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Found 6 results

  1. I’m fairly confident this has been answered before (S2 possibly?) but I can’t seem to track it down with search and would appreciate having something to point to since different groups seem to play this differently. When a player has possession of the ball and makes a pass to space, which of the following are legal placements for the ball: Completely within the player’s kick range Centered on a spot within the player’s kick range Any part of the ball marker within the player’s kick range
  2. Hello, Bushel was leaked a while back at Steamcon and has a character play called I'm Open. 2 cost / 6" range / OPT Target friendly model in possession of the ball-marker immediately makes a Pass, which targets this model, without spending Influence. Does the Target Friendly Model actually have to be able to make the friendly pass, in order to be targeted by the play? Suppose Bushel was friendly with Princess (1/4" kick) who was holding the ball, and over 4" away - is she a legal target for I'm Open, and if so how does that resolve? Hoping it auto-scatters so you can let fate decide if Bushel will get the ball, but I could see you not being able to make the play at all. Thank you.
  3. Kicking Sequence 1. After paying applicable costs, the active model declares a target-spot within range of their kick-distance. 2. Generate a dice-pool using the kicking model’s base-kick. • Enemy models engaging the kicking model negatively affect the Kick attempt; suffer [-1] dice-pool per enemy model. • Enemy models, not engaging the kicking model, with any part of their base on the ball-path between the kicking model and the target-spot, count as intervening models and negatively affect the Kick attempt; suffer [-1] dice-pool per intervening enemy model. 3. A Kick attempt is resolved as a [4+] TN test. • If the target-spot is not in LOS of the kicking model then the Kick attempt suffers a [+1] TN modifier. • Enemy models engaging the target model (if applicable) negatively affect the Kick attempt; suffer [+1] TN per enemy model. A scenario arose where a short pass was desired, but both kicker and recipient were engaged by the SAME enemy model. Per Step 2, the kicker (naturally a 4/6" kicker) who is engaged by an enemy would suffer a [-1] to their dice pool. So 3/6" [4+]. In this case, the enemy model was not intervening, but even if they were, we know that they would not have negatively affected the dice pool a second time. So, still 3/6" [4+]. In Step 3, it notes that a kick is resolved at [4+] and can be modified if the target spot is not in LOS. It is also modified if enemy models are engaging the target model - [+1] TN per enemy model. In our case, the kicker had LOS, but the same enemy model that was engaging the kicker is engaging the target model. the rule does not have the same qualifier as Step 2: "Enemy models, not engaging the kicking model,..." So, does the same engaging model affect the kicker and target model? (Resulting in 3/6" [5+]) On a related note, if the enemy model happened to be a larger based model that did block LOS, what is the impact to the TN then? Engaging kicker: [-1] dice pool; intervening (but engaging kicker): [N/A]; target spot not in LOS: [+1] TN ?? (second question); engaging target model: [+1] TN (first question). Which, if all of this is correct, would result in a kick attempt of 3/6" [6+].
  4. I know a lot of intercept stuff has already been clarified, so please don't beat on me for this. The literal rules suggest that if Model A kicks to Model B and misses, after kick scatter if the new path of travel still crosses Model B, then Model B can Intercept. Is this correct? Can I just assume that as an unsuccessful kick there is no Momentum gained, but that without other intervening models, that Model B can Intercept the ball?
  5. The Old Buzzard

    passing the ball

    This came up twice last night. I thought I knew but when questioned I could not find anything in the rules under "kicking the ball". Can a player make and advance and halfway through that advance pay 1 INF to pass the ball, (Either to avoid a terrain feature or player) and finish the movement in a more desirable position? So halfway through an advance. I know you can let go of the ball at any time, but can you pass it? Bill
  6. The rules for gaining momentum indicate that you gain one for passing the ball when you both make a successful kick action, and pass possession of the ball to another player on your team. If I make a successful kick to a target spot, and the ball scatters into 1" of another of my players and I choose to snap the ball to them, do I gain momentum, or do I have to have made a successful kick targeting a player on my team?