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Found 36 results

  1. Suppose vGraves hits Mercury with the Grave Digger character play. Later that turn, Cosset Lures Mercury, causing him to take a parting blow from Calculus. The damage from this parting blow is enough for Mercury to suffer the Taken-Out condition. Does this trigger Grave Digger? Which team gets the additional VP?
  2. Hey folks, just a quick question regarding the harrier effect: Let us say I use puppet master on Mataagi to attack someone. I get 4 hits and choose 2 DMG and the Harrier play and place it directly on Mataagi. Someone else gets activated and Graves gets in base to base contact and wants to attack Mataagi who then counter attacks. Does Graves get the +1 DMG since Harrier was placed by a friendly Model for the Morticians or does Mataagi get +1 DMG since he placed Harrier?
  3. It was recently ruled that Decoy doesn't trigger until doing so has an effect. Is this the case for the Confidence character play as well? If the next character play used by the affected model does not roll dice because it either targets a friendly model or is an AoE play that doesn't cover any models, is Confidence consumed?
  4. IHatethePuppy

    Player Choices into Fish

    I play a lot of games into corsair fish, like a silly amount and I want to be able to better articulate the choices I make into the match up so I'm writing up this piece. Any amount of CC will be appreciated and I'll try to answer any questions to the best of my ability. FIshermen and their options- (Assuming the line up is shark,corsair,tentacles,gutter,greyscales,hag,jac,siren,vsiren,sakana) Shark- Shark is not the captain choice I believe any fishermen player would make in morticians he has a VERY linear game plan that is easy for us to disrupt with our control elements and very little way to switch it up efficiently. Silence Obulus and Casket combine to make him a very very sad boy. Corsair- The captain you'll see 90% of the time drag is very good at isolating our squishy models if you allow them to, and easy knock downs mean a combination of him and gutter will kill almost any of our models he can catch (besides casket) in one turn- and the combination of sturdy, close control, and tough hide make him extremely annoying to interact with outside of character plays. Tentacles- In my opinion one of the strongest mascots in the game, the combination of close control and a 2/6 kick makes him great at holding the ball and giving it to who needs it when it's time for scoring. Blind is a great tool for corsair to have in his control tool kit. Gutter- I consider gutter one of obulus' worst nightmares she can catch him with her quick movement and can drag him in while beating up a model like casket or ghat that makes it easy for her to hit her drag. She'll be in every corsair line up you play against. Hag- A fantastic threat range extender and great at breaking up and re positioning scrums, my most common fish opponent has lately stopped using her against me- I'm pretty sure this is because fear doesnt work if the puppet is attacking her- making her a bit of an easy take out and momentum farm if she ever ends up invested in the scrum. Greyscales- A good striker that's hard to pin down- sometimes I see him sometimes I don't generally only taken if they feel like they need another striker after sakana. Jac- Goad, and his heroic are important control pieces- he's very good at breaking up a scrum and tough hide makes him relatively difficult to take out. The local fish player and myself see him as a good way to break away from being bogged down by casket. Siren- Another important control piece, beautiful makes it very hard for us puppet master her without giving away obulus- lure in conjuction with drag can create positioning nightmares and seduced can strip the ball off of our models very easily. V Siren- Generally not as good into us as Siren 1 but dread gaze can be very annoying when we're trying to hit things. Escape fate also makes her very difficult to take out. Sakana- An all around good striker that requires very little set up and has some nice defensive tech with poised. He's like a mini shark. They'll take him almost any game for the two inch reach, the weak point, and the goal pressure he can provide. Keep an eye out for poor positioning of him though, because he can make a very juicy puppet master target if he's starting the move in cover. Morticians My line up (post rats) Obulus, Scalpel, Dirge, Graves, Casket, SIlence, Ghast, Skulk, Pelage, Brainpan and memory Scalpel- Lets get her out of the way. I have her in my roster solely for kicking off against blacksmiths. She's a really fun model and isn't really terrible into alot of stuff just generally worse than obulus. That being said The only game into corsair I have tried with her was lost 10-12 so maybe there's merit I haven't seen. Oblulus- Good ol' obby. This is the sort of match up where early you want to use puppet master to set up a nicely positioned scrum early then have him stay on the fringes of it and go for goal runs when the opportunity is there, using puppet master to strip the ball off of corsair or tentacles is a great way to get around close control. Rigor mortis in this match up is generally best used when it'll swing an important momentum race or when you need to heal several models in one activation and can't do so other wise. Dirge- The little guy's stock has gone down since sic 'em has gone away but he's still miles better than vileswarm. Use him to block drag lanes and provide crowd outs/gang ups. Graves- I never leave home without the good doctor 2" reach, a decent playbook for stripping the ball, beating down, or re positioning models, tooled up, he really does do almost everything in this match up he likes to poke around the scrum with his reach and tool up casket or memory for take outs. He can also take a few influence and turn it into some bleeds in the scrum which can go a long way against some fish models. Be on the look out for sweet spots for consistent scything blows. It won't happen often but when it does it's super value. Casket- The other model I play in every match up- he is a fantastic tar pit being near unkillable for alot of factions. Heavy burdening an out of position corsair can be back breaking and his rough ground can be a super annoying momentum tax if the scrum is positioned poorly for them. Trying to casket time some one (if possible gutter) is of course very strong and a tooled up casket or memory last activation followed up by a first activation casket will do it to most models in fish. Casket timing corsair is honestly not very realistic but I have done it once (and yes it feels very good :p) SIlence- I like Silence when kicking off. Kicking off with silence and keeping him 12 from corsair allows you to during your first activation fire blast directly in front of corsair then re position how you'd like to decrease corsairs turn one pressure. Corsair is a fantastic tucked/shut out target and as such I always allocate at least one to silence to threaten to do exactly that. Which can mess very hard with how the corsair player needs to do their activation. Just like in every match up hes an annoying control piece. Just be careful with his positioning because he can be an easy take out for them. When deciding who/when to tuck or shut out its important to note that ALOT of their killing potential is tied up in two activations in corsair and gutter. Ghast- Ghast takes silence's spot when receiving he's caskets Scrum buddy. 2" reach a knock down on two and fear are all things fish find pretty annoying. Jamming him and casket into a scrum properly can force the corsair player's game plan from a 1-4 to a 2-2 which is significantly more difficult to do against a team that has obulus messing around with where the ball is. Skulk- A goalie model would seem great into the "scoring" team however I don't like him into corsair. While horrific odour can mess with their goal runs and lightning reflexes can be a pain for greyscales he doesn't bring enough to the table to make it in this match up. Pelage- While she is a murderer that can realistically bust through corsair's tough hide while tooled up our goal isn't a lot of take outs in the match up, if they happen great but I prefer not to have a model in the list who commits entirely to that, so she doesn't provide enough for our game plan to validate a spot over other options. Brainpan and Memory- Brainpan and memory are fantastic in this match up- their flexibility really shines in it. memory can be used early to block drag lanes and is uniquely good at hunting down hag or greyscales while tooled up. Their unique way of movement and "One, Two!" Can also be used to help them escape scrums once they're done providing their crowd ups and gang ups to allow them to set up their goal runs. A memory parked in front the opponent's goal is a snap shot machine, with a 90% success rate with bonus time! These are my thoughts on fish relatively unedited thanks for the read and leave any CC! Thanks
  5. MechMage

    Puppet Mark

    Suppose Obulus uses Puppet Master to make Blackheart attack Harry and Blackheart triggers On My Mark. Can Bonesaw now pass the ball to Blackheart? If he does, can he use Football Dervish?
  6. Hi, I have one question regarding Obulus' puppet master: There is Brisket, who is standing right next to Ox. Brisket is down to 1 HP. Obulus casts puppet master on Brisket to let her jog away from OX and directly towards him. Can Ox now perform a parting blow on Brisket? And if because of the parting blow she is taken out, does Ox get 2 VP?

    Die Obulus Die

    Dudes. Has anyone played a a game against Obulus yet. I'm posting this post Hearth and after a just announced Burnish but I have played the OG six several times against him and it is insanity. Currently only Ferrite can make a pure goal run on the Morts but after that I've got nothing. Low Def and solid kick stats allow him to essentially bully the entire team into a corner in fear of losing the ball. That being said, I know new tools have released such as Hearth's three inch melee and two inch natural as well as her legendary, Also, Burnish can pay to ignore Puppet Master (assuming good ol Ohs hasn't used that Legendary yet). Just curious as if anyone else has had fun yet trying to solve this problem? Looking forward to hearing from you guys.
  8. Pics of the game - https://imgur.com/a/mToDM New deploy rules, forgot to play with GICs This was a game played against my roommate who was trying out Smoke for the first time. It was a pretty long game, but the Mortician's took the win. Turn 1 - Mist kicked off, running away from Vet Kat and kicking near the line between Ghast and Casket. Harry got the ball and passed it back towards calculus, also knocked down both Ghast and Casket. Obulus puppet mastered Vet Kat and made him jog backwards into rough ground, out of charging range of everyone. Calculus gave the ball to Smoke. Ghast stood up and KD'd Harry, then did 2 attacks of damage to him. Smoke got the ball to Mercury and moved up. Casket attacked Harry, leaving him at low HP. Vet Kat moved to midfield. Mist got some momentum off Vet Kat. I was up on momentum. Score 0 - 0 Turn 2 - I started with Casket, legendary play and killed Harry. Then jogged over to Vet Kat and knocked him down. Calculus laid out poison, Ghast beat on Smoke a bit. Mist danced around and stole the ball from Mercury, took a 3 dice shot and missed. Flask got the ball and brought it up to Smoke. Vet Kat KD'd Casket and did some damage. Obulus ends the turn by pupper master Smoke and make her pass back to Mist. Had to hit a 5 cuz he was engaged, got it. Decided not to snap shot but to score on first activation. Score 4 - 0 Turn 3 - Mist dodged with the ball to get momentum from Vet Kat, got it. Took another try at goal and made it this time. Calculus got the ball after throw in. Obulus went around and took the ball immediately, dodged around Caclulus and took a 2 dice shot and missed. Vet Kat killed Obulus then. Smoke got the ball and did some teleporting to score, but she was low on HP. Mist had scored and been left at 1 HP twice, but was on fire and died at the end of this turn. Score 8 - 8 Turn 4 - Obulus came back and attack Smoke, doing 3 damage to kill her. After Smokes goal, I had the ball and passed to Mist who had come in. Was able to go 10" and shoot 8" to take one last goal for the win. Score 14 - 8
  9. One of the hardest match ups for me. This time I decided I'm not in mood for a long, careful game and will take any risk to end it as fast as possible. Meatgrinding doesn't seem to work Teams: Morticians: Obulus, Drige, Graves1, Casket, Silence, Mist Union: vetRage, Strongbox, Avarisse & Greede, Harry, Gutter, Minx Spooks won the roll and decided to receive. Rage kicked off but the ball scattered unluckily for mercenaries - none of their models was in range to grab it. That gave Morticians more options for the first activation. My plan was to separate Rage and his team and take him out before these lunatics kill my team. Graves tooled up Ferryman and advanced slightly. Harry tried to protect the Usurper, placing a Molotov between him and Spooks but it didn't help much. Obulus lured the maniac closer, making him enter the fire and then charged him with confidence and knocked down. Rage stood up and dodged into melee knocking Ferryman down. In the meantime Union players were advancing to join their captain. Dirge recovered the ball, Silence passed it to Mist which made a goal run and scored. With his 2" kept Minx in check, making it hard for her to slice him in half. Ball was kicked off behind Union line. Morticians won the initiative. All they had to do was Shut Out Rage and finish him off before he activates. Silence charged in, dealt some damage and hit Usurper with his play (thanks to bonus time). Graves used Tooled Up on Ferryman. A&G attacked him and dealt tons of damage, didn't manage to seal the deal due to some unlucky rolls. Obulus went to town on Rage, nearly taking him out. Gutter finished off Graves and healed Usurper. Casket attacked Rage and managed to trigger legendary, putting him in the box. Harry tries to recover the ball but parting blow knocks him down. Mist kept dancing with Minx around the goal post, doing his best not to die. Spooks lose the momentum race and the initiative. Returning Rage recovered the ball and passed it to Gutter, knocking Obulus down in a meantime. Graves charged into the scrum to generate some momentum and cause bleeds to Rage and Harry. Union playeres teamed up on Silence taking him down. Seeing an opportunity for snapshot goal Ferryman activated, used legendary, stole the ball via Puppet Master and passed it to Mist. Striker failed the kick and ball scattered. Minx recovered it but was unable to hide it from Mist. Mercenary tackled to ball and fixed his mistake with a tap-in shot. Final score was 12:4 for Spooks (2 goals and Casket Time! versus 2 take outs)
  10. el009

    Farmers 6 ft under

    My first encounter with Farmers went quite well allthough dice rolls made this match swingy. Teams: Pure Morticians: Obulus, Dirge, Casket, Graves1, Bonesaw, Brainpan & Memory Dirty Rednecks: Grange, Peck, Windle, Harrow, Bushel, Jack I won the initiative roll, decided I'll be receiving and planned 2 goals + casket time action. Unsurpisingly it ended up as a slaughterhouse where Spooks got upper hand. Dirge recovered the ball, failed the pass, I made some ball juggling between players to generate momentum and failed the crucial last one. Bonesaw was therefore unable to score turn 1 (Mist would do the trick but this game I'm happy I picked Shaolin Monk). Spooks won initiative roll and scored early turn 2. Windle and Grange teamed up on Casket taking him out. Obulus, Brainpan and Graves avenged him taking out Grange. Bushel made a goal run and missed her shot. Windle beat the crap out of Ferryman. Harrow got focused by Spooks and ended up closed in the casket for some more VPs. Windle took out Dirge and Brainpan while Obulus was killing the ball. Thanks to bonus VP overall score was 10:10, I won initiative for turn 4 and jumped on returning Grange. Bonesaw, Casket and Memory beat him until he stopped moving. Even his tough hide couldn't save him. 12:10 for Spooks but it was close.
  11. Snow

    If the face fits...

    Archery targets arrived today. What does everyone think of my Hunters goal idea? 🤔
  12. Forum, Welcome to the fourth episode of Guild Ball Gotchas where I go through the biggest surprises and powerful combinations in Guild Ball and walk you through how to play around them. This episode we are covering the three abilities in the game that allow your opponents to take control of your models. Please Note: This was filmed before the July 2017 errata. Special thanks go out to Pat Vanvalzah, Zachary Poulos, and Alex Botts for assisting with this video. The GBG Logo was designed by Dano Amonette. His Instagram is https://www.instagram.com/deadpoolxanko/?hl=en Games were filmed at Grognard Games in Hoffman Estates. Their Website can be found here: http://grognardgames.com/ Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov
  13. Pending Forum Suspension

    All Stars Game

    Here is a fun one for you. Drop 2 Influence from each captain. Now drop any Legendary Play. Now make a team with no captain and any mascot you want. Who is your team? EDIT: To add a few constraints and clear up vagueness. Captains can now play where ever and are considered "friendly guild models." You may still use any mascot. Other normal team building rules apply.
  14. I am selling these new unopened items: - Young Theron LIMITED EDITION : 20 euros - Honour Metal Kickstarter EDITION : 20 euros - Mist LIMITED EDITION : 30 euros Classic version: - Mortician's guild Token set (AoE, influence, plays - steamforged) : 10 - Mist : 8 euros - Shark : 8 euros - Theron : 8 euros - Flint : 8 euros - Obulus : 8 euros - Book S.2 : 4 euros Shipping from Belgium (to Belgium 5euros, to France 5.80 euros), other countries ask please... Not always on PC, so not always following the topic. Best idea is to contact via email (dantinnedumoulin @ gmail.com) Paypal is possible. Thanks, David,
  15. Suppose oSiren uses Seduced on an opposing oRage and successfully rolls a 4 to hit him. She chooses to make him pass her the ball, but during the pass, oRage is a friendly model to oSiren. At this point, does Maverick prevent oRage from being affected by the friendly oSiren's play to make the pass? Does Obulus's Puppet Master work differently than Lure and Seduced?
  16. I don't write these often, but I just played a game that I think it worth of discussion. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures as I didn't foresee writing this until the game was over. A lot of terrain will seem incredibly convenient. This is because my opponent likes play with the house rule that the kicking player not only chooses sides but instead is given a random set of terrain that can be placed however they like. We draft the following teams: sBrisket Coin Decimate Harry the Hat Mist Snakeskin Obulus Dirge Bonesaw Brainpan & Memory oGraves Silence I kick off with Mist, both starting and ending in cover but careful to remain within 6" of Brisket who is in the dead center of the front of my deployment zone. It's an aggressive kick but it pays off, leaving the ball far to the side near the goal line behind rough ground where Snakeskin can get it from the starting line if it's left there. The influence allocation is Brisket: 5, Coin: 0, Decimate: 2, Harry: 1, Mist: 4, Snakeskin: 1; Obulus: 4, Dirge 2, Bonesaw: 4, Brainpan: 1, Graves: 1, Silence 2 At this point I've carelessly forgotten that Bag of Coffers can't be used on Captains, which is why I only gave Brisket 5. Dirge activates and sprints to retrieve the ball. He passes to the only model he can reach, Bonesaw, making the 1 die kick. My opponent wants to threaten a goal without having to use Puppet Master first since using it on Bonesaw, so he uses Pass and Move to bring his striker 4" down the pitch. Playing very aggressively, I activate Brisket and use Worthy Sacrifice to place her next to Mist and dodge him on top of an obstruction so he can't be Puppet Mastered. Brisket uses Route One on Bonesaw to engage him without using her advance and buys an attack to momentously tackle the ball. She advances to the other side of him and attacks again to dodge away, leaving me with 2 momentum and a clear shot on goal. I bonus time it and make it easily, bringing the score to 4 - 0. My opponent plays Who Are Ya? and I play Knee Slider to get Brisket away from the bulk of the Morticians team, again careful to leave her within 6" of Mist. My opponent throws in the ball to Brainpan. Obulus activates and between Shadowlike and his advance can reach Mist. He declares an attack and I use my only momentum to counter, perhaps foolishly. Obulus dodges away for one momentum and uses Misdirection on Mist, stripping him down to 3 influence and bringing Silence up to 3. Finally he puts Confidence on Bonesaw. I consider activating Mist to rush another goal, but decide that with no momentum and only 3 influence it isn't reliable enough. Instead I activate Coin who advances and uses Bag of Coffers on Mist, bringing him back up to 4 influence. Silence activates and jogs up to Mist to attack him. He gets 1 3 and 2 hits, dealing a total of 3 damage and dodging away to generate 2 momentum, leaving the Morticians with 3. Mist Activates and dodges off the obstruction with Motivated. Cover of Darkness gives him enough movement with a jog to get around Obulus and engage Brainpan taking only a parting blow from memory that leaves him with 7 hit points. Mist drops a smoke bomb at Brainpan's feet for the extra tac and attacks twice, first dodging into tap in range momentously and second tackling the ball. With his last influence, Mist using Bag of Coffers to bonus time his Tap in, bring the score to 8 - 0. The ball is thrown in near Bonesaw but not close enough to snap it. Bonesaw activates, not wanting to give Snakeskin the chance to snatch up the ball. He sprints up to the far side of Brisket, snapping the ball along the way. The union captain dodges away with Unpredictable Movement, putting herself between Bonesaw and the two players he could pass to, Obulus and Silence. Bonesaw goes for it anyway, making a 2 die pass to Silence. This allows him to Give and Go, reengaging Brisket and use Football Dervish to receive a the back from Silence who valiantly makes the 5+ kick. Bonesaw attacks Brisket and consumes the Vengeance token to do 2 damage and dodge 2" to barely get within 8" of the Union goal post. He makes the shot on goal, getting his team on the score board at 8 - 4. The ball is kicked in near Harry and Decimate. Harry jogs to retrieve the ball and passes to Decimate who makes a free 4" dodge up the pitch from Inspiring Hat. Graves sprints as close to Mist as he can, but because he deployed within 8" of the edge of the board for the Wingback threat, he can't quite reach him. Decimate activates and wants to get the ball to Mist, but because Memory has moved next to the obstruction in the center of the board, she doesn't have a dirct path. She sprints around to the other side of Memory, getting just with 6" of Mist but failing to clear Memory's melee zone. She bonus times a pass to Mist, leaving the Union with just enough momentum for a Snap In. Mist makes the kick, closing out the game 12 - 4. I was amazed by the amount of pressure sBrisket exerts while kicking off. This match is a new personal record for fewest activations to end a game with just five from both players, which is mostly why I think it's worth posting. I've only played a couple of games with sBrisket, but this is by far the best performance I've ever gotten out of her. How does this match compare to everyone else's experience?
  17. The_Question_NL

    Scalpel vs Obulus match-up

    So who is favoured in a vs match?
  18. LogicCrash

    The Obulus question

    We haven't seen him spoiled yet. Is that good news or bad? I don't play Morts but one of the folks I am getting in to the game does. It looks like most of us feel he's probably getting a big rework similar to the Midas treatment. I am hopeful he isn't getting a total rebuild/made in to a new character like Midas but a refinement instead. A secondary reason I am asking is trying to help you folks out. Incidentally the last couple of questions I've had like this were leaked the next day.
  19. I know most people here will probably already be knowledgeable about using Mortician's, but I thought I would post this article for newer players anyway, especially if there is an influx of players after Kick Off! comes out! Please feel free to forward this to any of your friend's who may be starting Mortician's! http://trollpatrolgaming.blogspot.ca/2016/10/guild-ball-primer-morticians.html
  20. Stubbyholders

    Getting the ball off Obulus

    I played Smoke into Obby last night and tested out a few things. The main thing I struggled with was getting the ball off Obby. He camped it and then let his team just beat me down. I tried to stay off as best I could but it was not enough and without the ball smoke is a sad panda. Vitriol is the only player I see as a reliable way of retrieving the ball from him. Im looking for some ideas on how to get it. My other thoughts were using Compound. The lack of 2 inch melee is notable. thoughts?
  21. Skinnydookie

    Esters vs Obulus Morts

    Hi all. i have been playing Esters Brewers and having fun and doing ok- aside from a disastrous performance at the pumpkin cup (still had a lot of fun there too though!) im taking Esters again to a tournament at dark sphere London at the end of this month. i think I have a good handle against most guilds- even when I lose (often) I know mistakes I have made and lessons to learn. the only guild that I seem really stumped against is Obulus Morts. Puppet master and fear seem to really hurt Brewers and once I'm down 4 points or so very hard to catch up. What to do when obulus kicks for example? I can kill the ball and keep it safe but with puppet master he can drag at least one player guaranteed and flatten him to win the momentum race or even legendary it then it's set up for him to have a spectacular turn 2. my tournament 8 at the moment will be: Esters, spigot, Stoker, Friday, scum, mash, hooper, gutter. I have the option of bringing stave, rage or fangtooth but I won't change esters for rapper (other models won't be painted in time). Obviously I need a squad for the whole tournament- I may not even play morts!! any thoughts much appreciated.
  22. Blood Dance says, when Fillet does damage with an attack or play she may make a 1" dodge. Obulus 's Puppet Master can cause the target to make an attack. Suppose Obulus uses Puppet Master to make Fillet attack a target that is bleeding and gets a damage result. This triggers Blood Dance. Which player controls the dodge?
  23. As previously defined, a model under the effects of Puppet Master is effectively friendly to the Morticians and therefore an enemy to the host team. If a PM results in a Parting Blow that kills the controlled model, does the host team receive the 2 VPs?
  24. Obulus casts Puppet Master against Esters and hits. Gluttonous Mass triggers. What exactly does it mean for the Attack or Character Play to be ignored? Puppet Master forces the target model to make a Job, Pass or Attack. So Gluttonous Mass ignores that effect. But what about the Influence gain? Puppet Master grants Obulus 1 Influence. Does Gluttonous Mass mean all effects of the Attack are ignored or only the effects affecting the target model? In other words, does Gluttonous Mass simply mean that it's treated as if the Attack never occurred or is it more subtle?
  25. I prefer resin but will buy metal as well.