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Found 21 results

  1. Hello, in this thread we are looking for official clarifications for any rule (parts of the) community don't feel comfortable that they understood them! Anything that has been officially clarified, I'll add here: Cheers Replect PS.: If you have more basic questions, you probably find the answer in that "Quick Guide":
  2. I only see people asking about push or node limits separately. But what happens if they both come into play at the same time? If a large hollow moves into a node with 3 players. Are they all pushed for 5 damage, or can you move one out of the way first? If I’m on a node with 2 enemies and another enemy with push movement enters the node. Do I choose a model to move off first? Or does the push movement just knock me off?
  3. Good afternoon, time for newby question number 2. Pushes and dodges are not advances and are not effected by terrain however are models effected if pushed in to or dodge out of traps, AoE and terrain. Big problem recently playing against the hunters guild. Jaecar has the pitfall trap. Can he place this in base contact to another model or so close to a model that any movement causes it effect. It was basically used to pin my player in place as it was within an inch so I could not move (advance) without activating it. Can you dodge or push your way out of it or would this still cause the effect to trigger. I read that dodged and pushes are not effect but terain and wonder is the the same for traps, pitfalls and other AoE? If so anyone know how to counter having a pitfall place in base contact so you can not move? Cheers
  4. Quick question that I think has already been answered, but it seems weird and so I have to ask: If Casket uses his legendary play that causes his next takeout to be awarded + 2 VP and does the whole "You´re locked in my casket for a turn", and then pushes someone off the pitch, does that count? It seems counter intuitive that pushing someone off the pitch somehow helps him get them into the casket, but I see that a ruling has already been made on this point regarding Vet Kat. Not that it would happen all that often, but he does have some juicy double pushes!
  5. Pending Forum Suspension

    Stave Can't Take Life Anymore

    So here is one that I couldn't easily find. If Stave hits himself with Lob Barrel and is within 4" of the pitch is he disallowed from pushing himself out? 4" push is "up to" for the player that used Lob Barrel which makes me think that he would be protected from this by the fact that models can't voluntarily leave the pitch. The reason I ask is because you can push a model out of bounds but you can't dodge one. Just curious if a friendly push is different in this case than an non-friendly push. Presumably Get Out! would work the same way. If for some reason you can indeed push your own player out does that mean you have inflicted the taken out condition? Surely there is no way SF would've wanted anyone to score points by pushing their entire team out of bounds as that is just silly and ridiculous. There may be corner cases where Stave sacrificing himself (even if giving up 2 points) is beneficial. This has probably been answered but I could not find anything with "Stave push" or "Stave push out" that was relevant.
  6. This came up in our game yesterday and I could not find any information on it, so I am sorry if I just missed how this would work. Jaecar places a pitfall trap, and then is pushed. Is Jaecar allowed to be pushed onto his trap, and if so, how would that work? Would he be on top of it? Thanks!
  7. Hammer charges a model with stoic and gets 7 net hits Chooses the >M for both results Does this result in the masons player generating 0 or 1 momentum?
  8. I looked through the FAQ and Quick Guide, but could still use some final clarification on a couple things that came up while playing with 2 characters 1. Node Limit. I know the limit is 3, and that the player chooses who moves away. The question is, how does an attack resolve. If there are 2 enemies and 1 character on a node, and the next attacking enemy moves to that node because the character there is its target, i can choose to move the character off the node. Will that character still need to resolve the enemies attack if they are now out of attack range? Meaning the enemy has attack range 0, and no more movements left. 2. Enemy Movement If an enemy has a movement of say 2, but is already on the node with the person they are attacking, would they move after the attack or continue to stay put on that node? Basically, is the enemy required to resolve its movement, even when not necessary to find its target(s)? 3. Push From the guides: - If the movement is towards the "nearest," determine who that is (it will not change during movement) - If the movement has Push, Push characters off the node the enemy is on (if push includes an attack, the attack will not trigger!) Does this mean if you are not the target, but happen to get pushed by an enemy along its movement path, you do not need to resolve push damage (say from large hallow solider)?
  9. supertzar


    If Sakana gets charged and declares a free counter but is then knocked down or pushed out of melee, is the trait then used for the rest of the turn or can he do a free counter to the second model trying to attack him? Poised says the model can make a counter attack without spending mp but the model in this case is unable to actually make the attack. I understand that mp is spent when declaring the counter but the trait seems to be triggering at the step when the model is making the attack, ie. is able to roll dice.
  10. hello! some clarifications are required to set up my mind what do we do when an enemy with push is on a node with a character? what do we do when an enemy with push+attack is on a node with a character? what do we do when an BOSS with push is on a node with a character? what do we do when an BOSS with push+attack is on a node with a character? after A PUSH, THE CHARACTER MOVES , he must move in the flow of the enemy movement, then he he moved up to all available nodes *in the very way of the enemy move*? also after the 'push/push/attack' of a boss, before attacking, do he turn again facing the aggro/nearest character(depending). **this part of the question does NOT include the "turn 90°" or "turn 180°" behavior. thx
  11. pilgrim of bells

    Jac + Siren

    Siren lures and Jac pushes them off the pitch. Is that a strong strategy or am I being silly?
  12. I have been searching all over and have been unable to find clarification on the behavior of movement pushes. With an attack push, the target must move to an adjacent node that is farther away from the attacker, however with a movement push any character or monster on the node may be moved to any adjacent node of the player's choosing. In my first play through of the game, we found the ability to choose any adjacent node on a movement push to be easily abused as it allowed us to "chain" movement pushes between two nodes and essentially shuffle characters/enemies back and forth until all the characters had been replaced with enemies and vice versa. This set up aoe attacks with firebombs that easily cleared most mobs. It felt game-breaking so we figured there had to be an interpretation of a rule that we were missing. Can anyone clarify this? I've attached a picture if it wasn't clear what was I was trying to describe happening. Thanks!
  13. I have come across the single sentinel fight. I don't know how to fight it, would you please clarify how the sentinel's activation works? A. Sentinel: moves/pushes 1 toward player; attack range 1 for 6 points of damage. B. Player 1: 1 space AWAY from sentinel's space (at end of turn) A. Sentinel: Moves 1 and PUSHES??? Player 1 from space to 1 away in order to attack Player 1? ------Does sentinel push on initial node, end node, or both?????????? B. Player 1: Moves onto sentinel's node to attack
  14. Hello, Suppose Dirge is placed on top of an obstruction. 1) Can another friendly model push Dirge off of the Obstruction? Pushes are a type of movement, and Flying makes Dirge ignore terrain while moving (IE the thing that would be stopping the push). If the answer to 1 is Yes... 1B) How about an enemy-controlled push Thank you. S3, Dirge: Flying When this model moves it ignores other model’s bases, terrain and ground. It cannot end its movement overlapping another base or barrier terrain. S3, Page 24: A model being moved by a Push stops if it contacts another model’s base, an obstruction or a barrier. S3, Page 48: While a Player is in control of another Player’s model, that model may not move over obstructions.
  15. The original thread got locked before my question got answered, so here it is again. p24: A model being moved by a Push stops if it contacts another model’s base, an obstruction or a barrier. Say a model -- friendly or enemy -- is in base contact with an obstruction but still positioned on open ground. The model gets pushed directly away from the obstruction. Since the model started the push in contact with an obstruction, does the push stop immediately? In effect, if a model is in base contact with an obstruction or barrier, does this mean that model can not be pushed in any direction. I'm not sure I agree with that as that's getting awfully nit-picky. Thoughts?
  16. Hello, I have a question related to Lob Barrel and Obstructions. I know that if I hit a friend or an enemy with Lob Barrel, and push them against an obstruction, they will stop moving. I also know that if I hit an enemy while they are standing on an obstruction, they will not be pushed at all. What's not clear is, if a friendly model is standing on the obstruction, and they are hit with a friendly push. Am I able to move them *off* of the obstruction with the friendly push? Relevant rules: Season 3, page 24: A model being moved by a Push stops if it contacts another model’s base, an obstruction or a barrier. Season 3, Page 48: While a Player is in control of another Player’s model, that model may not move over obstructions. Example: X = lob barrel The rectangle = obstruction Light blue f circle = friendly model standing on the obstruction. Dark blue circle = theoretical "pushed" location.
  17. Hoping you ladies and gents can solve this conundrum... Veteran Spigot is within 8" of the edge of the pitch and is on the receiving end of a charge from Meathook. His charge reaction is to Counter-attack. Since he is within 8" of the edge of the pitch at the time of the charge, Veteran Spigot gains Poised (once per turn, the model can counter-attack w/o spending momentum). I declare the counter-attack (and spend no momentum). My opponent enjoys enough successes to generate 2 DMG + which leaves Veteran Spigot out of melee range and outside of 8" of the edge of the pitch. While it was obvious to us that the counter-attack will fail (Meathook now being outside of Veteran Spigot's 1" melee), the question is whether I am forced to spend the [1] Momentum for the counter-attack now that Spigot is, at this point, no longer benefiting from Poised. At the time we resolved to play it that I did not need to spend momentum, reasoning that the position of the model (within 8" of the pitch) at the time of declaring the counter-attack is also the time at which the "price" (in this case "free") is paid. Since Veteran Spigot was benefiting from Poised when the declaration of a counter-attack was made, that counter-attack was free (i.e. no momentum cost) irrespective of where Veteran Spigot was at the time of the dice-rolling (or in this case, no dice rolling was necessary...much sadness). I hope that I've laid the scenario out clearly enough. My apologies if this question (or one like it) has already been asked and answered. Thanks, in advance. Cheers and Merry Christmas!
  18. I apologize if I'm slow, and I realize this is a different question, but the thread about multiple pushes created some confusion for me about dodges. http://forums.steamforged.com/index.php?/topic/35093-two-2-pushes-on-a-wrap-4-push/ In it Fearlord mentions that: Page 29 of the rule book tells you to add all dodges and pushes together into one single dodge or push. (It says this about pushes, not dodges) and it is never addressed again. However the thread on Friday and Get Over Here states that Scum can make an infinite number of minuscule dodges to create an arc. http://forums.steamforged.com/index.php?/topic/35021-get-over-here-scum-positioning/ So what is it? Infinite changes in direction? 1" increments? Combined into a single dodge of one direction?
  19. Hi all, this is isn't a rules query, I just wanted to get a feeling for what people thought about this subject. basically, the only mechanic in the game I dislike is the ability to choose the push distance on certain character plays, namely, the unmasking and boombox. from a fluff point of view, one of these plays is a shotgun at point blank range, and the other is a character going completely batshit and flailing around and pushing people away. what I don't like is that the player can choose to NOT push the enemy model(s) away and then use the play again. In the case of the unmasking this is stupid and makes no sense, as I can't picture fangtooth putting his mask back on and then removing it again just to go mental. And in terms of Chaka, if you shoot someone with a shotgun, they are going backwards like it or not. both of these plays do high damage and can be used multiple times in a turn, which makes them very powerful. If the push was compulsory, you would remove the overtly powerful damage dealing effect of using the play in multiples, but still get the board control element of the play, it would also be a method of controlling The ridiculous experience of Midas using unmasking seven times a turn. Or Chaka using boombox three times due to the short range of the play (which in my opinion is the point of the play- short range mitigating the huge damage) As I said, it's not a rule query, just an observation that I am interested in hearing other people's opinions on. what do people think? If the push was made compulosry, would this make for a better experience? i don't think it weakens the characters using the play (tooth and ghast are still KD and counter attack monsters and Chaka is still a tank with traps) I just think it removes the spamming of a powerful play, whilst also indirectly making Midas a little bit easier to stomach. as a final point, I haven't mentioned scything blow in relation to Midas as there is an inbuilt control factor in his short melee zone. thanks jk
  20. Ok, the other day we had a game and angel had the ball and was verry close to the edge, so ballista charges and gets the dubble push off and then decides to do deathbolt on angel to push het of the board. Now deathbolt also knocks down as pushes 2" what happens first here the KD or the push this was important for the ball scatter witch would either scatter from the moddel or be trown in and scatter from the middel. Anny toughts. We went for the knock down is first in the text so that happens first.
  21. Hi Guys I understand that you are unable to select a playbook result of a tackle when the opposing player does not have the ball. Does this restriction also apply when the playbook result also includes a Push or damage result? Thanks