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Found 3 results

  1. Okay, so I told myself I wasn't going to drag out and start flogging this horse again, however in light of the most recent announcement that coloured resin "Legacy" teams do not require painting to be used in tournaments under the OPD has me increasingly annoyed. First of all let me start by saying that in my opinion painting miniatures is part of tabletop hobby war gaming and should be enforced in any "high level" tournament play. I understand that some people claim they don't have time, patience or ability to paint 8-10 miniatures and know that some people will accuse me of being "elitist" or "gate keeping" because of that opinion and that is fine, people are entitled to their own opinions. I also understand that SFG are becoming more lenient with painting requirement to promote the "pick up and play" nature of the pre-assembled PVC teams and minor guilds and while I could probably rant on for hours about this decision, that is not my main concern or objective of this post. In short:... METAL REQUIRES PAINTING, COLOURED PVC & RESIN DOES NOT..!!?!?!?!?!???!!!! I don't understand why this is a thing, either have painting restrictions or don't have them, this half arsed approach is just stupid.. Currently as it stands, a player can purchase the Ratcatchers Minor Guild Box and both "Legacy" Morticians bundles and field any combination of 8-10 players without requiring any paint... Unless they want to use vHemlock, then she needs painting.... or the Halloween LE Obulus and Dirge which are currently on sale, they would also require painting... or the alt sculpt "prizes" from the Ratcatches launch event, yep, metal, need paint... Same goes for the Hunters/Falconers with vMinx, Young Theron and the alt sculpts from the Falconers launch event when they are released.. Also the LE sculpts of Bolt, Millstone and Piper that came as a pre-order bonus.. The point I am attempting to get across is that while partially lifting the painting requirements is s'posed to allow newer players to enter tournaments right from the start, it actually puts some weird jank on the players they are able to include in their roster.. What if they purchased Kickoff and want to play either of those guilds.? As only 6 players are available in PVC they will need to purchase and paint at least another four minis to participate in tournaments.. What about Lucky.? He's coloured PVC, he also doesn't fit in with the colour scheme of either guild.. What if they look at the miniature range or artwork and are really inspired by one of the original Major guilds but have no idea where or how to start painting miniatures.? Guess they are shit out of luck, Blacksmiths, Farmers or Morticians for you... Honestly I don't see the difference between using unpainted pre-coloured miniatures and getting a metal team, and spraying them the same colour and calling it a day.. End of the day, while I personally feel like painting requirements should stay intact for the benefit of visually promoting the game, if SFG want to remove the painting aspect of the hobby they should just do it wholesale, none of this half and half BS... Anyway, that's me done for now, hope no-one was too offended by any of the points I raised and I hope it can get some "friendly" banter going around this..

    Game Plan deck discussion

    So after playing several games with the new and awesome game plan decks, our gaming group had several questions. (Keep in mind we are tournament driven group that enjoys competitive play). 1- The initiative phase with plot cards was very quick, will there be any clock management added to the phase because one opponent could take longer to choose than another? 2- When there are effects during the initiative phase, are those on the clock (believe "seize the initiative" is the only one)? Most of the new questions have to do with clock and other minor things but just curious what other people thought about it. The games so far have been amazing and I love the extra strategy required for this new way of playing. Let me know what you think and how you think the OPD will come out!
  3. From the Guild Ball Regional Cup PDF: It is a Player’s responsibility to mark in-game effects with the appropriate token or template; if a token or template is not present then the effect is not present. I think the spirit of this rule is quite clear; it wouldn't do to have any ambiguity over what has happened earlier in a turn that could lead to an argument. I worry however, that this rule could be abused, not that there's anyone in the Guildball community unsporting enough to do so nor any TO lax enough to allow it. Consider the following examples: Venin uses Melting Body to get +1 armor. The Alchemist player doesn't have any poison counters left that aren't already on another player. Is Venin poisoned? A Blacksmith player doesn't have a Forge Master token. Can the Man Marking Plot Card ever be used against them? Esters has Glutenous Mass. She's hit by a character play, which GM negates. The Brewers player has no Glutenous Mass used token. Later on that turn, Esters is hit by an attack. Does Glutenous Mass negate the attack? Ghast has Fear. He's targeted by a character play, which Fear increased the number of dice for (along with the cost). The Morticians player has no Fear unused token. Does the character play get the increased dice pool and cost? A player doesn't have a Legendary Play Used token (I've never seen one). Can any player use their Legendary Play every turn? Some character plays are once per turn. If a Masons player uses Superior Strategy on Flint, but doesn't have a Where'd They Go? Used token, can Flint use that play in both activations? vOx attacks a ganged up opponent. To generate momentum, the Butchers player chooses the Momentous GB symbol but doesn't have a Get Stuck In! token. Can vOx continue to claim gang up bonuses? Must a True Replication token include the name of the play replicated? Greede is pushed of the edge of the pitch and suffers the Taken Out condition, but the opposing player doesn't have a Taken Out token. Can Avarisse use Drop Me Off!? A Masons player loses initiative but after several activations and take outs, it's impossible to know this from looking at the current board state. Lucky activates, but the Masons player doesn't have an Initiative Lost token. Does Stack the Deck trigger?