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Found 13 results

  1. Returning to GB after about a year away (only had a couple games then) after not really playing since s1 with Brewers (basic team plus Stoker). Even back in s1 I only played maybe 8 games, so I was never an accomplished player, but my team is fully painted and I loved the system. Recently bought back in with Falconers (pre order), some terrain and a pitch on the way. Hoping to not get blown away with 12-0 and 12-2 results vs a local meta full of tourney types. Any tips? Anyone in the Nottingham UK area that isn’t already a tournament goer? Dont get me wrong, I know it’s good to learn from someone better than u and that means losing a fair few games, but it’s harder to draw learning points while getting annihilated.
  2. Hey guys, new player here! I bought into the game recently and decided to go with Brewers. I actually have the whole line-up, but I want to try to play a stable team comp until I get to know the game a bit better, having only played 1 match to its completion. I was thinking about running the standard tapper team which seems to be Tapper, Scum, Hooper, oSpigot, Friday + flavour of your choosing, and I´m struggling to decide between Stoker, Pintpot, Mash and perhaps Lucky, the new mason/brewer hybrid, to fill the last spot. Eventually I´ll just give them all a go, but I like these forum discussions so I thought I´d start a thread! Stoker seems like a fun addition to the team, bringing some range abilities that can be interesting to use, especially early in the game. He also seems like a piece that can activate early and make some plays, which seems good in a group where everyone seems to want to go last except Tapper (Is that just me being indecisive? :D). Also the magical brew part seems to make him self sufficient! He does however look like a piece which demands influence, and I already have a hard time with that. Pintpot on the other hand, who I think is my favorite so far, absolutely has to get into the thick of things and thus doesn´t seem to add a lot of early pressure. He seems to make up for it by being incredibly efficient with his influence, and bringing some additional conditions which is fun. Rowdy is a fun rule, and I love the "Drink a beer, make people bleed" thing he´s got going. The fact that he can be a threat even if you don´t allocate influence to him makes him very appealing, because it seems like I always want to give the other players on the team a lot of influence. Lastly we have Mash, who brings that lovely 2-inch melee range and some cool CC abilities, while also being a potential goal threat. However, I can´t help but feel that oSpigot and Friday already got that part covered. But even after one game I realize how good the extra range is, and his playbook is kinda good. Coupled with unpredictable movement he seems to be a real pain in the ass. Now, these are just my perceptions about the players and there might be a ton of nuance that I have missed, but which player would you recommend for a standard beginner roster? So far I´m leaning towards Pintpot, but that might just be because his entire concept amuses me! Would you highly recommend either of the other players?
  3. Hello, I'm a new player from Canada. I had my eye on Guild Ball for a while and was hooked after seeing an event at my FLGS. I'm in the military (an engineer by trade) and saw that the Engineer play style was something I could really get behind. I used to play 40K, and left after I couldn't stand the business model of Games workshop. Then I started playing Warmachine, but I'm not a fan of the 50+ point games. Which is why Guild Ball's low model count, dedication to the fans and great rules won me over.
  4. GuybrushThreepwood

    Yorkshire born and bred

    Hello, all! I'm Steven, born and bred in Leeds. I’m an anxiety-ridden, coffee-fuelled, horror writer by night and a mild mannered Civil Engineer/CAD Monkey during the week. Any spare time I have I can usually be found wedging myself into a cave or flinging myself down a river. I've been an outsider hungrily gazing into the world of D&D and gaming for as long as I can remember, but it's taking 32 years (and a shove from the missus) to enter the world. I remember watching my friend at high school working like a mad scientist on his Warhammer minis and always wanting to give it a go. Even in his early teens he was legendary for bastardising miniatures into beautiful new creations - and his painting skills left everybody envious. But I was so worried I'd ruin one of the figures, and the rules just left me a dribbling mess. Buuuut over the past year and a half I've been heavily playing games (with the guidance of other half and her hardcore gamer friends) and have even joined a D&D group. A few of us bobbed over to the UK Games Expo last weekend (holy hell, it's amazing - GO if you haven't!) and we stumbled across the Guild Ball stand. Now I've seen the GB minis before, had looooong sessions in Travelling Man flicking through them looking for a suitable Tiefling mini (little did I know), and I have to admit as soon as I found out it was a game revolving around football, I grimaced and walked away (tut tut). But at the Games Expo, one of the GB team offered us a demo game and showed us the basics. The more he explained the more I grinned like an idiot - it looks amazing! It's safe to say we were hooked from the start. Me and my other half grabbed the Kick Off Season 3 set, so did our friends, we argued over the best guilds, the words 'Guild Ball League' were thrown around a few times, and we went on our merry way with the last two Kick Off sets at the expo (phew!) Soooo, now the fun part begins - we have to learn it ALL from scratch. Me in particular as I've never really painted minis before and I really want to give it a go. At the moment, I've bagsied the Brewers and my OH has claimed the Masons..but when we recover from spending a small fortune at the expo we've pretty much decided Morticians for me and Engineers for her...although I'm sure that will change a few times in the near future as ALL the guilds look amazing. Seriously, I've never played anything where all the teams are tempting choices. YouTube is my best friend at the moment - with intros and demo games and match reports - but if anyone has any tips for a beginner, I'd be very grateful to hear them!
  5. So I picked up the "kick off" set this week, and fell in love with the game. I'm a big fan the way the engineers look, and am looking for advice on how to get a deadwood/rusted look? A deadwood Mother with rusted metal parts would look particularly badass.
  6. Hi, This is the first time I've ever attempted to paint miniatures but the Spooks really inspired me. Comments and advice on improving always welcome. Thanks!
  7. Hey guys, Just a heads up, we are continuing our monthly Guild Ball gaming night here in Edinburgh. If you're within travelling distance, it's worth coming along at least once a month to get your fix! Held at the Edinburgh League of Gamers (ELG) clubhouse at 11 Hillside Cr EH7 5AE on Wed 6th July, from 6pm-11pm. Entry is free to first-timers. There'll be games, demos, banter guaranteed. We have all the tables and terrain, even a spare team or two. Just needs people and enthusiasm! New faces always welcome. Give me a shout if you're interested and have any questions! Cheers, Pundit Pash
  8. Hello! Two new players from Central Texas, USA looking to get into guildball. Once faction has already been decided by Lyn, (the other player) and I am still on the fence as to which faction I want to use.. Hope to have fun and build this community in the central Texas, and surrounding areas.
  9. My local gaming store just began stocking GB and I had heard some good things so I picked up the rule book. I'm excited now to start playing but I'm not sure which guild to pick up so I'm hoping the friendly people here can help me make my decision. I've played several other miniatures games before including Warmachine (Cryx, Everblight, and Convergence) and WH40K (Necrons and Grey Knights). The Season 2 book doesn't have very many of the models in it and I haven't been able to scour the pdf's here yet to read through a lot of the model's rules yet. But initially the ones that caught my eye were the Morticians, Brewers, and Engineers. Although a few of the others were intriguing as well (I think I will have trouble sticking only to a single Guild). Does anyone have any advice on those Guilds that could help me down select to a single Guild? As a bonus question, coming from minis games where the primary objective is to kill your opponent's models, how much of the game really revolves around scoring goals (aside from the Butcher's Guild, that is)? Is it common to score 2 or more goals in a game? Or do teams usually win with 0-1 goals scored? Thanks for the help, I hope to see you all out on the pitch.
  10. Dracilic

    What should I take?

    I'm fairly new to guild ball and in fact so is everyone at my store. They are doing a tournament this Wednesday. The tournament is gonna be 4 man teams (captain, mascot, two players), played to 8 points. It's also only season 1 players (and teams) which is my issue as I've only had two game and they were both playing hunters. I just picked up masons and morticians though so I plan to play one of them but can't decide which. So here are the ideas I have: Masons: Honour, Marbles, Decimate, Flint Honour, Marbles, Decimate, Mallet Honour, Marbles, Brick, Mist So I'm thinking of Mallet Missile or go for a scoring team (Flint or Mist) Morticians: Obulus, Dirge, Silence, Cosset/Rage/Minx Obulus, Dirge, Silence, Mist So the first team is about having more INF than my opponent to work with and being more efficient with it (players that can work with 0) Second team is similar but just with a better chance to score. Thoughts? Which should I play? Or is there something much better I'm missing?
  11. Snorrarcisco

    Newbie totally lost

    Right I have yet to play and so far just seen the abatoir away days videos (Butchers) and although getting the hang of it I am at a loss with a few things. First, Activation. I know there is an initiative roll and then you alternate with activating but, is there a rule for activation? Less influence first, largest influence first or you decide who based on team tactics? Second, Scoring. On the video they never seem to score any goals and they fight it out in the middle of the pitch (yes I know Butchers tend to just do this) but the end result is something like 12-4 to Butchers. So how in effect can you gain points without scoring goals? is this the momentum thing? These are the two really silly questions I know but bugging me for a bit now.
  12. It brings me great pleasure to bring to you our very own Guild Ball Demo Day! https://www.facebook.com/events/828176073960000/ Event will ill be held between 2pm-6pm on Sun 28th Feb. A fantastic opportunity to come along and find out more about this brilliant sports wargame. Aimed at anyone who is GB-curious, already a starter or a Vet of many events. A chance to come along, get some pick-up games against new opponents, play some demo games and just talk Guild Ball in an informal setting. We will also have the pleasure of the company of your local official Steamforged Pundits! If you've got a team (or two), then feel free to bring them along (even if they're not painted yet) for some pick-up games. If you're new - don't worry, we will supply everything that you need to get a game in and point you in the right direction to find out more. Let's get the Scottish Guild Ball community rolling, folks. See you on the 28th!
  13. Sandwichdan

    Team selection theory

    Hello everyone! I'm due to head to my first tournament at the end of the month and wanted to ask a little bit of theory regarding team selection. How much do people tailor thier strategy and team selection depending on what team you're facing. Do people tend to swap out one person or create entire different line ups and strategies depending on Matchup? The tournament is 8 players plus captain and Mascot, choosing the entire roster in secret before the game at stage C. I'm always talking Ox, Princess and boiler but the size of the pool has almost given me too much choice and I just wanted to hear some theory talk. - Dan