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Found 5 results

  1. I know this isn't Guild Ball, but I had no idea where else to start it... I'll be honest. I F^*&&ING LOVE guild ball. Of all the tabletop games I've played (there are many), Guild Ball is easily my favourite. I play weekly, usually many games per week and the game just doesn't seem to get old. Which brings me to my question - are Steam Forged working on, or going to release a more combat-driven game in the future? I'm so enamored with the game system of Guild Ball that I would adore something similar in a more combat-driven game. I'd back that project in a heartbeat, and I'm fairly confident my friends would, too.
  2. Arlos896

    Blacksmiths Questions

    Hello everyone! I am getting extremely excited to play as the blacksmiths, but I had a question about Anvil and Furnace's legendary plays. I understand they only hand out the second part if they are the captain, but the first part says "This Model gains [+1] TAC." Does this mean that only Anvil gets the +1 TAC or do other friendly guild models get it too? I was confused because I was watching a replay where they mentioned others in the aura got the benefit. I just want to clarify for my future games. Thank you everyone in advance for your assistance!
  3. A few of us were talking and we're going to need to get some clarity on this situation as we're making our Summer Con plans. http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/regional-qualifiers-gotta-catch-em-all Steamforged.com states that Texas Games Con is June 3-4, but then it calls it 'The Texas Games Con' (also known as TheGameCon) which happens in Galveston. https://thegamecon.com/ https://www.facebook.com/thegamecon/ However; Texas Games Con is also a name used by WargamesCon and that happens in Austin in August. Texas Games Con is actually WargamesCon. Also formerly, BoLS Con. The owner changed the name for 1 of the years to Texas Games Con because the Austin media outlets, i.e. News and Newspapers wouldn't print the event with the word "War" in it. He's since changed it to its original name, WargamesCon. http://www.wargamescon.com/ General Information Contact: wargamescon@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/pg/warGamesCon Neither CON's website lists the event at all, thus further muddying the waters. Please help clarify this Steamforged and community. Thank you! Lastly, we need to know if there is a last chance qualifier at the con
  4. The_Question_NL

    Questions about Vassal

    Questions: - Is there a guide how to use Vassal? - Is Vassal done Real-time or can you save a match and continue a next time? Cheers, Jeroen
  5. I know the only way to get the ball token from the Guildball store is with a starter kit, but I have a full team after buying them from someone else sadly no ball included, but does anybody know of a site (UK preferable) selling a suitable replacement? I might just have to get a drinking keg and have my brewers boot that around.