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Found 18 results

  1. Johan

    Pin Vice and Decimate

    Have anyone tried running Pin Vice with Decimate? I was thinking that with Second Wind Pin Vice could delete a softer target and then Jog back to safety Jaecar style.
  2. Suppose Pin Vice uses her heroic play, Mechanical Heart to make Salvo a mechanica as long as she's on the pitch. Next activation, Ratchet uses his Heroic play, Overclocked on Salvo. Unfortunately, before Salvo can activate, Pin Vice suffers the Taken Out condition and is removed from the pitch so Salvo is no longer a mechanica. Can he still sprint or charge for free even though he's no longer a valid target for Overclocked or does the play, having already legally targeted Salvo, persist?
  3. Hi guys. I have started to dabble a bit in Engineers as of late and while they are really fun - they are giving me some roster headaches. Since no model is truly a write off, but rather everything has its specific use. Previously I were enjoying the drafting a lot with being able to delay the captain choice in response to my opponent, then enter OPD update, and it became a lot trickier. Also, knowing kick off or receiveing was a huge boon I feel. I am leaning more and more towards single captain roster (either captain), and tinkering the roster to that captains needs in a larger degree. But in the back of my head there is something telling me that going single cap could be missing out. I do feel like the Engineers can tool their choice of rank and file players a lot more than many other Guilds, and hence captain is not as crucial as for others. How are you guys coming to terms with your rosters? Pin Vice? Ballista? Both? Discuss!
  4. dtjunkie19

    Pin Vice Experiments

    I have noticed that Pin Vice has seen a resurgence in popularity on the forums and podcasts recently, with people playing her again and enjoying her. I myself started engineers in late N2 around pin vice's release and played her almost exclusively. I really enjoyed playing her, and it had opened me up to the more dynamic scoring game approach that I had not previously fully understood at that point yet. Since N3, I went the other way and picked up ballista and really started to enjoy his flexible/versatile mixed scoring and fighting playstyle. Since then, I've only had a handful of games with pin vice. So I figured it was time to pick her back up again and give her another shake. I think she is in a decent place right now overall - similar to ballista she can swap between a scoring and fighting gameplan quite easily. Unlike ballista, she seems a lot more high variance (high risk and reward) as she doesn't have the control that ballista brings, but rather brings some additional personal threat when it comes to goals and takeouts. I'll be updating this thread with reports, commentary, thoughts on pin vice and how she fares in the meta, etc. First games with her will be tonight, likely playing against some alchemists and either union or brewers. Here is my current 10 for engineers: Ballista Pin Vice Mother Hoist Colossus Rachet Velocity Harry Compound vVelocity (flex slot) I will be messing around with that last slot a bit. I have yet to try but would like to see how vet velocity does with pin vice in certain matchups. Not convinced it's better than just original velocity or compound but certainly worth giving it a shot. My 6 for pin vice typically looks like the following: Pin Vice Mother Hoist Colossus Rachet Flex slot (Compound, Harry, Velocity, vVelocity) It's really hard to give up Harry in that slot if you are receiving. Against certain teams, and if kicking swapping for compound seems pretty good. Rachet is also potentially able to be replaced against certain teams, but that only works in my opinion if a pure scoring game is viable, or the opposing team has at least 2 vulnerable targets for pin vice to take out (w/o needing tooled up or overclock). Against Alchemists tonight I'll likely be playing with the standard 6 (including harry) or compound.
  5. Pending Forum Suspension

    All Stars Game

    Here is a fun one for you. Drop 2 Influence from each captain. Now drop any Legendary Play. Now make a team with no captain and any mascot you want. Who is your team? EDIT: To add a few constraints and clear up vagueness. Captains can now play where ever and are considered "friendly guild models." You may still use any mascot. Other normal team building rules apply.
  6. S3 announcement Obviously things are mixed up now. Exciting! I'll try to rework the doc so there's room for people to add notes about their S3 playing experiences. I don't have any myself yet, but I will soon. I'm also in America now, so playing bandwidth/tournament time is very different. I'll post my own experiences of course, but I made it a google doc so I could easily hand out edit perms to the community or anyone else who becomes more active than I am. Best, Drillboss ---- Intro This is the start of an (IMO) overdue Engineer's tactica. To start I'm just compiling various reports and tactica articles into one place--the astute reader can mine the reports themselves for what works and what doesn't . As I have time I'm going to fill in my personal thoughts on each of the players, then lay out tips and tricks for building and piloting teams run by either of our captains. I definitely intend to lean on the community as I know Ballista much better than I know Pin Vice, though I'll start with my own thoughts on each and look forward to hearing ideas about running either of them. If you have reports or tactica here or on another site which you'd like added to the list in the OP, please shoot me a PM or post here. Cheers, Drillboss Overview TACTICA GOOGLE DOC Because I find it easier to edit, actually going to maintain the tactica at the above link for now. Feel free to comment and ask questions right in the doc as I chop it up. Reports and Other Posts My own reports + shameless plugs: S1/S2 Early Vassal Stuff (Ballista) WCWW Winter Wreath (Ballista) Grinstead Cup and Proving Grounds (Ballista) Skull Cup (Ballista) Insert Funny Name 2 (Pin Vice) Vengeance (Pin Vice) Clash of the Guilds 2 (Pin Vice), Rush Goalie 2, Pumpkin Cup, Bend it Like Bonesaw, Great Balls of Fire (Ballista) UK Masters Weekend (Ballista) BIG Sweaty Balls (Ballista) Kickabout at Colours (Ballista) S3 Heretic Games Casual Tournament (Ballista) Las Vegas Open (Ballista) --- WCWW Interview about Engineers My "Plumber's Guild" Engineers More Reports and Tactica (feel free to PM or post if you'd like to contribute) Inverted Polarity (Discussion + Reports on Both Captains) Pin Vice Reports Ballista Almost Gets the Bounty Engineers at the Southern Ontario Open (Pin Vice) Fish's Engineer Reports (Pin Vice) Roley's Engineers (Pin Vice so far) [S3] Byron Coaches the Engineers Sweet Graphic of All Engineers Playbooks pre-S2
  7. Scenario: Pin Vice puts up Mechanical Heart to give all friendly Guild models the Mechanica type. She pops her Lengendary to give each Mechanica model a well-oiled token. For whatever reason, Pin Vice dies during the turn and there are still well-oiled tokens on Mechanical Heart-ed players. Question: Since Mechanical Heart reads "While this model is on the Pitch", does that mean typical non-Mechanica models (i.e. Ratchet/Salvo) are no longer Mechanica? To follow up, the well-oiled tokens are now stuck on these players and unable to be used?
  8. I have a few questions about the Dodge Ball format from the Mob Football Association document. Suppose Venin is engaging Boiler and attempts to pass a ball to him. There are no other models within 2" of either of them. Does Boiler count as being engaged by an enemy model for the purposes of the pass's target number even though that same model, Venin, is the one kicking the ball? Can a model make a team work action after receiving a ball kicked to them by an enemy model before being taken out? Along the same vein, can a model with an oil-token consume it to make a pass instead? Assuming the answer to either of those questions is yes, if a missed snapshot or oil pass is intercepted, does the receiving then kicking model count as being taken out twice for 4 (or 2 in the case of a mascot) victory points? Does the kicking or intercepting model count as inflicting the taken out condition on the other model involved in the kick? I'm thinking specifically of the plays Casket Time and Witness Me!
  9. Hey all, "Finally" took the jump into buying engineers. I started playing guild ball 3 months ago and started with the brewers. Struggled at first, but lately have been seeing quite a bit of success with them in my local meta (wins and very close losses). But as I started with brewers, I was always so intrigued with engineers (I'm an engineer, robots, crossbows, colossus, and bombs. How not?). So I love brewers but have just constantly been thinking about engineers. Got a good deal on their entire team so I took the jump and decided to also order decimate and rage as for brewers all I had was gutter and hemlocke. So, I'm just fishing for some hints and tips towards the team. Also, anyone want to explain why decimate is so good with engineers? Like, I've read/listened to a lot about the engineers and I've picked up some gameplay/strategies and everyone always just mentions decimate being so critical, but never explains why. Goal threat? Damage? I do know that he seems to work better than gutter because he does more consistent damage as gutter can be lack luster if she isn't hitting that momentus scything blow. Thanks everyone!
  10. Decided to bust out my new engineers at the Adventurer's Guild tournament in Harrisburg, PA this past weekend, despite only getting the chance to play 2 practice games with them beforehand. Sounds like a fun adventure to me! Overall, was actually pretty impressed with Pin Vice and the team overall. She really brings an interesting scoring game, with some opportunistic murder going on. I brought: Pin Vice, Mainspring, Compound, Collosus, Hoist, Decimate, Rage, Velocity. Played Pin Vice, Mainspring, Compound, Collosus, Hoist, Decimate in all 4 games. Shout out to @DrillbossD for the solid write ups/info he has put out. My games: Round 1 - Masons (Russ B) vs. Hammer, marbles, mallet, flint, mist, tower Highlights: Hoist tanked, hammer, mallet, and marbles for 2 turns sitting in cover near my opponent's deployment zone. He got him down to 1 health after popping reanimate on two separate turns, but couldn't finish the deal with hoist healing/getting healed. Flint was annoying as heck to get the ball off of, so pin vice eventually kills him and scores. Then Pin vice, collosus, and decimate clean up with a few more kills. Was worried hammer would be able to roam wild but got stuck focusing on hoist. 12-2 (win); 4(TO):1(G) Round 2 - Union (Bill A) vs. Blackheart, coin, minx, decimate, mist, rage highlights: Kicked off, but was able to go retrieve the ball with collosus and get it back to my lines. Pin Vice gets passed to eventually, uses legendary to get the goal then runs the length + second wind to safety. Collosus and hoist tank, eventually able to get the ball up the field to pin vice after she takes out rage and mist, then scores on the following turn. 12-2 (win); 2:2 Round 3 - Morticians (Dixon T) vs. Obulous, dirge, silence, ghast, mist, rage Highlights: Finally won a roll off. Went for a legendary run on goal, but messed up and collosus missed a pass, leaving me unable to get the extra dodge I needed to score. Instead, ball snaps to pin vice, she passes back to decimate and dodges to gain some momentum. Opponent is able to get a goal with obulous. Next turn I'm able to score with hoist. He gets several take outs, bringing him to 10. I am able to find and take out mist.. Last turn, Im able to charge pin vice to get the ball, dodge off of mist (I believe took him out again - either this turn or the one before), then pass to Hoist for the snap shot to win. Very nerve racking game! 12-10 (win); 2:2 Round 4 - Morticians (Brian C) vs. Obulous, dirge, silence, ghast, mist, Fangtooth Highlights: Lost roll off for the 3rd time on the day, had to kick. He is able to get the ball passed down the line to mist. He basically bricks up with ghast and fangtooth up front, mist with the ball hugging cover, silence, dirge and obulous nearby. He PMs collosus in and starts beating on him. I try to dance pin vice around to get the ball, but its hard to get where I needed to get to be able to get the ball off of mist. Eventually I am able to do so and get the goal. Meanwhile, decimate and collosus go to town on fangtooth, bring up down as low as 7 boxes at least once, but with a lot of healing he never gets taken out, so only provides me with a solid amount of momentum. I believe fangtooth probably healed/got healed for 30 odd points of damage that game. He ends up taking out pin vice twice and collosus twice, bringing him to 8. I start running low on time, and end up basically clocking out after hoist charges the bird, tackles the ball and scores to put it to 8-8. The goal kick bounces perfectly out to mist who is able to counter score and seal the game. Super, super close game. There was one turn I lost an initiative roll being 4 up, which threw a huge wrench into my plans (pun intended). Had that goal kick not bounced right to mist there was a decent chance I could get the ball with pin vice and pass to hoist for a snap shot for the game, however it would have been close with only a minute to activate her and get the momentum and movement she needed to be in range. 8-12 (loss) Overall 3rd on the day. Great games, great opponents, had lots of fun. Pin vice is super fun, she really can facilitate a versatile game. Certainly a puzzle trying to set up the right passes to keep the scoring threat live and get good positioning. Excited to play more games with her again soon.
  11. Will start with the stats and flesh out as I have time. I'm an avid Ballista player, but wanted to have a picture of our other options, so played Pin Vice at Insert Funny Name 2 (you can find my reports further down in the forum). I got two more games in that same weekend, then wasn't able to get another game until Vengeance itself, so... I stuck with Pin. Not sure how I feel about that at this point, but it was done, and I learned a lot. The night before lots of people were hanging out at the gaming center and I got two games in against Ross's Scalpel. In my first game I took Decimate, Colossus, Compound, Hoist and won 12-4 or 12-6 (don't remember) and in my second I took Velocity, Colossus, Hoist, Decimate and lost 12-8. This was a very nice chance to get as going into the even I had no games against Smoke, Esters, or Scalpel and only 1 against Fillet. My lineup for the day was Pin Vice, Mainspring, Hoist, Colossus, Compound, Velocity, Gutter, Decimate. Rage had a really rough outing at Insert Funny Name so I put Velocity in. Also saw another Pin player do some wonderful Velocity things--would that I could replicate them! I knew my two main lineups would be Hoist, Colossus, Compound, Decimate and Hoist, Colossus, Compound, Gutter depending on whether I wanted more reach or more dodge and consistent damage. Presence of UM would be a big factor in this decision making, until (as the event went on) I just found I really, really like Decimate with Pin. ----- Game 1 v Esters Brewers (@TwoBands) Hoist Gutter Colossus Compound Esters Spigot Stoker Friday Hooper Grueling start to a grueling day. Ed was dressed as a brewer with his beard styled so that was amazing. The first round pairings had to be edited once, and I was originally paired with Steve Newton, so getting Ed instead as a little bit of a relief... until the game got underway! I received and had One Touch Football, so I opted to blow the legendary at the end of turn 1 and pick up a goal. The turn was a bit clock intensive and left Pin Vice well behind Brewers territory, but seemed worth it. Ester, Stoker, and Hooper made a bit of a fortress around a piece of cover, and I learned the hard way that even with Crowd Outs (provided by Colossus) Stoker in cover is a huge pain. I Ultimately killed him--I think with Hoist--but barely. Damn Esters heroic o_O Pin Vice died because that's what happens when she's so near Hooper. Gutter died for her trouble with Stoker. Somewhere in there Friday banged in a goal, but I believe I managed to kill the Cat and either Spigot or Friday (don't remember which anymore). Compound got up the board. At this point I was low on time and the score was 10-8 to me. Colossus was engaged, but Compound was free, and Pin Vice was coming onto the pitch. Stoker was hanging out at the back. With One Touch, I'd be able to (assuming Compound could make a pass) easily set Pin Vice up to bounce in for a goal. Pin Vice missed her pass to Compound. Fine, I was thinking, but of course Pin Vice died. The ball went nowhere useful for either of us. I clocked, had to take some activation, and all of a sudden it was 10-11 for Ed. My only remaining inf was 4 on Hoist, and I saw Stoker was within 4" of the back. Unfortunately with >> on a 1 and standing in cover, Hoist's odds to kill Stoker weren't great. But I had to try! Hoist went in, got the first push-dodge. Then Stoker hit the push and I went to shake Ed's hand... but I realized he'd rolled 5 dice and Hoist was in cover! I had him re-roll with 4 and he missed! But then Hoist got only 1 hit and the run was done after all. I shook Ed's hand and thanked him for the crazy game. 10-12 to the Brewers With another Inf on Hoist the plan might have worked, or with more time on my clock I could have farmed some momentum. Esters is tricky for Engineers, and Ed caged up nicely. There's a lot of "if X dice had worked" coming from me and I don't know if it's my playstyle or just an Engineers thing... but man, a jam in the cogs really hurts the cogs! 10: 1-3 (me) 12: 1-3, 2time (Brewers) Game 2 v Smoke Alchemists Hoist Decimate Compound Velocity Smoke Mercury Vitriol Mist Decimate Report below! Pin Vice Goal Hoist? Goal, possibly snapshot via Pin Hoist -> Flask Smoke Goal Mist Goal Decimate? -> Velocity Smoke -> Pin Vice 10: 2-1 12: 2-2 Game 3 v Tapper Brewers Hoist Gutter Colossus Compound Tapper Hooper Spigot Friday Stave Coming Soon Gutter -> Friday Compound -> Stave Gutter -> Scum Pin Vice Goal Gutter -> Hoist Hooper? -> Colossus Tapper -> Pin Vice Hooper -> Gutter Tapper -> Gutter Spigot -> Hoist 10: 1-3 12: 0-6 Game 4 v Scalpel Morticians Hoist Decimate Colossus Compound Scalpel Mist Silence Ghast Graves Coming Soon Pin Vice Goal Decimate Goal Hoist Goal Mist Goal 12: 3-0 4: 1-0 Game 5 v Smoke Alchemists Hoist Gutter Colossus Compound Smoke Mercury Vitriol Mist Decimate Coming Soon 10: 1-3 12: 2-2 Game 6 v Honour Masons Hoist Decimate Colossus Compound Honour Mallet Brick Chisel Decimate Coming Soon 12: 1-4 2: 0-1 Game 7 v Midas Alchemists Hoist Decimate Colossus Compound Midas Decimate Compound Avarisse and Greede Vitriol Coming Soon 12: 2-2(3) 10: 2-1 ---- Over, 3-4 on the day with 4 10-12 losses. All three wins were with the team of Hoist, Compound, Colossus, Decimate which I'm starting to think is my preferred way to play Pin Vice (and is even quite fun with Ballista). All the losses were with... not that team. I had 12 Goals and 17 takeouts on the day. A nice mix!
  12. Hey all, Had a rough (but fun!) outing with Pin Vice up in the North. First time taking her to a tournament but felt I should give her a shot before Vengeance. As of the time of this writing I'm not sure whether I'm taking her or Ballista, but Insert Funny Name 2 was definitely a great chance to gather some intel and learn some things. Record on the day was 2-3, with all but one game being very close. My lineup was Colossus, Compound, Hoist, Decimate, Gutter, Rage. I'd been frustrated with Velocity in a few games leading up to the event but have since played her more again after and am seeing the light. This comes, mind you, after having played Velocity with Ballista a lot, often to successful results, so maybe I was just snowflaking. Bullet point notes, to be expanded into proper reports as I have time: Game 1 v Chris's Union Pin Vice, Mainspring, Decimate, Hoist, Compound, Colossus vs. Blackheart, Coin, Gutter, Mist, Decimate, Avarisse and Greede 12-6 Pin Vice Goal Decimate -> Mist Pin Vice -> Blackheart Colossus -> Mist Colossus -> Mist Blackheart -> Decimate Decimate Goal Game 2 v Quinn's Masons Pin Vice, Mainspring, Gutter, Hoist, Compound, Colossus vs. Honour, Marbles, Mallet, Brick, Decimate, Avarisse and Greede 8-12 Hoist Goal Pin Vice Goal Honour? -> Pin Vice Honour -> Colossus Mallet -> Gutter Decimate Goal Decimate -> Mainspring Game 3 v James' Brewers Pin Vice, Mainspring, Gutter, Hoist, Compound, Colossus vs. Tapper, Scum, Hooper, Spigot, Mash, Friday 12-8 Pin Vice Goal Pin Vice -> Scum Pin Vice -> Mash Colossus Goal Tapper? -> Pin Vice Friday Goal Hooper -> Gutter Game 4 v Scott's Butchers Pin Vice, Mainspring, Gutter, Hoist, Decimate, Rage vs. Fillet, Princess, Boiler, Shank, Tenderiser, Brisket 6-12 Pin Vice -> Shank Pin Vice -> Princess Gutter or Rage? -> Shank Fillet -> Decimate Bleed -> Pin Vice Boiler? -> Rage Fillet goal? Brisket goal? Fillet -> Hoist Game 5 v Maurice's Fishermen Pin Vice, Mainspring, Gutter, Hoist, Compound, Colossus vs. Corsair, Salt, Gutter, Jac, Sakana, Angel 10-12 Pin Vice Goal Pin Vice -> Salt Pin Vice -> Angel Gutter -> Angel Corsair -> Pin Vice Sakana Goal Corsair -> Gutter Gutter and Corsair -> Hoist 2x Timeout ----- I'll say ahead of time that I got to do a lot of very "Pin Vice" things over the course of these games, so that was fun. I definitely feel her power. Drill
  13. MilitaryCoo


    Due to the way this is worded, it can be read to mean that all Character Plays by the target model benefit from +1 damage, while only playbook results that already cause damage receive that benefit. It's that the intent?
  14. The damage from each of Pin Vice's character plays triggers at the end of the model's activation. The Taken-Out condition from Overclocked is applied at the end of the model's activation. If a model has Overclocked and one or more of Pin Vice's character plays on it, can I chose to resolve the Taken-Out from Overclocked first to avoid the damage from Pin Vice's character plays?
  15. Kueller

    Pin Vice's Lineup?

    Who would people put In a Pin Vice lineup? I think she makes Salvo a better player with her Deletion, he does more DAM and makes It more likely to pull off his shot with an extra BT. Velocity for sure, supports this player goal scoring abilities and being a Mechanica which helps. Hoist, he Is good player but with his TR and her support plays and a Mechanica, I think he will have a regular place In peoples lineup. Ratchet, with his healing of Mechanica players and his synergy with Mainspring. Compound, against certain teams with his goal counter role.
  16. Hey guys, I think we’re going to need a bigger boat… With the release of Pin Vice for the Engineers, I'm feeling the squeeze. I'll be doing a few posts here comparing the Fishermen and the Engineers in terms of foot-balling ability and coming to some sort of conclusion about whether or not we're getting edged out of the top-spot by the newer Engineer releases. First, a comparison between Captains: Shark vs. Pin Vice RELEVANT STATS: -Shark has a 2” further Kick. Shark has +1 Health, and 2” melee. Pin Vice is female (slight advantage). PLAYBOOK: -Strikingly similar. Pin Vice can deal more damage more easily, has a Momentous Tackle, and has more Dodges. Wow. -Shark can use his Character Plays via GB results. Nice. CHARACTER PLAYS: -Quick Foot & Alternator are a toss up. Quick Foot is shorter range and costs 2 INF, but doesn’t deal 3 damage -Gut & String is a nice debuff that stacks very well with Shark’s Legendary. -Deletion is a great buff and gives bonus damage and a ‘free’ Bonus Time but deals 3 damage. -Tidal Surge gives more immediate utility for 3 INF with a 4” reposition, but is a 1x/turn play. -Controller gives more control over activations, allowing a chain-activation at a cost of 3 INF and 3 Health. Opens up some incredible interactions with timing and goal scoring, especially when combined with her Legendary. HEROIC PLAY: -Shark doesn’t have one. -Pin Vice will probably not use hers very often, and it is unnecessary in some team line-ups. LEGENDARY PLAY: -Shark’s “Caught in a Net” is awesome, and a fantastic Debuff with great control. -Pin Vice’s Well-Oiled Machine is awesome, and a fantastic buff to probably her whole team allowing 4” Dodges for free, plus Momentum. CHARACTER TRAITS: -Shark is Light Footed, so better on the pitch with more terrain. -Pin Vice has Close Control, so more offensive as a ball carrier. Ryoshi’s Verdict: -A solid tie. They’re in the same league here. This IS saying something as Shark is probably the best goal scorer in the game. Pin Vice is awesome, and a great boon to an already strong footballing Engineers team. ... Next up... Velocity and Angel
  17. MasterPlan

    Really ready to be win one

    I am really ready to win one. Not just one game here and there but a 5 week league. I don't have to win every game nor should I win every game, but I need a win for the Engineers or at least to feel close. Do you think Pin Vice can provide that? It feels sad that in order to win that we need to use a new leader. Well maybe we will have an insane cross over member with the hunters.... Some high tech guy or gal who just opens up like crazy within the Hunters and brings a win home for ballista.
  18. This ability says that models can't remove an oil token after making a Team work action. Does this mean that they can't use the token if they've made an action at any time in the turn, or only an action taken as a result of a pass they've just received?