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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone, next week we have the national french tournament and I'm bringing my butchers there. I have a question for you all because I can't decide on my last man 😕 Here is my 9 so far : - Captains : Fillet & Ox - Mascot : Princess - Players : Meathook - Boiler - Boar - Shank - Vet Brisket - Vet Gutter And the last one is still in progress : Tenderiser/Minx/vetOx.... any tips guys ? I have used Tenderiser mostly with Fillet because he is a fast activation and I'm used to play with him. But Vet Ox seems great with all the new meta.

    Vet Rage only captain

    Just wanted to get a community feel for the pro/ cons for bringing only Vet rage as the captain and running an interchangeable 8 man roster. I can play brisket or blackheart but don't know if it is worth that extra slot. Rage, Turtle gutter, decimate, mist, benediction, harry, minx, hemlock, (grace/ snakeskin, A&G) Thanks guys!
  3. So how does this errata impact Alchemist rosters? Our tools have been limited somewhat and I've tried to explore the options we have in the post errata S3. I've come up with two roster ideas: "Hang on the old goodies": Midas, Smoke, Naja, Calculus, oKat, vKat, Vitriol, Crucible, Compound & Harry/A&G The same old tricks can be pulled although they aren't so reliable anymore. Biggest hit here would be the brawling part that Harry brought and I was thinking that maybe A&G could be an option too. They're tanky, have KDs and pretty good momentous damage and if you are desperate there's still Greede goal available ^^ I think Harry can manage and have tricks still but I'm concerned about dealing the KD result reliably. "Ditch the Golden Boy": Smoke, Naja, Calculus, oKat, vKat, Mercury, Vitriol, Crucible, Compound & Mist ... And replace him with Mist. All in -tempo strategy where goals are the focus (with Smoke, Vitriol & Mist) and maybe vKat's Witness me! The old smoke game should be there still but I've always missed a second ball retriever in Smoke lineups. Mercury is dropped there for source of fire AOE but I'm not sure yet where to pick him. Obviously these are not tested yet but I will test these asap. Please contribute your insights in these or show different approaches, the discussion would be vey helpful and interesting! Few interesting questions too that I've been pondering the whole day: Are there any other Union models that look appealing now? Is there a way to put Venin in good use now that better options are limited?
  4. Hello friends! Long time reader, first time posting my own thread. The Brewers were my first squad and as a real life member of the guild I tend to represent them at Tournaments, too. I'm the only Brewer in my local meta so don't have a lot of other folks to bounce ideas off of. I've been seeing a lot of love for Harry as our Union linemate. S3 Harry is quite inspiring, but what about Avarisse and Greede? Tournament 9: Esters, Tapper, Quaff, vSpigot, Spigot, Masher, Hooper, Stoker, Avarisse/Greede Lineup 1: Esters, Quaff, Mash, Stoker, vSpigot, Avarisse/Greede Typical Influence (12-13): Esters (3), Quaff (0), Mash (3), Stoker (4), vSpigot (1), Avarisse (1-2), Greede (0) Victory Conditions: 3 Goals or Two Goals, Two TOs (More Likely) Gameplay: Esters uses fireblast and provides song/buff support, anchors centerfield. Stoker and Avarisse flank her. Mash causes mayhem in backfield with Howzat. Quaff Buffs and vSpigot hangs out on flank or pursues/goads non-violent opponents or ball-handlers. Stoker is primary damage dealer, looking for models that Esters lights on fire. Avarisse looks for momentous pushes, Singled Out, or KD. Mash mashes. Swing to flanks once ball is controlled to maximize vSpigot and threaten pushes off the pitch. This team loves to be 8" from the pitch's edge. Unleash A/G gimmick goal for game clincher. Lineup 2: Tapper, Quaff, Mash, Stoker, Hooper, Avarisse/Greede Typical Influence (12-13 + Old Jake's): Tapper (4), Quaff (0), Mash (2-3), Hooper (3), Stoker (2 + 2 from Old Jake's), Avarisse (1-2), Greede (0) Victory Conditions: 6 TOs or 1 Goal, 4 TOs Gamplay: Synergy through buffing team's TAC and Damage output. Late game goal via Mash or Avarisse and Greede. Avarisse Singles Out. Tapper pops Commanding Aura and does some damage, uses Old Jake's. Mash disrupts with Howzat! Quaff buffs TAC. Hooper pops True Grit and enjoys the potential for +2 Dam and +5-6 TAC. Stoker Molotovs KD'd models and enjoys potential for +2 Dam and +3-4 TAC. Once team is softened, utilize Mash, A/G, or even Stoker to put the nail in the coffin with a goal. Thoughts?
  5. The rules for "Strength In Depth" in the organised play document state that the roster is formed by selecting a captain, a mascot and a further number of "eligible models". The document doesn't qualify "eligible" beyond being a guild model or a Union model with the ability to play for the selected guild. Are there any other limitations on eligibility?
  6. Cmmurray71

    Looking for Sixth Roster Spot

    Hello Everyone, I'm still a fairly new player with only about 5 games under my belt and have been having a lot of fun. I am running a pretty standard list here with Ox, Princess, Boiler, Brisket, Shank, and have been experimenting with my sixth pick. I have seen success with Tenderizer but I am wondering what the opinions are for various union picks. I have tried gutter and although she performed well I didn't feel like the pick was my best choice. Has anyone been trying Avarisse & Greede or Harry the Hat? I find that my typical win condition to be one or two goals which makes getting the remaining KO's needed much easier. I am looking for a sixth pick to add utility and not so much killing power. Any opinions/advice is much appreciated! Thanks,
  7. Hall Of Legends

    Minx the Mortician?

    Hi all, I've recently won (as a wooden spoon) a Minx model and was wondering how she'd fit in my Morticians. shes like the love-child of Cosset and Graves, pretty fast, OK TAC/KICK, and a low tackle with some momentus damage. im looking at putting her in my main line up of: Obulus, Dirge, Silence, Graves, Cosset, Ghast, Mist, Minx (Tournament 8)
  8. andrew_okane

    Starting out with Alchemists

    I've just made a wee video about starting out with a new team. I've always fancied them as a team but didn't really know where to start with them. Anyway I've taken the plunge and made this video to describe the beginning of my "journey". I really would value feedback but especially advice on how to play this team. I've been reading the forum and know there are some superb players on here.