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Found 1 result

  1. Pending Forum Suspension

    Kicking the ball out of bounds

    So for the first time I chose to tactically kick the ball out of bounds with Fish. I had 3 players yet to activate in the middle of the pitch and had gotten all of the other player's models to the sides. I hadn't planned on the strategy but I was up 10-4 with 2 models basically dead and the ball in a scary location near my goal. I kicked it out and the ball scattered exactly where I needed it to get two models to set it up for the win. Excited about the win but later felt kinda dirty about it. I know that it is in the rules and the other guys shouldn't have ceded the middle of the field (he's brand new to the game, maybe 5 or 6 games but first time with this guild) but it still made me wonder if kicking the ball out of bounds in an effort to recover seemed fair. After not really coming to a reasonable moral conclusion I thought I'd ask everyone else for their opinions. Do you guys think the ball scattering from center is the way to play this? Is it still fair in wake of the season of footballers? Would throw ins being resolved from the side they were kicked out on (similar to actual football) be more reasonable? Is a goal kick for the opposing player possibly more fair in an instance that the ball leaves the pitch after a pass a good alternative? Do I need to get over myself and accept that it is a viable strategic option and advantage of it? What do you guys think? EDIT: To clarify before anyone asks I did indeed kick it to a spot on the pitch and let the scatter do the work.