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Found 1 result

  1. So after getting a game or two with the fun new little toys, I figured I would write down thoughts and knee jerk reactions. 1- Piper is very good with out of activation scoring. He can also be the setup piece for destroying an opponents model with mom. double push on 2. Pushed several models to their doom against Pelage and Scourge. His Heroic is just as good as his Legendary. If timed correctly, not even greyscales can get away from him. I used the all 6 ratcatchers and could tell that Bonesaw would be amazing in the list for his scoring abilities. Skulk is pretty nasty in the lineup as well, although his 2/6 kick is not optimal. 2- Scourge and Pelage are murderers and make people not want to be near them. For all her abilities, Pelage can sure a lot of damage. Between singling out a model and then snaring them or the opponent taking 3 damage, she is really carrying her weight. Tac 7 and +1 damage are a thing on the hulking monstrosity that is scourge, just be wary of opponents using him as a vending machine for momentum. 3- Miasma can be pretty nasty as a back line model throwing out rats conditions. I didnt use her that much because other models were in the thick if things but can definitely get things done. Overall i thought a very fun team. What are your experiences/ thoughts on these lil guys