. But that's a different story. I read and watch many many things about this lovely game and almost everyone has problems with the rules. What went wrong?
  5. Hey everyone. As all of us do, I am looking forward to play the game with great desire! I know that the game is still in production, and we cannot really test anything, but there are several rules in the core rulebook, which I think could be modified for better/different experience. Here I want to share with you a set of modifications for some rules of the core rulebook (version from 10.01.2017) I have designed so far. These modifications will be further developed when I receive my copy of the game. I know that some of these modifications can make the game easier. But I love Dark Souls the video game more for its aesthetics than its hardcore gameplay. In addition, I prefer a bit of competitiveness in cooperative board games, which I try to portray in the following modifications. I will be happy to receive any feedback. Cheers, CuriousAI P.S. just in case, sorry for my English. I am not a native speaker. This also applies to the document, there may be mistakes and not very clear moments. Updated: - 'Encounters' section fixed; - 'Campaign' section added. DS Core Rules Modification, v.0.2.docx