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Found 22 results

  1. Hello, Suppose Siren1 uses Seduced on Siren2 and picks the result. Will the Siren1 team have a "Dread Gaze" aura under their control centered on the enemy Siren2 for the rest of the turn? And would Siren2 be considered an enemy for that Dread Gaze aura for the rest of the turn (i.e. have -2 TAC). Also affects Obulus's Puppet Master and Piper's Pay the Piper. Thank you.
  2. Hello, Suppose Siren counterattacks a model holding the ball and triggers Seduced, making them pass the ball to her. She receives the ball and declares a Snap Shot. If the player holding the ball had Football Legend, or was Corsair with his legendary play active, does she gain +1/+1 or +1/+2 kick on the snapshot? Thank you.
  3. Hello, Suppose Obulus uses Puppet Master on an enemy Hearne who attacks a model for Skewered (OPT). If the enemy player uses Hearne to make an attack later in the turn and gets 5 successes, can he choose the Skewered result? Or has the enemy player claimed the once-a-turn skewer. Thank you.
  4. Hi, I have one question regarding Obulus' puppet master: There is Brisket, who is standing right next to Ox. Brisket is down to 1 HP. Obulus casts puppet master on Brisket to let her jog away from OX and directly towards him. Can Ox now perform a parting blow on Brisket? And if because of the parting blow she is taken out, does Ox get 2 VP?
  5. Can a model that is b2b with an obstruction be jogged away from the obstruction using puppet master as shown below?
  6. Forum, Welcome to the fourth episode of Guild Ball Gotchas where I go through the biggest surprises and powerful combinations in Guild Ball and walk you through how to play around them. This episode we are covering the three abilities in the game that allow your opponents to take control of your models. Please Note: This was filmed before the July 2017 errata. Special thanks go out to Pat Vanvalzah, Zachary Poulos, and Alex Botts for assisting with this video. The GBG Logo was designed by Dano Amonette. His Instagram is https://www.instagram.com/deadpoolxanko/?hl=en Games were filmed at Grognard Games in Hoffman Estates. Their Website can be found here: http://grognardgames.com/ Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov
  7. Hello, Suppose you target an enemy player with Puppet Master or Lure, and have them jog (and end their advance) in melee range of an enemy model with Unpredictable Movement. Can the enemy player choose to trigger Unpredictable Movement? Thank you.
  8. Hello, Suppose Obulus targets an enemy Harry the Hat with Puppet Master, and Rising Anger has not yet been triggered. and chooses to have Harry jog. If he takes a parting blow from the enemy team during the jog, does the Obulus player gain 2 mp from the Rising Anger trigger? Extra Credit 1 If the above situation occurs (and Obulus gains 2 MP), can the Mortician player trigger Rising Anger later on in the turn, to give the Harry player 2MP? IE can Rising Anger trigger twice. 2 The Mortician player had already triggered Rising Anger earlier in the turn, and then Puppet Master is used on the enemy Harry. Can Rising Anger trigger again (as a different Enemy Team has damaged him for the first time [that] turn)? 3 The Harry player had damaged Harry earlier in the turn (perhaps with a friendly fire Blast Earth). And then Puppet Master is used on the enemy Harry. Can Rising Anger trigger? The Enemy Team already damaged him that turn, and the "first time" can't happen twice. This ruling also affects Lure. The Collected Clarifications thread has this to say about Puppet Master: The opposing model forced to perform actions generates MP for the active team.
  9. Hello, Suppose player A casts Goad on Player B's model. Then Player A casts Puppet Master on the same model. (The player who used Pinned is also the one using Puppet Master) Does that model have to Advance directly towards the source of the Goad? Goad: "While this model is on the Pitch, the target enemy model can only move directly towards this model during an Advance." Puppet Master: "Target model immediately makes a Jog, Pass or Attack without spending Influence. If the target model is an enemy model, it is a friendly model during this action." Tagging Pinned because it's worded very similarly to Goad, and PM would probably treat Pinned the same way.
  10. Can I target a player that cannot move with Puppet Master or Lure? For example, Obulus is looking at Fangtooth, who doesn't have the ball and has nobody within 1". Can he target him with PM to pop Gluttonous Mass: - if Fangtooth is Knocked Down? (he cannot advance) - if Fangtooth has been hit by Heavy Burden? (he has a MOV of 0) - if Fangtooth is standing on an Obstruction? (he cannot be moved by the enemy) I know he wouldn't actually move anywhere, just wondering if he's a legal target for the Character Play.
  11. PhillyRaider215

    puppet master

    I have been searching and I cannot find the direct answers to my questions, so here goes: Puppet Master lets you pass, jog, or attack. It also states that the model becomes friendly during the action. However, does that mean that your opponent actually controls your player, or forces you to do one of the above actions. Because, I haven't read where it states he/she actually controls your player. So furthermore, if my character is puppeted to pass, can i pass to an open space instead of passing to a model, or can i choose to fail the pass?
  12. When Obulus takes control of an enemy model with Puppet Master, that model becomes friendly to Obulus for the duration of the action. So if Obulus chooses to make that model Jog, and that Jog is interrupted by a Parting Blow, the Parting Blow takes place during the resolution of the Jog. Therefore, if the model receives the taken-out condition during the Jog, it is a friendly model to Obulus and the enemy team(i.e. the model's original team) would gain 2 VPs and 1 MP. Note this also follows for things like Loved Creature. If Obulus Puppet Masters Salt and Salt receives the taken-out condition, the Fisherman team would gain 2 VPs and 1 MP, and the Morticians team would gain the benefits of Loved Creature for the remainder of the turn. This ruling was made by TheLieutenant last week. (17th June) I thought you guys would be interested to know that all that effort you were putting into gaining 2 VP for taking out a player could be lost! There is a new way to get it wrong! Well new to me. Bill
  13. Greetings, As an insider I have to many guilds and not enough time to play all the guilds all the time, but yesterday I had the opportunity to try the Morticians and they have caused some discussions on the table. What happens in the following situation when "Mine Field" is active: - Lure / Puppet Master makes an enemy model temporarily friendly, will the affected model suffer damage from Mine Field? - Ghast "Rising Anger" what happens if he moves into "Mine Field" will this trigger this trait? What happens if he walks into an AOE that is created by enemy team, will this also trigger this trait? Thanks, Roger
  14. The Old Buzzard

    Follow up from Dirge.

    A player is puppet mastered out of Dirge's melee zone. Whilst under Obulus' control he is a friendly model. When he gets to where the master has put him he is an enemy model again. Can Dirge then follow up? He is an enemy model who has made an advance out of his melee zone, even though at the moment he left he wasn't! Bill
  15. From the Collected Clarifications: Advance: Jog, sprint or charge are advances, any other type of movement of a model is a reposition. Dodges and Pushes are repositions, not all repositions are Doges or Pushes (ie lure) Parting Blow: Occurs any time you leave a melee range, even if you entered it during the same movement action. Does not apply to repositions (dodge, push). Lure: Movement caused by this play is a reposition (but not a Dodge or Push - so cant be done if knocked down), not an advance. Puppet Master: Becoming friendly to the opposite team makes you enemy to your own team (for parting blows etc). Lure lets a model make a Jog which is not an Advance (though Jogs in general are Advances), which makes it a Reposition. Repositions can't trigger a Parting Blow. Puppet Master also lets a model make a Jog but nothing specifies this Jog is not an Advance and the Clarifications mention Parting Blows in reference to Puppet Master, which would be irrelevant if the Jog was not an Advance. The Parting Blow Clarification specifically mentions Dodges and Pushes as being Repositions and consequently not triggering Parting Blows, but doesn't say anything about other Repositions (which it doesn't have to, strictly speaking). So: 1) Repositions other than Dodges and Pushes also do not allow for Parting Blows? and 2) is the Puppet Master Jog an Advance and not a Reposition, unlike the Lure Jog, so it can allow for a Parting Blow?
  16. Is a model with the Second Wind play affected by it after Puppet Master has been used upon it?
  17. If Obulus uses Puppet Master on a model that has been granted Bag of Coffers by Coin, can he use up the free Bonus Time! during the kick/attack?
  18. So, I was playing my Alchemists against Morticians. We're both pretty new players. We came to a point where Obulus Puppet Mastered Calculus off the pitch (he did it twice actually but anyway), since Calculus counts as a friendly model to him for that activation....does he score the two points for take out? I wasn't sure, and we briefly looked for it on here and in the book, but eventually just ruled it that no, no points but still gets momentum as a compromise. Also, apologies if this has already been discussed.
  19. This just came up from @Devils Reject in the Mortician's forum and I though it worth an official ruling. Obulus Puppet Masters a player without the ball but with the ball within 1" of them. Can Obulus make them pass the ball? This may be something that will be resolved by the forthcoming timing document. "Snap To A model that starts its activation or moves within [1”] of a free-ball may choose to take possession of the ball-token; the ball-token will immediately snap-to that model’s base. If the ball-token lands or is placed within [1”] of a model, that model may choose to take possession of the ball-token; the ball-token will immediately snap-to that model’s base. If each team has a model within [1”] of the ball-token, then each model may roll [1D6] and add their base-kick to attempt to gain possession. The model with the highest result gains possession. Where two or more models have the highest result, re-roll for those models until one model gains possession." "Puppet Master: Target model immediately makes a Jog, Pass or Attack without spending Influence. If target model is an enemy model, it counts as a friendly model during this action. This character play may only be used once per turn" There are a lot of 'immediately' that need to be resolved. In 'snap to' does the active model have to move to gather the free-ball if they are already within one inch? Does the 'active model' need to have possession of the ball before Obulus Puppet master's them to choose the 'Pass' option? Let me know if you want these questions split out into separate threads.
  20. Just confirming some personal fears if anything - pretty sure he can do this. It's expensive, but situationally good if it does work.
  21. Obulus' Puppet Master ability has a range of 8" Can he still control his target if he makes them outside of an 8" radius from Obulus? 1- He was in range to target them, so they can complete their advance upto their base stat to any distance from Obulus. 2- The target stops when they step just outside 8" as his power over them reaches it limit? This is kind of similar to the Question of whether Obulus can Puppet Master himself to get an extra advance - eg. using this ability he could get fellow team member like Dirge to advance up to 16" away from him, then allowing Dirge to sprint and Shoot in its own activation from 26" away! Without very precise wording Obulus' (albeit expensive influence) ability does Not require momentum and is incredibly powerful.
  22. Presumably I have the normal Teamwork momentum options when I make an enemy model pass to me, but does this extend to 'Give'n'Go'? Can I spend a momentum to make this opposing player dodge 4"?