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Found 52 results

  1. Keyansark

    Painted RE2

    I started playing RE2 as soon as I managed to open and classify all contents. After three games, I decided that the game needed to have painted minis, so I started with the heroes and some special monsters. Here are the main characters... The G-Mutant And the zombie dogs... It was rewarding to spend some time in Leon and Claire´s jacket. I am specially proud on the final result with Claire´s... Ada, Hunk, the spiders and Birkin are on their way now
  2. StudioJollyRoger

    Studio Jolly Roger workshop

    Hello, im starting new, collective topic of our work, enjoy Alchemist are getting popular. More: http://studiojollyroger.com/guild-ball-alchemist-team/ Check our blog and gallery! Get your army painted with us. Ask us a question.
  3. Hello there! I've been a long time lurker on this wonderful site and I'm not afraid to say I've stolen a fair few ideas from the lovely models on display. I hope I can share with you the work I've been doing for a very good friend of mine. As it stands I don't play Guild Ball myself but I feel I'll be sucked into this game really quite quickly the more I'm exposed to these miniatures. First up I have an Alchemists team that have had a few tweaks with a little sculpting. I have a few pics of them close up and in the green stuff stage if anyone would like to see a bit more.
  4. First of all... I'm blame @Mako (you inspired me to share - this is all your fault!) But here's the start of my Hunters team, with no thanks to the iPhone camera (hence that HUGE shadow across Theron's leg) Comments welcome...
  5. bobthebomb

    RatCatcher Painting

    Hello everyone !! Just started playing Guildball and painting my team. Here a Wip of the terrain piece included in the box. I am trying to do like Giraldez but i am stuck at the green right now. i am looking for advice to make the green pop and glow like the one painted by Angel. I didn't found any tutorial on the net to paint the rats. Any idea ? painting guide that could be used ? Thx a lot !
  6. Okay, so I told myself I wasn't going to drag out and start flogging this horse again, however in light of the most recent announcement that coloured resin "Legacy" teams do not require painting to be used in tournaments under the OPD has me increasingly annoyed. First of all let me start by saying that in my opinion painting miniatures is part of tabletop hobby war gaming and should be enforced in any "high level" tournament play. I understand that some people claim they don't have time, patience or ability to paint 8-10 miniatures and know that some people will accuse me of being "elitist" or "gate keeping" because of that opinion and that is fine, people are entitled to their own opinions. I also understand that SFG are becoming more lenient with painting requirement to promote the "pick up and play" nature of the pre-assembled PVC teams and minor guilds and while I could probably rant on for hours about this decision, that is not my main concern or objective of this post. In short:... METAL REQUIRES PAINTING, COLOURED PVC & RESIN DOES NOT..!!?!?!?!?!???!!!! I don't understand why this is a thing, either have painting restrictions or don't have them, this half arsed approach is just stupid.. Currently as it stands, a player can purchase the Ratcatchers Minor Guild Box and both "Legacy" Morticians bundles and field any combination of 8-10 players without requiring any paint... Unless they want to use vHemlock, then she needs painting.... or the Halloween LE Obulus and Dirge which are currently on sale, they would also require painting... or the alt sculpt "prizes" from the Ratcatches launch event, yep, metal, need paint... Same goes for the Hunters/Falconers with vMinx, Young Theron and the alt sculpts from the Falconers launch event when they are released.. Also the LE sculpts of Bolt, Millstone and Piper that came as a pre-order bonus.. The point I am attempting to get across is that while partially lifting the painting requirements is s'posed to allow newer players to enter tournaments right from the start, it actually puts some weird jank on the players they are able to include in their roster.. What if they purchased Kickoff and want to play either of those guilds.? As only 6 players are available in PVC they will need to purchase and paint at least another four minis to participate in tournaments.. What about Lucky.? He's coloured PVC, he also doesn't fit in with the colour scheme of either guild.. What if they look at the miniature range or artwork and are really inspired by one of the original Major guilds but have no idea where or how to start painting miniatures.? Guess they are shit out of luck, Blacksmiths, Farmers or Morticians for you... Honestly I don't see the difference between using unpainted pre-coloured miniatures and getting a metal team, and spraying them the same colour and calling it a day.. End of the day, while I personally feel like painting requirements should stay intact for the benefit of visually promoting the game, if SFG want to remove the painting aspect of the hobby they should just do it wholesale, none of this half and half BS... Anyway, that's me done for now, hope no-one was too offended by any of the points I raised and I hope it can get some "friendly" banter going around this..
  7. https://www.patreon.com/posts/18102836 In this episode Andrew and Jason get their hobby on and talk about all things painting, before relenting and also talking about Guild Ball and stuff. This is one of our bonus episodes. Join us at 'goalkeeper' level or above and get this episode and access to our entire back catalogue! Find us at www.patreon.com/singledoutGB
  8. The forums got replaced and I've taken it as an opportunity to combine all my individual guild threads into a single melting pot of wonderful Guild Ball delights. This thread has caused me muchos troublos as how best to structure it, I've got the choice of chronological or alphabetical structuring both of which would fit wonderfully into my mildly ODC (it's alphabetical see!) ways. Anyway wittering aside I'm going alphabetical. Alchemists: Butchers Engineers Union I do actually have all the S1 union painted up but for some reason have never pictured them together, I must try and remedy this!
  9. So I'll preface this by saying that my paintbrushes are already drooling and while I want to answer "Duh! Like.. ALL of them!" I won't... for now. So, which miniatures are you most interested in painting? For me it's not the ones I expected... I figured at first glance I'd be all about the big boss models and such, but as time went on I have a few that I simply can't wait to tackle: Bandaged Leon Sherry Birkin The flaming RPD zombies The morgue zombies The modified zombies The crawling half torso RPD zombies The corpse markers So these have topped my list of ones I am most eager to paint. What about you? What is at the front of the line for you? Cheers gang...
  10. Hey all, I am hoping some of you could share your butchers colour schemes with me? I'm am wondering how they look in alternative colours. Hoping for a bit of inspiration to get painting the team! Thanks 😁
  11. Le Gaming Dude

    Painting Tutorials

    I am adding painting tutorials for the core box miniatures on my channel - I hope it is helpful. Comments and questions are welcome.
  12. So I had my first adventure with using Kneadatite Blue/Yellow epoxy putty (Green Stuff) over the weekend. I made some pieces of meat for my Butcher's goal. That stuff is sticky...to the point of being hard to get it shaped and do what I wanted it to do. So... what's the trick to sculpting with that stuff... does simply wetting your fingers/tools make it more manageable? Any other tips and tricks with this stuff for my future creative attempts?
  13. D S SIRIUS

    My finished set

    Hi all, Thought I'd post my finished set on here like a lot of other people are doing. I'm extremely new to miniature painting and the knight in this set is literally the first miniature I've ever painted. This took me absolute ages to finish but it's finally done!
  14. masterkdog

    KDOG gives it a go

    Hi all, Not really done much like this before but have discovered the joys of tabletop and painting recently. Figured i am such a slow painter that if I put pics etc up and took advice and so on I might get more motivated to paint more often (my GB mates would appreciate it). Apologies in advance for the quality of pictures etc, as I said this is all new ground for me. So you all know the aim is for a not quite so bloodlike red (more of a grimey red) and thinking a dirty gray as second colour. Figures I am working on are, Ox, Princess, Brisket, Boiler, Boar, Shank, and now Gutter and Minx. I may be slow with the uploads at times (due to kids and life etc) but will try to keep it regular.
  15. spiralingcadaver

    Dark Souls Painting Blog

    Hi all, my group's been enjoying slowly getting in to Dark Souls (been butchered by the Gargoyle once, had it down to 2 health and poisoned the second time), and I've started painting our set, so I thought I'd show off here, starting with some classic Hollow(s?), with a few more notes on my blog
  16. So I have been working on the boss models first, as they are the most visually impressive. I am pretty happy with all of these so far. The dancer and Titanite demon are going to get some airbrushed sections so I am tackling them last. Where I need advice is on the bases. I can't decide if I should do a solid color, a free hand painted design, or a full sculpted decorative base. The zone lines need to fit in to any style I go with, and they need to be easily visible while playing. I am open to suggestions and examples.
  17. Judge Magister Gabranth

    Best Images for Painters

    Hope these images will help your painting, sorry if I screwed up somewhere.* Core Set Solaire of Astora Player Character Expansion Core Game Expansion Iron Keep Expansion Armour Set Expansion Invaders and Summons Expansions** Add-Ons Mega Boss Expansions Darkroot Basin Expansion Retailer Bonuses *Sorry certain images suck, I tried my best but these are the greatest I could find. If you want to use your game and get better pictures, that would be much appreciated. **Taken from the Kickstarter page as it was really hard to find images of certain characters. I also couldn't find normal and "glowing" versions of each character.
  18. bubzor888

    Painted Heros

    In preparation for my friends coming over for our first game I got the heroes painted up. I decided to theme them in colors like you would for players in other game (green, blue, red, black). Below is how they turned out. Anyone else do heroes yet? I haven't really seen others in any posts.
  19. So I picked up the "kick off" set this week, and fell in love with the game. I'm a big fan the way the engineers look, and am looking for advice on how to get a deadwood/rusted look? A deadwood Mother with rusted metal parts would look particularly badass.
  20. Hey everyone, Just putting this out there since I enjoyed painting my set so much. http://m.ebay.com/itm/272671822748?_mwBanner=1
  21. I'm not a painter myself, so I'm going to have to hire someone to paint all the minis in the board game. I will need to provide the painter with reference images of each of the enemies from the video games so they can paint them to look accurate. I prefer them in this case to match the video game, since it's the theme of it, and will be more immersive that way. Anyways, I thought creating a thread where people can post links to enemy images or post them here on the forum would be helpful to others that are in my situation. A one stop shop for all the references for painters out there for hire that are unfamiliar with the video games. Thanks for your help guys!
  22. Sir Orpheus

    The Color of Dark Souls

    Dark souls is known for it's gloomy and gritty color pallet in game. But how does this translate onto the board? This is a place to talk about YOUR paints. Your pallet of colors that you use to paint your dark souls minis. Preferences and advice based on personal experience. What is your color of Dark Souls? Personally in curious as to what people are using for the Gargoyle
  23. Sir Orpheus

    The Color of Dark Souls

    Dark souls is known for it's gloomy and gritty color pallet in game. But how does this translate onto the board? This is a place to talk about YOUR paints. Your pallet of colors that you use to paint your dark souls minis. Preferences and advice based on personal experience. What is your color of Dark Souls? Personally in curious as to what people are using for the Gargoyle
  24. Of miniatures... Got my box a few days ago and decided to paint it all up. My hands aren't as steady as they once were so I rarely do fiddly edge highlighting and try to keep it as simple as possible. Will most likely be tackling all the original dark souls miniatures before moving onto the newer baddies. The Chosen Undead. Executioner Smough Dragonslayer Ornstein Duo shot
  25. Hey you hollowed lot. Now I have my copy of the game and it's all in one piece *praise the sun*. I've decided to do a step by step painting walkthrough of my process. Will pick up paints and stuff tomorrow and begin painting tomorrow night of the main characters. *disclaimer* I'm no pro (not even close) just thought I'd share my progress and if people wanted to know what colours I used etc it would all be here in one place