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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys. Once again we played the game and yet each time we play the game we discover something new. Sentinel has 1move range and 1attack range. If the player is in his range of 1, does he have to move to the player and attack? Or can he just hit without movement? Same for bosses like Gargoyle. Does he has to move even when enemy is in his range.
  2. Obulus' Puppet Master ability has a range of 8" Can he still control his target if he makes them outside of an 8" radius from Obulus? 1- He was in range to target them, so they can complete their advance upto their base stat to any distance from Obulus. 2- The target stops when they step just outside 8" as his power over them reaches it limit? This is kind of similar to the Question of whether Obulus can Puppet Master himself to get an extra advance - eg. using this ability he could get fellow team member like Dirge to advance up to 16" away from him, then allowing Dirge to sprint and Shoot in its own activation from 26" away! Without very precise wording Obulus' (albeit expensive influence) ability does Not require momentum and is incredibly powerful.
  3. The Old Buzzard

    Ghast "The Unmasking"

    The double GB token generates a 3" pulse from Ghast. Is this measured from the centre of the figure, like and AOE? Or is if 3" form all around his base? (He only has the one face on the front of his head. Though I will grant you, he could turn round! :-) ) Bill