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Found 7 results

  1. The_Question_NL

    GOTOW Presents Here Be Dragons GB Tournaments

    Hi Guys/Gals, On the 23rd of July we'll be hosting our very first GB tournament. As a lot of players will be new to the game we'll have a more /simple approach to the games so no chess clocks here We'll be holding 4 rounds Sing-up: E-mail to gotowclub@gmail.com Location: Diepstraat 3-B, 6101 AT Echt (Limburg, The Netherlands) Timetable: 10:00-11:00: 1st round 3 vs 3 11:00-11:15: Break 11:15-12:20: 2nd Round 4 vs 4 12:20-12:50: Break 12:50-14:50: 3rd Round 5 vs 5 14:50-15:10 Break 15:10-17:40: 4th Round 6 vs 6 17:40-18:00: Cleaning/scores Teamformation: People fill in a list of the 8 ( 1 captain, 1 mascot and 6 goons) players they are bringing (sheet is provided after signing up) they can choose each round which players they are using of the list provided. 1st Round: Captain + 2 players 2nd Round: Captain +2 players + mascot 3rd Round: Captain +3 players + mascot 4th Round: Captain + 4 players + mascot Pitch Size: 1st Round: 2'x2' 2nd Round 2'x2' 3rd Round: 3'x3' 4th Round: 3'x3' Game: 1st Round: First till 6 vp wins 2nd Round: First till 8 vp wins 3rd Round: First till 10 vp wins 4th Round: First till 12 vp wins In case the match can not be decided in time the player currently having the most VP wins. Score: Winn= 3 pts Draw= 1 pts Loss= 0 Pts Winning the Tournament: The Winner of the tournament is the person having scored the most points if there's a draw then the total VP scored will determine the winner.
  2. EszrahCain


    Do we need all the season 1 tokens? or are they going to come out with season 2? Or what do you all suggest token wise?
  3. The_Question_NL

    Questions about Vassal

    Questions: - Is there a guide how to use Vassal? - Is Vassal done Real-time or can you save a match and continue a next time? Cheers, Jeroen
  4. Hi, just joined the community here. Am kinda sad I missed the end of the kickstarter campaign, but I thoroughly enjoyed the vacation I went onto and couldn't be happier with the results of the campaign. I'm definitely looking forward to this game's eventual release, and plan on adding more to my pledge once the PM goes up (being on a trip severely limited my expenses). Hopefully I'll be able to find most of the other regulars around here in a more convenient platform (seriously, KS's comments section has such a terrible interface!) Praise the Sun, see you all later! Mat - \(---)/
  5. This is not a guide!!! This is me, as a new player, trying to work out if I have the rules right, and if I'm thinking along the right lines. I got the starter kit, with Ballista, Salvo, and Velocity. I'm going in a little starter league next month. Now, I'm about the least competitive player on earth, but reading the rules last night made me pretty damn excited about the game, and I can't help thinking about some basic strategies. So here are my ideas. At least 50% of the reason for putting this here is so folk can correct me! Please do! I'm assuming we'll be playing on 2x2 boards, and I can see a lot of the opening strategies are going to be different on the bigger table, so any advice for that would be welcome. Influence I reckon I'm going to want to score a couple of goals as early as possible. Salvo wants 3 every turn if he can get it, and Velocity will want 3 or 4. One spare makes a big difference to Ballista, and two is massive. Wait, I'll do 'em one at a time: Ballista: I can't see Flurry being very useful in a small game like this. Maybe if the whole enemy team has been beating on him. but otherwise he's better smashin' em one at a time. But Deadbolt rocks, and Second Wind is going to be crazy useful on Salvo, and a major factor in Snap Shot plays, right? So often he wants both. Still though, I think early on, whenever it's necessary he can give up all but 2 to the others, and either Second Wind (if it's needed) or Deadbolt. But I'm almost always going to want Second Wind...? Salvo at least will need it, even if I'm not setting up a snap shot for Velocity. Salvo: wants 3. If he's near Ballista (and he should pretty much always be near Ballista?) he can potentially put out three shots with an MP spent on each (seeing as he gets the first Extra Time free, and generates a new one each hit). Against DEF4+, two dice will hit 75% of the time. So he's likely to get 2 or 3 hits every turn, as long as he's willing to risk that free MP he probably generated on the first shot. Plus of course he might need to kick or attack or whatever, but yeah, mostly he's my shooter. On the other hand, if I have one spare point left over, I'm better off buying the Deadbolt at the cost of a Salvo shot. Two Salvo shots are usually better than one Deadbolt, though, do you think? Only three players out there, so three knockdowns would be massive. Velocity: I think she's a pretty slow striker? Everyone else seems to have lots of ways to go faster. But I reckon she's going to do a LOT of charging. That gives her an almost certain 3" or 4" dodge (aiming for the 3rd column almost always...? You'd usually only pick column 4 if you wanted to chuck someone into the minefield, or move 'em out of a kick path, right?), with a shot at a 7-8" dodge vs a low defense guy (that is, column 3 on the first pass, and column 2 or 3 on the second, if I get really lucky). That gives her, for 2 influence, a 8" charge + 4" dodge = 12" (plus a tackle and maybe 3" more dodge), which isn't bad if there's a bad guy in exactly the right place. Even where I don't need to charge to get the range, I would think I'd want to do it mostly anyway if there's an enemy in a good spot (?). That is, jog / attack costs 1 influence, and there's a real chance at flubbing the roll and getting no dodge, especially if they have 1 ARM. It seems like spending a point on a charge to virtually guarantee at least a 3" dodge, with a fair shot at more, is going to be worth it almost all the time. Plus 2 MP! Seems a bargain for 1 extra influence. So unless she's engaged, and the other guys can't knock anyone over or out of engagement range, and she can't spare the attack to dodge herself clear... she's going to do a lot of charging. And then, she's going to want Nimble pretty much all the time. I mean, against a single attacker, Nimble is halving their hits. That's money, especially in such a small game, and with Reanimate forcing an extra attack or two to finish her off. I think she wants to go first quite often, too, since she earns some early MP very nicely. So yeah, Nimble almost always? So even without kicking, Velocity really wants 3 most of the time, and 4 if she's kicking or needing to do multiple attack-dodge-pathways. So early influence will depend on how much Velocity needs (and this ignores attacks, which obviously will be needed pretty often too): If Velocity needs 4 (e.g. charge / nimble / kick) Ballista gets 2 (Second Wind or Deadbolt) - missing 2 Salvo gets 2 (that's all I have left) - missing 1 --- If Velocity gets 3 (e.g. charge / nimble (Snap Shot later on); or sprint / nimble / kick; or attack / jog / nimble / kick) Ballista gets 2 (Second Wind or Deadbolt) - missing 2 Salvo gets 3 --- If Velocity gets 2 (sprint / nimble; or jog / nimble / kick; or attack / nimble / jog) Ballista gets 4 (Second Wind and Deadbolt) Salvo gets 2 (all that's left) - missing 1 --- If Velocity gets 1 (jog / kick; or just tooling about down the back, grabbing a ball or whatever) Ballista 4 Salvo 3 The moment I have just one goal, I get Ballista doing a Deadbolt and a Second Wind all the time except where Velocity needs 4 (while Salvo is mostly doing 2 shots). At 2 goals, he's at full capacity (4) every turn, with Salvo doing 3 shots unless Velocity needs 4 Influence, in which case it's 2 shots. So 1 goal is going to make a huge difference, and at 2 I'm almost at maximum capacity (apart from melee attacks by Ballista, and the odd 3rd Salvo shot), and can safely settle in to cautiously attrit them to death, if that's going to be viable. I guess Velocity is always going for goals, since she's not much use for anything else (apart from MP generation), but after two goals, and if I'm going ok in attrition, I can concentrate more on keeping her safe and preventing the other guy scoring. Yes? Edit: Wait, I just now realised goals are 4 VPs. I thought they were 2. Huh. Well.... the plan to rush two goals is a bit silly then, huh? Attrition / mid game I have 4 knockdowns at range, with most at 2 dice (so a 75% chance of knocking a DEF4+ down per shot). Ballista can use 3 dice if he's got a spare MP to spend (e.g. if Velocity bounced off something, or if Salvo hit all his shots), so that should help against 5+ DEF bastards. If I can knock down two enemies, and keep away from the third, they'll have merry hell getting to me, right? I mean, they can sacrifice movement to stand one guy up -> use the backwards player to pass to this one to earn an MP -> then spend the MP to stand their best attacker up -> have them at full Influence to charge... Which would hurt, but less than 2 guys doing that. If they don't have the ball, or if I knock down all three, or if my pushing can prevent them from getting to me (Ballista can end up 10" away from a Deadbolt target, so most folk with 6/8 speed and 1" melee are out of luck; and Salvo can, with Second Wind, end up miles off), they're sort of stuffed, apart from ranged attacks. So against a melee team, especially with lowish DEF, I do have a reasonable chance to slowly attrition them to death...? I mean, I think that, if I can get ahead early, I'll take advantage of the knockdowns to just have Velocity score as much as possible, but even if I can't there's a fair bit of whittling down I can do, yes? So I could start with Ballista, move somewhere to make Salvo happy, and knock someone down with a Deadbolt. Put Second Wind on Salvo before Ballista moves, usually. Salvo moves up, concentrates on knocking down whoever is still standing, and if he has a shot left over, go for the kick bolt. Then hide behind Ballista with Second Wind. Velocity either charges early on for some free MP (so Ballista can use it for 3 dice on a hard target, and so Salvo has a spare, and to use for counter attacks), or just plays it safe and goes for the ball / goals. Does that make sense? And I can soak a few hits with Ballista, who seems pretty damn tough. Soak a charge, pop minefield, and throw 'em both back with his 2nd, 3rd or 4th column, then shoot one in the face. In the FACE. Next turn they can't melee him without another 4 damage. Order of activation If I've got knocked down targets, I sort of want Velocity to go first to get some MP (and give an enemy time to stand up), then Ballista to put Second Wind on Salvo and shoot (using one of those MP / hopefully getting it back), and Salvo last... ...but then, if there are targets standing who haven't acted yet, I REALLY want to have Ballista or Salvo go before them to knock 'em over - at least it'll drain an MP. It really needs to be Ballista, since Salvo wants Second Wind before he goes - but a single shot at 2 dice is always going to be iffy. Sill, I guess that means Ballista is the one who will get charged if he misses, and that's better than the others. Or... should I usually have Velocity go first, get those two MP, and then use them to counterattack / dodge and push to minimise damage later in the turn? Ballista with some MP to counterattack seems like one hell of a tank: 3rd column pushes them out of range, knocks them down, and that's all she wrote (if they had to move to attack him the first time). With Tough Hide it seems like he'd be able to spend a lot of time under attack that way. High DEF It seems like I might have a lot of problems against folk with high DEF? The Alchemists seem pretty damn scary, with both high DEF and ranged stuff, so my knockdown shtick is going to be even harder. If I miss a few shots, it kinda looks like I'm in some pretty deep trouble. And advice? Tiny table Velocity can sprint 8" and kick 8", and there's only 14" between my deployment line and the enemy goal. So as long as she's not miles back she can kick a goal pretty easily. Everyone can, I guess. Just need one MP from passing to her or shooting someone. As long as only two players are between her and the goal, she's still likely to hit a normal kick (2 dice, at 4+, 1 hit required: 75%). That only takes 1 or 2 influence (depending on sprint or whether she needs nimble vs the counterattack), so that's her default move if she has the ball. At the same time, Ballista and Salvo are hanging out together, so as much as possible should position themselves to make it hard to kick around them at the goal - or at least have Salvo somewhere he can pick the ball back up after a score. They really want to be on my half of the table at the end of their activation, but fairly close to the middle, in between their likely kicker and the goal...? Is it even going to be practical to block with only 2-3 players? Phew If anyone read all that, you have your priorities deeply messed up. But thanks! And problems? Glaring idiocies? Advice? All comments welcome.
  6. Craigus2002

    Basic Tactics

    Played first few quick start games of Gb using Fisherman while my friend using butchers. Lost every game so looking for some advice on basic Tactics for Fisherman. Spent most of time in giant brawl in middle of pitch but it's clear that not best use of Fisherman. Thanks!
  7. MachineDogg

    Jumping Right In!

    So I was bowled over by the game at UK Games Expo this weekend. The enthusiasm for the game from the team was infectious. Decided to jump in. I took advantage of the deal of two starter teams and a rule book and got my friend to take the other team. I've since read the rule book cover to cover (not bad since Saturday) and I can already tell I'm going to love this. So here are my Noob questions (sorry if these have been answered elsewhere) - I've got the Fisherman's Guild starter, and though I'm yet to play a game I'm getting that they are a mobile and skilled team, who should I add to the team next? - When will accessories like the counters and the playmat be widely available? Thanks for what looks like my next obsession guys.