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Found 3 results

  1. The plot card "Knee Slider" states the model may "make a Dodge up to their max-move". Do you use their Jog or Sprint stat for this? I've already checked the forum in regards to this specifically and couldn't find an answer, but I have seen both used. I understand all MOV buffs/penalties are still applied.
  2. When is the Vengeance Token for Who are Ya removed? Before anyone hops in keep in mind that the wording has changed on this plot card since season 1. The current wording is "The enemy model gains a vengeance token. When a friendly model makes an Attack against an enemy model that has a vengeance-token, the friendly model may remove the vengeance-token to gain [+4] net-hits." If we consult the timing chart for the sequence of the attack (p. 53) it seems like it the token is discarded in step 2 Attack Process this is when the model makes the attack; after declare reactions before dice are rolled. And then in 2.3.1 Net Hits phase you gain gain [+4] net-hits. Now Midas Touch is a similarly worded rule that has a ruling. If this ruling applies to both I would like to know why it does. Can Net Hits only be gained in the Net Hits phase? When the card says "makes an attack" does it really mean "while making an attack" so you can discard it during any phase? Lastly I apologize if my question comes off harsh since I covered this in a recent YouTube (plug) video and I felt like I did my due diligence but it seems like I may have gotten this wrong.
  3. Bob The Builder

    Fan Fiction Brewers Plot Card

    As a Brewers player using Tapper as my captain I would LOVE to see a new plot card doing something in the lines of this: Requirement: one of your already activated models is suffering from at least one condition, you have at least one more model that can still activate. Reward: Choose one model that can still activate and allocate any influence on it to the chosen [brewers guild] model suffering from at least one condition. That model loses all conditioins and gets to activate again instead of the chosen model that had not activated yet. Using old Jakes on a model that has already activated should be allowed though. Do you think this would be 'overpowered'? I'm thinking about using Stave twice, once to lob a barrel (since the play can only be used once per turn) and once to do the ramming speed charge! Or do a double tap with tapper even the damage output!!