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Found 2 results

  1. Seen several people asking for links to this, so I'm going to sticky this thread. This is the link to sign up to the Steamforged Newsletter. http://steamforged.com/newsletter/ Cheers.
  2. Hello. I don't believe this has come up as a question recently, but it's something we've noticed internally and wanted to rectify. Currently it is possibly for Blackheart to interrupt a Charge movement to activate his Legendary Play and make a [2"] Dodge. Mechanically, this is almost impossible to make work since charges have to be in a straight line. Therefore, we have decided to make a slight change to the wording of Blackheart's Legendary Play. This will be reflected in an upcoming errata, but until then, please play Strike from the Shadows with the following wording: "Choose either [+1] DEF or immediately making a [2"] Dodge. Friendly guild models within the pulse gain the chosen benefit. This Play may not be used while making an Advance." The only thing changing is the addition of the final sentence, the actual effects of the Play are unchanged. Thank you.