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Found 13 results

  1. fem_rohan

    Simple Pitch

    https://imgur.com/gallery/0GVTn This is the basic pitch I made. I used whatever pieces of mdf board I had on hand. It is four pieces. The grass is Woodland Scenics' grass mat that I cut to size and glued to the mdf board using industrial spray adhesive. I was able to just use a wooden skewer or tooth pick to scratch off the grass to make the lines. I then went back with white paint to make the lines pop. The guild ball symbol was sponged on after I printed it on cardstock and cut out the negative to make a stencil. I had to use industrial spray adhesive to glue the mat to the mdf because the backing is vinly.
  2. Simple questions that has stirred some debate at my FLGS and was wanting to get an outside ruling. I feel like I have it answered, but would like some back up or clarification. At the start of the game, when setting up can Greede start the game detached? Or does he only become detached on Avarisse's activation? Also, the same question goes for Brainpan and Memory. Does Memory only come out on Brainpan's activation? I think between the wording on "Detach," "Benched" and "Thought" there has been confusion in my group over when these guys show up on the pitch. Sorry if this has been addressed already. Thanks for the help.
  3. Hello all, If you are finding there is a shortage of Guild Ball Classic Pitch mats in your area, don't worry! I have created a step-by-step guide on how you can make yourself a very low-cost, awesome looking, rollable mat! Please forward this to your other gamer friends. I'm not a monetized blog. I'm just trying to get the word out there to help people get an even better experience with this awesome game. http://trollpatrolgaming.blogspot.ca/2016/08/how-to-make-guild-ball-mat-step-by-step.html
  4. Hello everybody, i am just discovering this awesome game and even the protests of some friends i would prefer play it on a pitch ! Could someone have a cool version of a printable file i could send to a professional printer to get one pitch ? I am also interested for any good idea to make a pitch since i hesitated between a flexible pitch and one created with 2 wooden thin planks. Many thanks the forum
  5. Pending Forum Suspension

    Tidal surge dodge off the pitch?

    I know a model can't voluntarily leave the pitch but does this apply to a dodge forced upon then like shark's Tidal surge? I couldn't find anything in the rulebook or clarification section. Thanks! I'm 100% sure this has been asked but I can't get it to pull up so hopefully I've tagged it in such a way it'll be easier for the next guy.
  6. dwhite87

    DIY Guild Ball mat

    My local meta is very new and small. Currently, three of us have actual teams, three people have stated they will buy a team and one guy has printed all the paper dolls. Our FLGS has been awesome (and so has Steamforge) and he is ordering models we need/want to buy. Unfortunately, I couldn't get four people to pony up to purchase a mat so I decided to make some myself to encourage them to play. I feel like, once they play enough games and get invested, they'll purchase mats from Steamforge, but in the meantime these DIY mats have been working out great. I created an article for the steps, I hope this helps other frugal gamers or developing metas: http://midwestwargaming.com/diy-guildball-mat/
  7. itsacoyote

    Personal Pitch Design

    I decided to get back into some graphic design work by whipping up a custom pitch design for my personal use. Since I'm planning on printing this out on a banner, I thought about adding some extra bordering around the pitch and setting up a space for each player where you can use a dry erase marker to keep track of scoring and other numbers. Since I also had some space on the sides, I added in some advertisement banners for entertainment Not the biggest on wording, but I'd love to get any suggestions/changes or ideas for the pitch design!
  8. LeadDiceandBeers

    Guild specific pitches

    With Season 2 just round the corner with the official campaign rules it got me thinking that we've seen some great teams and goal tokens but only a few themed pitches. Im hoping the campaign system has some home and away slant to it so got planning some guild specific pitches and associated terrain pieces. Some ideas I've had so far are: Alchemists - tiled floor lab with vats as obstructions Morticians in a mortuary or charnel house, with slabs as obstructions and broken tiles as rough ground Hunters on an arid plain or Savannah or a frozen wilderness Masons in a workshop or quarry. Anyone had any other thoughts? Pictures of completed pitches are more than welcome.
  9. Deflater Mouse

    Guild Ball in the town square

    Thought I'd show off my new pitch... The edge of the center square marks deployment lines, the French drains mark the goal line, and there's a subtle brick pattern for the goal locations... Brickwork was made with sticky back foam, then sand and PVA for grout... Hope you like it...
  10. Banshee

    The Butchers Square

    So my gameboard is complete...The Butchers Square! The idea is that on working days the square is used as a market square where all the butchers have their stands and stalls where they sell the products of their trade. And behind the booths work is conducted; animals are hung up i chains and cut up into parts and processed into foodstuff. The blood is washed into the grills at the end of the working day. In the weekend the square changes into a playing pitch...booths and stalls are removed and lines and logo are painted up...and the square becomes the focus for The Butchers Guild game og Guildball...
  11. Hobbybutterfly

    Pitch help

    Hey guys, I'm looking at sorting out my first mat and am appealing for help. I have nothing against the current steamforged mats but they don't fit my needs- though if the training grounds pitch had decking rather than the grass it would probably do it. I want my mat to match the bases of my models, so narrow planks of wood in a dark colour pictures available On my blog here unfortunately i lack any and all creative skill with computers, PDFs etc. So if anyone's is able to help me find/create what I need- ideally with pitch markings too- I'd appreciate it
  12. embee

    Guild Ball mats

    I'm new here so first hi! Love the game and have been looking at a custom printed pitch. I'm considering doing some custom ones for the different guilds and was looking at doing a kickstarter to sell them. My question is am I allowed to sell them or are there legalities that would stop me?? Here are some examples Thanks!
  13. stef686

    Guild Ball Pitch

    Over the Christmas period I've made a start on a Guild Ball pitch for my games room, and to be used in future Guild Ball tournaments at Leicester Phat Cats no doubt! My idea is that it's a pitch put together outside a pub specifically to host important matches. Here's the board so far: Around the pitch will be fencing with some advertising boards - will need to think of some comedy names for those! And also the pub itself, which will have Icy Sponge boxes on the outside kind of like a dugout.