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Found 3 results

  1. I'm a relative new Engineer player, and favour Ballista & Locus pretty heavily. With this in mind, there are a couple questions regarding these two models, and some of their non-standard means to kick with them. Regarding Ballista: When Ballista uses Breach!, it's treated as a free kick. My question is can this kick be a goal-kick, and if so, I would assume the kick would then have the 1 momentum cost? Regarding Locus: When Locus uses Remote Control, in a similar manner as above, can this also be a goal-kick or pass? And as above, I'd assume that if you're allowed to make a goal-kick, you'd have to pay the 1-momentum cost, right? On the other hand, if you use Remote Control to make a pass, if it's completed successfully, do you gain momentum? Further, can Locus be the target of this pass/kick, and would you gain momentum to pass to yourself?
  2. Was playing a game the other night and there was a free ball on the pitch. I wanted to use Locus' Remote Control character play to pass the ball to himself. The rules state that you can pass the ball to "target friendly player," not "target other friendly player." In other cases, such as Tooled Up and other buffs, you are free to target yourself and nothing that I could find in the rules of the ball disallow passing to yourself, so we deemed it valid. Locus succeeded at the pass to himself and generated one momentum. Wanted to confirm this here.
  3. Hello, Two questions about Locus's Remote Control play and how it interacts with Tap-In. I'm confused about this line of Remote Control: The kick-distance and ball-path of this Kick must be measured from the current location of the free-ball. Tap in says that: If the target goal-post is within [4”] of the model making a Shot, the Shot gains [-1] TN. (season 3 page 27) 1) Suppose Locus is less than 4" away from the enemy goal and the ball is over 4" away (but within range for Remote Control). Does the Remote Control score on a 3+ or on a 4+? 2) Suppose Locus is over 4" away from the enemy goal and the ball is less than 4" away (but within range for Remote Control). Does the Remote Control score on a 3+ or on a 4+? Thank you.