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Found 3 results

  1. curlydesign


    Hi, I'm fuzzy on the whole, standard advance/additional advance rules. For the sake of example, Say I Overclock mainspring. How much movement does he have? How much can he Advance?
  2. The damage from each of Pin Vice's character plays triggers at the end of the model's activation. The Taken-Out condition from Overclocked is applied at the end of the model's activation. If a model has Overclocked and one or more of Pin Vice's character plays on it, can I chose to resolve the Taken-Out from Overclocked first to avoid the damage from Pin Vice's character plays?
  3. After playing Michael in Tampa, I was inspired to try my hand at the Alchemists. My first game I'll gloss over, because i'm a cheaty bastard (Turns out True Replication can't steal gut and string. Lesson learned). However, try number two was against the engineers. I fielded the original 6 Mida, Flash, Vitriol, Mercury, Calculus and Katalyst. My opponent fielded Ballista, Mainspring, Ratchet, Salvo, Compound and Velocity. The game ended 8-12, him taking the win with Velocity reanimating from my last attack to take a shot on the goal. So mistakes were made on both parts. But looking back I'm not sure what I can do to stop Mainspring being overclocked and exploding all over my team. It definitely made the game harder for me, as most of my team was hovering on 1/3 to 1/2 health at any given time. So I beseech you, my peers, what can I do to improve my game against the engineers? Our meta is small atm, and i'm going to be seeing them frequently.