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Found 2 results

  1. Repeating weapons can choose different targets each time?
  2. AVelyn and Blood Gem popped out of a chest together like a sign! Is there a combo here? Avelyn - repeating crossbow. [1]: 1 repeat 3 times [4]: 1 repeat 3 times Blood Gem. This weapon's attack gains Bleed. Bleed in the rule book: When a model that has a Bleed token suffers damage, it suffers 2 additional damage. Then remove the Bleed token. Would each of Avelyn's 3 attacks place then trigger Bleed? This seems like it could be a real boss killer if you can get through their pesky armour. Also, can Avelyn target different enemies? Pick off a Hollow Soldier on the first shot, then take out another one? If they are on the same node at least it seems like that would be possible.