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Found 5 results

  1. The_Question_NL

    Players/Clubs in Nordrhein-Westfalen

    Hi, Question any players/clubs in Nordrhein-Westfalen if so where? Cheers, Jeroen S
  2. These are some general thoughts and ideas on the Fisherman team's abilities and plays. These are simply my opinions and ideas and they do not encompass all strategies or capabilities of the team. Hopefully some of these ideas can help some players learn a new trick about their guild. If you have an idea or suggestion about something else that should be added to a player's profile, or have found a mistake, comment below and I will consider adding it. I hope to add a new player every 2-3 days. Without further ado, here is Shark. Shark - Captain, Striker Stats Base Size: 30mm Melee Zone: 2" - 2 is always better than 1 right? MOV: 7"/9" - One of the best base movement stats in the game. Helps Shark get where he needs to be on the pitch quickly TAC: 6 - Average captain dice. Not amazing, but nothing to scoff at either KICK: 4/8" - Again Shark has one of the best base stats in the game. He likes to score goals... DEF: 4+ - Solid Defensive stat for a captain ARM: 1 - Pretty standard for a captain INF: 4/6 - Again standard influence pool for a captain Character Traits Light Footed - Lets Shark ignore the rough ground penalty. This is especially helpful when going against models with Foul Odor (Fangtooth, Casket) Legendary Play Caught in a Net - [-4"/-4"] MOV penalty for all enemy models within an 8" pulse. This legendary can be ball busting if used early in the turn. Ideally, Shark would be the first player to activate on the turn this play is used to catch as many models as possibly in the legendary. Try to get Shark clear of the enemy clusters once he pops this play to keep him safe from your opponent's red faced anger... Make sure you smile every time they ask you how much movement debuff each of their players are at throughout the turn. Character Plays Quick Foot (Cost 2, RNG 4") - Increase friendly models MOV by [+2"/+2"]. I typically use this on the first turn if I am trying to set up a turn one goal (Let's be honest, who isn't?). After the first turn I typically do not use this play again. Usually 2 influence for 2 attacks for Shark is better for me. Although If I am low on momentum, this is a good way to circumvent burning or snared. Gut And String (Cost GB, RNG P) - Decrease enemy model's MOV by [-4", -4"] and [-1] DEF. This is Shark's bread and butter and should typically be used at least once every time Shark activates. Pair this with Shark's Legendary to destroy the enemy teams movement, use it to decrease DEF on enemy models for more successes with Shark or decrease DEF to set up for your other models to get more results. Any way you slice it, this is probably Shark's best play. Tidal Surge (Cost 3/GBGB, RNG 6") - Target model may make a 4" dodge. This play is extremely valuable, however, I find it extremely situational. Use this play turn one to get another scoring threat into position, use it to put enemy models out of a charge lane or out of melee with friendly models, use it to set up a charge or set up for a push off the pitch. The reason this play typically doesn't see much use for me is because of its cost. I would usually rather use three influence to be generating momentum and moving Shark around the pitch, and getting the 6 results necessary to proc this play from his playbook is fairly difficult. That being said, if I can get this play from the playbook I will always take it unless I really need a KD. Playbook One Success 1 DMG - Never take this result unless you are trying to finish off a player or trying to kill something with minimal Hit boxes Momentous 1" dodge - This will be Shark's #1 used playbook result not only because it is on the 1 result, but because it not only generates a momentum, but it also lets Shark reposition, which is what he does best. Two Success 2" dodge - This is a great result for Shark. The double dodge essentially lets him jump between players that are 7" apart without using his movement to do it. If you really need Shark to get somewhere quickly this is the way to do it. If you can afford the 1 success momentous 1" dodge though that will typically be the better play. Tackle - What good would a Striker be if he couldn't tackle the ball. Three Success 2 DMG - Same as the 1 DMG result Momentous GB - This activates Gut and String. Unless you are short on influence or you have already G&S the enemy model you should almost always use this ability. not only does it hamper their movement, but it sets up Shark to get more results on his next attack. Shark likes more results. Four Success Momentous 1" push, 1" dodge - If the enemy model is already G&S this is what I typically go for. Shark can either drag a low DEF model around the pitch positioning himself more fairly, or drag a model around the pitch to poorly position the opposition. This is also a great way to set up for pushing someone off the pitch. Five Success Knock Down - Although KD is a valuable tool, I often find that I will not choose this result over a reposition. A model that is G&S is almost as good as a KD'd model to Shark. However, if there is influence to spare, and you get the results, further lowering DEF and forcing your opponent to spend momentum is never a bad option. This is also great to have for those parting blows should Shark ever get the chance to make them. 3 DMG - Same as 2 DMG result Six Success Momentus GBGB - This activates Tidal Surge. Depending on the situation this can be used on an enemy model or a friendly model. Typically I will try to choose an enemy model That I can dodge into Sharks range to be able to keep repositioning Shark. If I am running low on influence to keep moving I might try to dodge a heavily influence loaded enemy away from friendly models or position a Friendly model in a better location. Kick off Strategy Typically I will forego kicking off with Shark in favor of another player. However Shark definitely has the potential to get a turn one if not second activation goal. In order to achieve this the ball either needs to be on the route to an enemy model or in possession of an enemy model. Typically I will try to kick the ball either off to one side where one of the opponent's strikers can retrieve the ball and get it back to a team mate, or I kick it to a non goal threat enemy model and away from the enemy strikers. Try to position Shark close to the halfway line, but away from enemy threats. If you can park him behind some difficult terrain or behind an obstruction and kick the ball there will be less opportunity to be pushed or moved out of position. Ideally the enemy will retrieve the ball and pass it back to a teammate. This is Sharks opportunity. If he is in range to charge the model with the ball that will usually be the best option. This will get you the maximum distance and the possibility of wrapping. Best case scenario you can take a tackle and a tidal surge. If you have influence left over, try to position yourself to buy a few attacks for the momentum before shooting on goal. Don't forget to use your legendary before you shoot and take the 4" dodge after the successful goal to try to keep Shark safe. General thoughts on Shark Activation timing - Although Shark is not as timing critical as other players, I do find I would rather go earlier in the turn than later. Shark likes to take a lot of influence for himself so he generates a lot of momentum for the team. That momentum is critical for a team that is reliant on healing, counter attacks, and Defensive stances. Don't get bogged down - Shark can deal with one or two models crowding him out, but don't wait to react until its too late. Shark has a BIG target on his back for many of the more beaty teams, so they will natural try to crowd him out so that when they send in their damage dealer they get maximum output. This is why I try to counter attack almost every attack that Shark is able to. (unless he will likely get KD'd) With a double dodge on 2 successes it is easy to ruin an opponents setup by getting shark out of scrums. Don't be afraid to lose Shark - Shark will get taken out. It is a natural repercussion of Shark's over extension play style. If scoring a goal will put you in a good position to win a game but Shark will likely be taken out, I will usually sacrifice him. Because of his speed he can get back in the game quickly and help support his team for that last goal or two takeouts. Influence allocation - Shark is greedy when it comes to influence. He typically wants 4+ influence so take your time in the maintenance phase to weigh your options on just how much he needs vs the rest of your team. Shark can run on minimal influence when trying to set him up for a snapshot however. Abuse your 2" melee. Never enter an opponent's melee zone unless you have to. Keeping at maximum melee range allows Shark to dodge in and out of melee zones to get maximum movement shennanigans. This will help keep Shark safe from counter attacks from models with low result KD's.
  3. So I'm trying to find the top 10 players people feel are the most frustrating to deal with on the pitch. Which ones would you guys say?
  4. Just saying hi and looking for people to play DS with in April
  5. Old Greyscales

    Shark Vs Corsair

    Hi Fishermen Just wanting to start a general discussion on both the Fish captains, and everyone's opinions on them, mainly on Corsair and how he stacks up to Shark. I've heard only good things so far, and i'm wanting to know a few things from those who've played both, in regards to how they performed/played with Corsair as their Captain instead of Shark. Questions: How have you found Corsair better/worse than Shark? Which teammates does Corsair Synergise well with vs those who can merit being dropped sooner in a Corsair-led team? How do Fisherman play as a team with Corsair, and how does that differ than with Shark? Would you still consider playing Shark over Corsair/vice versa, or is it "X all the way!"? Again, just a friendly discussion for beginners, or just people who are overwhelmed at the prospect of two captains, and want some help/guidance on how to play a Corsair led crew and how it differs, and whether or not that playstyle is for you. I would input, but i fall into that second category xD Thanks in advance- Happy Scoring