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Found 5 results

  1. MechMage

    False Start

    It has previously been ruled that an advance that covers a distance of 0" is not an advance and so doesn't trigger effects that look for the end of an advance such as Stop Slacking! and Counter Charge. If an advance covers a distance of 0", does it start? Consider Peck standing within 4" of Ballista under the effects of Minefield and also within 6" of Compound who is within 4" of the Engineers goal post. The farmers player wants to move Peck an inch but wants to avoid being charged by Rush Keeper so he declares that Peck will make a jog. Immediately Peck suffers 4 damage from Ballista's Minefield. This in turn trigger's Peck's Pain Response, allowing him to made a 1" dodge. Still within 6" of Compound, the farmers player declares that Peck ends his advance. Since 0 distance was covered by the jog itself, can Compound use Rush Keeper to charge? Does Minefield not trigger until Peck actually covers no distance with his advance? If so, does that mean that an advance has not started until some distance is actually covered? Suppose Ballista has Minefield Up and is base to base with Benediction. Benediction attacks Ballista twice, each time pushing him 2" directly away for a total of 4". Benediction then jogs away from Batista. Does Benediction suffer damage from Minefield? By the time he actually covers any distance, he is more than 4" from Ballista.
  2. So I have had this issue with Peck since he came out, but I have struggled to put it into words. The issue comes up when an opponent does a damage dodge or a damage push to peck and doesn't know about pain response. Pain Response: When this model suffers damage from an enemy Attack or Character Play, it may make a [1"] Dodge. Scenario: vDecimate does 2> to Peck. My opponent says "2 damage." I'm fairly certain they don't know about pain response and I want to dodge peck outside her melee range. But since pecks trigger timing is "When this model suffers damage" and does not have the qualifier "after the Attack or Play is resolved" I often have this exchange. "I dodge out of your melee range." "Well in that case I use my push to move you back into melee." It feels scummy of me to ask if they want to push me since it feels like I am changing the order they are resolving their results. Question 1: Does Pain Response interrupt resolving playbook results? Question 2: If it does interrupt is there a way I can dodge out of the opponents melee range if they do not know that Pain Response exists?
  3. It has previously been ruled that Hog Wild can not interrupt another advance. Does this apply to other reactive advances, such as Granite's Between a Rock...? For example, suppose Farris uses Impact to attack Harmony during a sprint and does 1 damage to her. Can Granite make a jog or does Farris's active advance prevent it? Can reactive dodges, such as Peck's Pain Response and Snow's Pack Mentality, interrupt an advance in the same situation? How do reactive pushes, such as Farris might experience as a result of a counter attack off her Impact attack, interact with her in progress advance? Do pushes on other players, such as from the Chain Grab or Drag character players, behave differently from those on Farris? Do models pushed into Ballista's Minefield as a result of a counter attack during Farris's sprint count as entering it as part of an advance?
  4. Suppose Peck starts an activation within an inch of Jaecar's Pitfall marker. Peck uses the Cocky character play on himself and jogs away, triggering the marker. Does the hunters player decide which condition, snared or bleed, is applied first and is thus negated by cocky because he is the active player during the resolution of Jaecar's triggered ability or does the farmers player get to decide because he is the active player during Peck's advance?
  5. I'm not sure if the models were meant to be spoiled, but I just saw cards for the 2 farmers mascots. A mascot with a heroic play and a mascot with a goal threat comparable to Flint's (but with a 2/8" kick stat) look like incredibly fun models. All the Farmer's models look incredibly fun to play, but a heroic mascot just seems too amazing not to mention.