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Found 2 results

  1. I only see people asking about push or node limits separately. But what happens if they both come into play at the same time? If a large hollow moves into a node with 3 players. Are they all pushed for 5 damage, or can you move one out of the way first? If I’m on a node with 2 enemies and another enemy with push movement enters the node. Do I choose a model to move off first? Or does the push movement just knock me off?
  2. I looked through the FAQ and Quick Guide, but could still use some final clarification on a couple things that came up while playing with 2 characters 1. Node Limit. I know the limit is 3, and that the player chooses who moves away. The question is, how does an attack resolve. If there are 2 enemies and 1 character on a node, and the next attacking enemy moves to that node because the character there is its target, i can choose to move the character off the node. Will that character still need to resolve the enemies attack if they are now out of attack range? Meaning the enemy has attack range 0, and no more movements left. 2. Enemy Movement If an enemy has a movement of say 2, but is already on the node with the person they are attacking, would they move after the attack or continue to stay put on that node? Basically, is the enemy required to resolve its movement, even when not necessary to find its target(s)? 3. Push From the guides: - If the movement is towards the "nearest," determine who that is (it will not change during movement) - If the movement has Push, Push characters off the node the enemy is on (if push includes an attack, the attack will not trigger!) Does this mean if you are not the target, but happen to get pushed by an enemy along its movement path, you do not need to resolve push damage (say from large hallow solider)?