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Found 4 results

  1. If Greede uses Singled Out on an opposing model, oRage can't get bonus dice from that character play because his Maverick trait prevents him from being affected by the plays of friendly models. What about Singled Out inflicted by the Grudge Match Game Plan? My initial inclination is that oRage gets the bonus TAC because Game Plans aren't character plays even when they are the same named effect and even if they were, Grudge Match isn't any Model, friendly to oRage or otherwise. What if Singled Out is inflicted by an enemy model? Suppose Pelage Singles Out oDecimate and later Piper's Haunting Melody causes oDecimate to take a parting blow from oRage. Would oRage get the bonus TAC since even though oDecimate is temporarily his enemy, so is Pelage?
  2. If Seasoned Brisket uses her Legendary Play, Worthy Sacrifice, can she choose Rage as part of the first clause? Place this model in base contact with an other friendly model within [6"] of this model. The other friendly model may then immediately make a [6"] Dodge.
  3. The recent Burnish thread made me realize that there isn't an official ruling I can find about an interaction that I thought I understood. Suppose Harry using the character play Molotov or Hemlocke using the character play Noxious Blast and then oRage enters the ongoing effect AoE. Does Maverick protect him from Burning or Poison respectively or are these AoEs considered to be distinct from the play that produced them? Edit- Suppose oRage is playing for Obulus who uses Puppet Master on Ploughman and triggers the Furrow character play to place a circle of Rough Ground. Is oRage affected by that Rough Ground after Ploughman stops being friendly to him or does the circle remember to which team it owes allegiance?
  4. Suppose oSiren uses Seduced on an opposing oRage and successfully rolls a 4 to hit him. She chooses to make him pass her the ball, but during the pass, oRage is a friendly model to oSiren. At this point, does Maverick prevent oRage from being affected by the friendly oSiren's play to make the pass? Does Obulus's Puppet Master work differently than Lure and Seduced?