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Found 17 results

  1. Intergalactic Slacks

    I came as a rat

    Getting started on my next project
  2. Looking to buy (or trade for) the models listed in the heading. Shoot me a message (including a Want list, if applicable) if you’ve got spares to move. Thanks!
  3. Hello there! I'm slowly creeping up on a double digit amount of Ratcatchers games, where I've mostly played the original six. I've substituted Skulk for VGraves in some games, and brought Bonesaw into one of them. What I've come away with is that I'm having a hard time seeing which match ups or playstyles the mortician crossovers are good, and I'm starting to wonder if there are any at all. Bonesaw seems more like a personal choice than anything, and I happen to be in the camp that doesn't really like what he does. He brings some massive draw backs, and I think the opportunity cost is too high. Scoring a goal with Ratcatchers isn't terribly difficult, getting the ball back is the hard part in my experience. VGraves has his bright moments, but the TAC5 is painfull at times and the knockdown seems to require too much set up to be reliable. He does bring a fun toolkit, and I feel like his advantages has been listed in multiple threads in here, but I feel like switching out Skulk is a trap; Having a TAC6 modell with a tackle on 2 that can annoy strikers and turn off carefully planned goals seems like a good threat into almost any matchup, not to mention that he can actually do some momentous damage if you need him to. This thread isn't meant to be an exhaustive list of VGraves and Bonesaws advantages and disadvantages, what I've mentioned here is mostly just to set the stage for you guys to comment on this question: In what tournament match up do you think switching out any of the original six is the better play, and why? Is it ever worth going totally diseaseless, even though that means you have to bring both Vgraves and Bonesaw? Switching out Scourge (The Munchiest of all :D) and Miasma seems like way to much off a cost for me, even into Smoke, but I might lack the experience needed here. I am very interested in hearing what you guys think, and I'm trying to keep an open mind here! I'd really like to have some legitimate reasons to bring Vgraves and Bonesaw, other than to fill up the 8 for tournament purposes. And I think new players in the guild who just bought the box of six would like to know this aswell, when they consider wether to buy the Morticians box to fill up their roster!
  4. Morning all (or should that be.... mourning?) I'm up against Rats on Thursday. I think Obs would be the captain to throw back some control nonsense their way (and he's the only Captain I have), and Silence for fire blast to slow them down. Bonesaw is a must, he's just too good. That leaves me with Direg, Graves, Cosset and Ghast. Do I go down the football route and just try to outscore them, leaving Ghast on the bench, or try for a 2-2 and leave Silence off? Cheers!
  5. Dear folks of this fine forum, I have purchased the new Ratcatchers guild today. Unfortunately, the local supply of single vGraves and Bonesaw models has dried up. Thus I am wondering, if anybody on here might consider parting with their alt sculpts from the event kit? I am willing to pay via Paypal and cover the fees. The miniatures would have to be sent to Germany, though. If nothing comes up, I'll have a good reason to start Morticians, but I'd rather just stick with the Rats for now. Thank you very much for any pointers in the right direction. Have a great day, Sebastian
  6. I'm fairly certain of the order of operations but what to be totally certain. Piper uses reverie on a friendly model. The friendly model immediately makes a sprint which ends in Marble's counter charge aura. Marbles will perform his counter charge movement and charge attack. Friendly model will now attempt to kick providing they still have possession of the ball.
  7. STF streams Rats vs Butchers today and vet.Gutter is making her debut.
  8. Fish-in-a-Beer

    Ratcatchers Launch Event Kit

    Does anybody know anything about this? I noticed this when looking at the Ratcatchers Launch event preorder the other day (size/italics/bolding/underlining for emphasis added by me): 1 Ratcatcher’s Guild, Paying the Piper Launch Party Guide 2 Double-sided posters and Launch Party sign-up sheets 10 Double-sided Coach Record sheets and Launch Party Team Construction Rules sheets 20 Launch Party flyers 20 Launch Party invitation cards 1 Alternate Veteran Graves metal model 1 Alternate Bonesaw metal model 8 Limited-edition cards (1 each of Piper, Squeak, Pelage, Scourge, Miasma, Skulk, Vet Graves, and Bonesaw) 8 Wheel-of-cheese balls 16 Sewer Grate tokens 1 T/O thank you code (which will give them access to obtain an awesome free pack as a thank you for running the event) Anybody know what's in the free pack? I didn't find spoilers when I went looking.
  9. Haunting Melody forces an opponent to either jog their player towards Piper, or Piper to jog towards the targeted player. However, I was unsure what would happen if Piper was knocked down. Can Piper still be selected to make the jog, in which case he would not move as it is ineligible, or does it instead mean it has to be your opponent's player that moves? I suspect it's the former, but want to check.
  10. I'll keep this up-to-date with the latest cards that get spoiled on the blog. Skulk (Also plays for Morts): Pelage (Also plays for Morts): Veteran Graves (Also plays for Morts) - Updated to work with both Squeak and Vileswarm Bonesaw (Also plays for Morts) - Remains unchanged from Morts New condition - Desease
  11. Dan and Lance start off episode 11 with a discussion on the Ratcatchers with guest host Pete Kain from the podcast Rage Quit Wire. After we finish oozing about the new disease-ridden guild we segway over into a discussion about every guild and thier auto-include models. https://midwestwargaming.podbean.com/e/episode-11-rats-and-auto-includes-with-rage-quit-wire/
  12. tandgproductions

    Pelage is bae!!

    What a lady!!
  13. How are people going to theme their Guilds with Minors? Lets say Morticians and Ratcatchers, do you paint Skulk as a Mortician or as a Ratcatcher? I use themed base for all my Guilds so I think I will use Sewers themed for Ratcatchers and I use Stone Dungeon one for my Morticians.
  14. Here are some pictures showing the development at Steam Con of Skulk, the first member of the ratcatcher's guild. The first ever convention-designed model, and expected as a give-away at next year's Steam Con. Starting with a normal head: Add some scary teeth: A few too many rat-skulls? Striking a pose: Adding some shape: Render completed: Out of the 3D printer: Painted (sorry it's out of focus!): Front of card: Back of card: Really interesting to watch the model being sculpted by Russ and see how the game designers go to work. I'd like to see the rest of the ratcatchers now. Maybe a manipulative captain (The Rat King?) who officially leads the ratcatchers and unofficially leads a band of pickpockets/thieves. Players could include Sneak, Bubble and Squeak (brother/sister pickpockets with linked activation) and Scratch the cat!