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Found 22 results

  1. Kueller

    My Butchers :)

    Brisket Ox and Boiler Princess Meathook Boar Shank
  2. The Old Buzzard

    Lost limb

    I don't know how but I managed to loose Ox's outstretched left arm! Anyone know if parts are still available from Steamforged? They used to have a good reputation for looking after clumsy twits like me.
  3. I've been messing around with Rage as my union addition. The goal is to have this one-two punch with him and Boar. Anyways, I played a game with it and wrote up a battle report. http://midwestwargaming.com/butchers-ox-vs-engineers-ballista-battle-report/
  4. I recently believed, like many Butcher coaches in the US, that Shank is hot garbage and Ox is sub-par. Fillet all the way, am I right? I am wrong. Not only is Ox competitive but he's probably more competitive than Fillet and also, if you played with Shank in your lineup more often than you'd probably win more games. http://midwestwargaming.com/ox-shank-competitive-interview-greg-day/
  5. Catharas

    Hide and Seek (Game 2)

    After showing Rage he has to let go of Gutter, it's time to tell Corsair he is not allowed to recruit her. Ox, Princess, Boar, Shank, oBrisket and Avarisse&Greede vs Corsair, Salt, Angel, vSiren, Grayscales and Jac Turn 1 Corsair kicks the ball across the field where Shank retrieves and jumps back behind cover to avoid getting dragged, ball goes to Ox. Brisket knives Corsair and gets dragged, Ox advances and kicks the ball to Shank to setup next turn. Turn 2 Boar starts and under the aura of Ox, triggers fate escaped of Siren. Brisket finally gets knocked down and takes some damage. She proceeds to stand up and throw her knives towards Jac. Grayscales takes the ball from Shank, Shank returns the favor by doing some damage. Jac gets charged by A&G and survives. Turn 3 Grayscales gets pulverized by Boar, 2-0, ball drops behind enemy lines. Brisket gets finally taken down by Corsair (2-2) and Ox saw Grayscales getting vaporized... and proceeded to do the same to Jac 4-2. Salt runs to safety with the ball. Siren and Angel run for their life, but Shank proceeds to take the ball from Salt. Turn 4 Brisket walks on, bashes Siren down and throws a knife after the fate escaped triggered, 6-2. Jac walks on, knocks down Shank, ball goes to Salt, and his heroic pushes Shank back. Since he had to activate Jac to prevent the goal, Ox sees that Corsair already took some poison damage, charges him and takes him down, 8-2. Ball goes to Grayscales who passes to a "Super Shot"-Angel, 8-6. Ball gets kicked towards Avarisse and Greede. They are reminiscent of their pre-errata-time, nod to each other and make a run for the goal... 12-8 Fishies go down to the butchers, Butchers claim Gutter once again.
  6. On friday, we played a game Ox vs capt. Rage. I used Ox, Princess, Boar, Shank, Br1sket and Avarisse & Greede. Opponent used Rage, Strongbox, Gutter, Decimate, Harry and Minx. Turn 1 I kick off with Shank, gave him Tough Skin and went for a setup to get the ball and score some momentum. My dirty knives vs Minx missed and he passed the ball around to eventually get it to Minx to end the turn, having more momentum than me. Turn 2 A couple of very fast point scoring activations... Result of last turn, a fast 0-4 on top of turn 2 (ball gets kicked to Brisket), but sadly for him, leaving Minx vulnerable to Boar... 2-4... Sadly sometimes a wild Rage proceeds to legendary play and maul your team and I lose a 3-inf stacked Shank for a 2-6, but his team nearly out of influence after Ox takes a full stacked Decimate out of the game. 4-6. Turn 3 Very bloody, Shank nearly kills Harry, gets taken out by Decimate, 8-4 and Ox survives a furious Rage when suddenly the board looks like this: Turn 4 Ox proceeds to take a legendary turn, forfeiting movement to completely destroy Decimate and Harry and throw Butchery onto Rage. Rage takes out Ox, Avarisse and Greede take out the turtle, 9-8. Last activation, Boar nearly kills Rage. Turn 5 Ox walked up to give Boar some support, Boar finishes Rage, proceeds to charge Minx to seal the deal. 12-8 Butchers win to claim Gutter from Rage.
  7. Skuloth

    Post errata Oxing

    I've been a pretty avid Ox player for a little under a year at this point, and with the recent errata I've been struggling to fix the issues caused by the errata. So I'm gonna give some of my thoughts on current Ox line ups and see what others think. For reference, pre errata my standard 6 was generally: Ox, Doggo, oBrisky, Shank, Boar, AG I felt pretty confident playing Ox into just about any team due to the varied threats on my own team as well. Notably I was comfortable playing them into Ballista and Smoke (which I'll come back to later). Generally trying to be the aggressor in any given game. Between Shank AG and Brisky, the ball game was alive and well, often pushing for a 2/2 victory. Ox and Boar served as the primary damage threats trying to clean up the middle for the striking game. With the errata, I lost my second goal threat and KD supplier, which hurt significantly more than the buff to Ox helped. And this is the primary issue I've been trying to recover from. No longer does it seem feasible to aggressively push up to clear the middle with Ox auras since our goal threat has largely evaporated. Which results in games where the middle will be clear, but butchers will be at a disadvantage since the team is not quick enough to meaningfully threaten the remaining enemy players. It's looking more and more like Ox's plan will need to be luring in the enemy team close enough for the butchers to kill players without giving up their defensive position. For this reason I'm considering players like vBrisky decimate and tenderizer. vBrisky and Deci offer more mobility, allowed the team to reach out further or retreat back into their defensive position. While tenderizer forms the backbone of the defensive bubble. The clear issue now being teams who can threaten a defensive team like Engineers and Alchemists, who I personally feel Ox is not currently a viable pick into. Meaning we also need Fillet and her supporting crew on the roster. Currently I'm looking at these 10 models as my roster: Ox, Fillet, Doggo oBrisky, vBrisky, Shank, Decimate, Meathook, Boiler, Tenderizer oBrisky is here to hold onto the ball against teams like the fishermen where a 5/1 unpredictable is going to represent a huge efficiency issue for ball retrieval. Shank comes as a well rounded player for Ox. Offering speed and the ability to reposition at will. Similar to what I discussed with vBrisky and Deci. Notably excluded is vOx. I'm leaving him behind because I intend on fielding Ox whenever possible and the matchups Fillet will be fielded into do not seem to benefit from playing vOx. Against Ballista + robots, his charges are going to be expensive and he will be the most susceptible player on the team to character plays. Against alchemists he doesnt suffer nearly as much from influence inefficiency, but he is still very soft to plays. The roster unfortunately suffers from being capped at 10 players. Leaving behind vOx is a rough decision, but I feel even less comfortable leaving behind any of my other players. Against brawlers: Ox Doggo Shank Meathook Tenderizer vBrisky. The goal here is to lure the enemy team into our line. Using quicktime and tooled up to threaten key players once they've come to close. Against soccer players Ox Doggo Shank Hook oBrisky Deci Again, we're trying to get the enemy team to come to us. Brisky will be holding onto the ball. Once the initial scrum has started, second wind gets used to keep up with the enemy or keep Brisky at a safe range. Tenderizer is excluded here due to the higher prevalence of on demand dodges available to soccer teams. Against ranged plays Fillet Doggo Hook Boiler Flex Flex Fillet's lineup is less set in stone in my mind. Her two support players come without much thought, while both briskys, tenderizer, and decimate are all decent picks to round out the team. I got a little long winded with this post, but moral of the story is that I'm hoping to get some commentary from other Ox players. Figure out if their feelings align with mine or if they are on considerably different plans than what I've discussed.
  8. majortusk

    looking for LE OX

    I am looking for the LE resin OX that was available for the kickstarter, preferably unpainted. I live in the central US.
  9. Forum, I am back with the ninth episode of Run the Length a gameplay commentary series for guild ball. I added a new scoreboard and HP recaps at the end of turns. Let me know what you think of these changes. Join me as I breakdown an Alchemists vs Butchers game against Alex Botts explaining my thoughts and decisions as I played this match. Alex is one of the USA's WTC Team members as well as a host of Strictly The Worst Guild Ball Podcast. Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/ Alex's Twitter: @LeftSlothrop https://twitter.com/LeftSlothrop
  10. My 'path' to Butchery continues where I take a look at the two butchers captains and how I see them in season 3! ive been playing butchers since season 1 and managed to claw myself to 3rd spot in the unofficial rankings. So hopefully some insight on how I tend to use them and what I see as the pros and cons. http://www.fishywargaming.com/single-post/2017/06/13/Guild-Ball---A-Bath-To-Butchery-7---Ox-or-Fillet
  11. Pending Forum Suspension

    All Stars Game

    Here is a fun one for you. Drop 2 Influence from each captain. Now drop any Legendary Play. Now make a team with no captain and any mascot you want. Who is your team? EDIT: To add a few constraints and clear up vagueness. Captains can now play where ever and are considered "friendly guild models." You may still use any mascot. Other normal team building rules apply.
  12. The new book is out and with it came only a few surprises at this point. The Farmers, and the new Union pair. For the most part, the other releases have been out, and tested, and opinions are already out there. I’m a long ways from being qualified to tell you how good they are, and aren’t. I can give you some impressions if you haven’t seen them, but consider this more of a news outlet than the actual no-kidding way to play the game...http://midwestwargaming.com/guildball-season-3s-new-guys/ -Authored by JDHaigler
  13. masterkdog

    Help with New Ox

    Hi All, have not been getting much gametime in lately. About one game a week at the mo. I have been using Vet Ox, Fillet, Meathook, Brisket, Minx and Truffles. Prior to Ox I was using Boar and shank and the team was working well. However I have found that Ox is challenging me to get much out of him. I find if I am being cagey on turn one he is struggling to get into the game after. If I am playing agressive I just am not getting much out of him. Perhaps I am picking wrong targets etc (some is shit dice rolling rolled 5 1's, 3 2's and 3 3's on a charge vs a ganged up 4+1 model last night!!! Fortunately remembered he was snared in time to at least get the mom 2. I just want to know how the rest of the community have been using him, how they find him and what role he fills. I still feel I want to do head smashing with him but like S1 Ox it just isn't really the right approach.
  14. Here is a new video about where run the length is headed and a review of the new minis that came out this month. Enjoy!
  15. Like the title says. PM me if interested. US only please.
  16. fatboy

    New Butchers player!

    New to the game. Have yet to play but am loving the miniatures. Have played just about every table top game out there. I have Ox and the ball done first. Any C&C or questions always welcome. Thanks for taking a look! CHEERS - - - Fatboy
  17. Miniature Brushwork

    starting the butchery [part 3]

    I just got myself the butchers starter and assembled them. Really nice minis and I hope that I can get them some color in the next few days. https://miniaturebrushwork.wordpress.com/2016/05/28/guild-ball-butchers-guild-starter-set-part-1/ enjoy cheers
  18. Hall Of Legends


  19. Hall Of Legends

    W:Ox, Tenderiser, Harry The Hat H:£££

    As the title says, I'm looking for a standard Ox, Harry and Tenderiser. have PayPal waiting and I'm UK Based
  20. Hall Of Legends

    H: KS Ox W:£ or Harry, Ox and Tenderiser

    Looking for £30 (plus postage) for this KS Ox butchers captain. He has been sprayed black with GW Chaos Black spray paint and is on a GB-Resin base (plastic knife glued to base for effect)
  21. masterkdog

    Ox Errata?????

    So I finally got my season two style cards today and promptly threw them into card sleeves ready for a league match (12-0 victory in turn two btw). I had a massive shock when I activated Ox, I was moving him up near gutter to bring her into my lovely Aura and cast Tough skin on her when I noticed a new ability (new to me) on his card called they aint tough. Wow cool ability I thought. I then remembered seeing this in the version of the rules that I downloaded prior to purchasing my figs around late november 2015. I had assumed this card had been errata'd to what i received with my figure. I was even more surprised the next turn when i walked up to stoker and started wailing on him, I realised my playbook had infact grown one larger and was way different than it is on the other card I have been using. Can someone please clarify have I just missed an Errata and the season two style card is correct or have I got a misprint card, or have i been majorly hallucinating due to insomnia? please help so I can finally sleep.
  22. Cheshiremonkey

    Want special Ox card. Have $$$.

    I'm looking to acquire an Ox card that came with the mat with the demo pitch setup. Willing to pay decently for one.