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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, Suppose Obulus uses Puppet Master on an enemy Hearne who attacks a model for Skewered (OPT). If the enemy player uses Hearne to make an attack later in the turn and gets 5 successes, can he choose the Skewered result? Or has the enemy player claimed the once-a-turn skewer. Thank you.
  2. Episode two of my (soon to be) critically acclaimed YouTube series Run the Length is out! In this episode my Alchemist's Take on Alex Botts' Union. Alex Botts is one of the hosts of Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast. He can be found on the forum @Slothrop His twitter is @leftslothrop Strictly the Worst twitter: @StrictlyWorstGB
  3. Hello, Suppose Avarisse attacks someone and takes Momentus Singled Out (first column playbook result). He then attacks again. Can he choose to take Momentus Singled Out, apply the debuff again, and make a momentum? P15 makes it clear that the second Singled Out does not stack. But it doesn't say anything about re-applying it for the momentum. I'm not sure this is the same thing as doing Momentus 1 to a model with Tough Hide (no damage is done so no MOM is made) or MOM tackling into Close Control (no tackle is made so no MOM is made). P15 Bonuses and penalties from the same named sources are not cumulative. Effects and abilities of the same name are not cumulative. P30 When a model selects a momentous result during an Attack, the friendly team gains [1] MP. P34 If an ability allows a model to ignore or invalidate all effects of a momentous Playbook result then no MP is generated.
  4. The rules for "Strength In Depth" in the organised play document state that the roster is formed by selecting a captain, a mascot and a further number of "eligible models". The document doesn't qualify "eligible" beyond being a guild model or a Union model with the ability to play for the selected guild. Are there any other limitations on eligibility?