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Found 13 results

  1. *a few weeks after the Farmer's Guild became champions, Mason's guild training field* It was more common than an outsider might expect, Angel thought idly as she ground her boots onto the unfamiliar ground. Training ground's needed work every now and again, especially with the extent of the drills Corsair had been hammering into the team like waves on a cliff. So, here they were, sharing a pitch with the training Mason's guild. Both teams seemingly too focussed on training to pay the other any heed, every player watching their back. There was never going to be any new tactics unveiled here, no grand strategy or brilliant counterplay. This was a standard drill, keeping the Fishermen match-fit and harpoon accurate. It was a simple enough drill. Sakana and Jac took turns tackling one another in the midfield, dribbling forward and passing to either Angel or Shark, who would then avoid Corsair's swing and score. Simple. The problem being that in such simplicity, the Pirate Taskmaster wasn't taking anything less than perfect as an option, and Jac struggled to get away from Sakana on at least 2 occasions. The first seeing him lose the ball back to Sakana, the other seeing the whipcord Numasi open Jac's heel as he moved away. Angel winced as Jac went down a third time, locking his trident for too long with Sakana's spear, giving Sakana time to get the ball away from Jac and send it to the sidelines. Slumping to the ground in a brief respite while Corsair bellowed at Jac, she noticed just how different the pitch was. The ground was harder, she missed the slight smell of salt on the air and there was no sound of the usual seabirds that accompanied her usual surroundings. This was to say nothing of their gracious hosts. On the other side of the pitch, possibly in response, the Masons were working on clearances. From where Angel was, the drill seemed to be focussed on Tower, the drill being to get the ball away from an oncoming Flint, and clear it to Harmony or Brick. Seeing the two teams side by side was, remarkable. The Masons and specifically Tower were virtually unrecognizable from Angel's first encounter with them, where she had managed to knock the ball between towers legs. The embarrassed, bashful young man was gone, most of the First Lady's team was. In their place were embittered champions of yesterday, vicious and aggressive in their stolen pride. Tower, in particular, was different. The young man had started on a beard, being young it was little more than a wispy goatee. It'd suit him, eventually. The changes went deeper, he was clearly more serious now, punctuating each swing of the hammer or kick of the ball with a snarl or a growl. The contrast, she decided, was most visible in how each team trained. Corsair drilled his players hard and wasn't afraid to call Jac one of the longest sentences of swearing she'd ever heard out of her captain's mouth. But the Masons were fighting, properly fighting. She winced sympathetically as the swipe of Tower's hammer sang off Flint's breastplate, who avoided the attack but almost lost the ball, ending the drive. A success, she thought, and cause for acknowledgment. The glower that passed between the two men was nothing short of poisonous as the drill was reset, Tower shaking out his shoulders and squeezing the sweat from the ghost of a moustache stubbornly shading his top lip. Given how Corsair was properly into his rant about dead weight it seemed, and Shark was now dueling Sakana near the halfway line, it wouldn't hurt to kill a few seconds. "You're committing too hard, Mason. It's what did it for you against me." She shouted jovially. Expecting, or at least hoping for a wry grin from his teammates and for Tower's ears to go red, a return to the old days. Instead, Tower stopped, his fingers flexing inside his gloves and his shoulders rose, slowly. Flint gathered the ball, looking at Angel with a wary expression, kicking it off to one side as the 2 passing targets closed in. Something was wrong, and Angel took a step back, it wasn't Tower she was looking at, it was Flint, who looked worried. Tower slowly spun around, his face hard and scowling, a muscle twitching in his left eye. He didn't speak, his face barely moved. He slowly walked over to Angel, wearing a butcher's glare and hiking the hammer a little higher in his hand. As he got closer, his face came into sharper clarity. There were the telltale signs of sleep deprivation, the twitch at the corner of Tower's mouth and set jaw causing her to step back again, flinching away from the oncoming defender. Her back collided with someone and she gasped, whirling round to see Sakana, backed up by Shark, his own glare fixed on the oncoming Mason, the end of his pole outstretched. Tower met it at the same slow walk, letting it push in a little and leaning on it, before stopping and boring those same eyes into Sakana. "Walk away. Now." Sakana's accented voice was measured and calm before Towers Rising Temper, keeping the spear lodged in the young man's shoulder as the rest of the Masons team closed in, still keeping their distance from the standoff. Tower seemed to chew the words briefly before smiling, for a moment, he was Tower again. It didn't last. Many things happened nearly simultaneously, Tower's smile turned into a grimace with all the warmth and tranquility of a storm at sea, and in turn into a snarling warcry as Tower lunged, forcing the speartip aside with his shoulder he swung his fist round in a tight left hook. Angel ducked out and to the side, Sakana, wrong-footed by Shark's proximity, wasn't so lucky, taking the blow to the cheek, leaving the Numasi sprawling on the ground with an ugly purple bruise blossoming on his cheek and blood welling at his lips. Tower strode over Sakana, bringing his hammer and a rather uncertain looking Flint to Bear against the Fang of the Sea. From the corner of her eye, she saw Jac, breaking from his conversation with Corsair rush forward to drive off Tower, instinct taking over with a frontal trident charge. A shadow crossed Jac and he turned rapidly to see the monstrous form of brick bearing down on him, the knuckleduster lifting Jac almost off his feet as the countercharge landed. Only for Brick himself to be tripped by Corsair, who had followed Jac in and had more than enough experience to put the Juggernaut on the floor. Time seemed to slow once again as a sound so unfamiliar to the situation reached Angel, and she turned, her anger flaring as she saw the architect of these new Masons. Hammer swaggered, even now, even defeated and with a fading black eye from the incident in the final. He still had the gall to swagger, hammer slung over his shoulder and a wide, cold grin plastered across his face as he clapped his breastplate with his free hand. He was laughing, slow and sneering as he looked at all assembled. Following his path back, Angel could see the kicked up earth from where he had been pacing, Hammer had seen the whole thing. "Tower, heel. Let this old pirate carry on dancing." -He stopped and looked down at Sakana.- "You've made your point." He strode over to Corsair, treading deliberately on one of Sakana's hands, slowing only to grind the hobnails into Sakana's knuckles as he approached corsair. "Let Brick stand up, and keep a better eye on your team pegleg." Hammer's voice was acidic in its politeness, oozing from between his smug smiling teeth like pus. "Don't want my side to bruise them anymore, not before we play you again." He turned to pace back and forth. "Let's not forget who's guild is renovating your training ground," Hammer said idly, now not looking at Corsair. "Or, who was gracious enough to give you a space to practice while we work." Hammer stopped and turned, no longer smiling. "Let's hope your renovations go as well as mine have." He shot a nasty look to Tower, who was still facing down Shark. "I said back!" Hammer's voice rose as he addressed his team. Now the commanding bark of a captain addressing his crew. Eventually, Brick and Tower relented, Brick slow because of needing to stand up, Tower still clearly reluctant to back down. As they walked away, Angel stared at the back of Tower's head. Or whatever it was now wearing Tower's face. Hammer slung his arm around Tower as they walked away, not in the warm embrace of a friend, but in the style of a whaler keeping his favored harpoon close by. Tower seemed to repress a shiver at the contact, turning back to Angel with a look of a wounded shark, furious, and yet fragile. The Fishermen turned back to their drill, now working harder than ever. They barely spoke, the pace picked up, and the drill became more accurate. Angel considered briefly that the focus of having a real enemy could really drive a team. This illusion was dispelled after yet another hour of drill that Sakana fumbled the pass to Angel, who turned, ready to scream at him, before stopping herself and sighing. Whatever had infected the Masons, had almost taken her too. Looking around, the whole team seemed more on edge with one another. It was infectious, and Angel had seen what it could do. It had taken a friendly rival away from her, and a champion's title away from an entire guild.
  2. Laughnchill

    Hello from MIchigan

    Hey everyone! New player here. Got the farmer's box. Looking forward to the new one. I have a league starting on the 20th and got one going on two friends into the game with me. All I need to find now is a reliable win against butchers. The other thing I'm hoping is that brewers will get fixed next season because I really like them.
  3. My nearby shop is putting all season one stuff on sale. I'm looking to expand from my engineers to the butchers. what season 1 stuff should I not pass up?
  4. Just wanted to say hi! I know there is a nice sized group of us starting in British Columbia, Canada. I am looking at Playing Engineers.
  5. Pending Forum Suspension

    Help a guy get a win

    Ok so I have a player in my group that runs Brewers. He isn't necessarily new to minis but is new to the style of minis. He is 0-7 in our league and just can't catch a break. Most games are ending with him scoring 0-2 points. He has all of the brewers that are out right now (Quaff hasn't hit our store but he'll get it when it does) but no union models. Last night he ran Esters, Mash, Stoker, Firday, Spiggot, and Scum to better effect than normal but it still didn't go great for him. My question to you master brewers: What the hell can I do to help the guy out? I play Fish so obviously we are from different play styles. I've played minis for years but I haven't played Brewers yet (hoping to play a practice game with them tonight.) My observations from him last night are the following: He doesn't generally load up any one model with too much influence. His models weren't spread very far apart (maybe 12" from furthest to furthest but I was running right up the middle and he was trying to stop me.) He placed a ton of burn and knockdowns. He didn't activate Heroics very often but generally had 3-5 momentum after 2-3 activations. No attempts to tackle. Very rare double engagements that weren't countered. Usually gave scum 2 influence. Never saw more than 3 influence on Esters past turn one. Your responses are appreciated.
  6. Hey there Everyone! Name's Heriberto. I'm a miniature sculptor from Mexico, and I'm really into trying out innovative games. I lead a hobby group here, and after a lot of talking about guild ball and very little doing from the guys and gals, I decided to jump in full and bought three guilds, rulebook and cards to start playing and demoing the game at our club and local game store. Hopefully it'll have a good impact and we'll have another new little miniature obsession. Cheers from Mexico!
  7. Snorrarcisco

    Butchers Team

    I have, apart from Fillet, finished the Butchers. I might have to tidy up here and there but other than that I am okay with them. Just Shank looks too mmmm messy would be a good one. This is my first set of minis from Steamforged, really enjoyed the detail on them.
  8. thecoffinsupportsuite

    Possibly New Fisherman here

    Going to be switching over toward Fishermen from Morticians to here to give my buddy his own guild so to speak (we both played Mort). I'm falling hard for Corsair. What kind of line ups work well with him? I'm thinking: Corsair Salt Kraken Greyscales Avarisse Siren [Vet]
  9. San Antonio, TX is now on the map for Guild Ball. Tabletop Gaming Center has become an official retailer for Guild Ball as of 3 weeks ago and the gaming community here has totally embraced the game. They sold out of at least two starters of every Guild within a week, and had to make an immediate re-order, three orders of starters and individual players have been made and sold out completely; they are now awaiting their 4th order of product. Some of us are already on our third Guild and building our own home team pitches. You guys should check out the San Antonio Guild Ball FB Group, we got about 30 active players right now and growing. We have official Guild Ball Nights on Thursdays at Tabletop Gaming Center and a brand new Slow-Grow League Starting this Thursday May 19th. After that league is complete we will be hosting a full size Tournament with prize support !!!https://www.facebook.com/groups/1539725059664682/
  10. To anyone in the north east interested to drive out or take a fairy to Long Island, We are going to be holding a tournament on the first Saturday of May, more details can be found on our FB group here: https://www.facebook.com/events/981067265281521/
  11. So I am wanting to start playing, and welling to buy in, I just think alchemists look like fun. I plan to play in my lgs competitive league, and wanted to know if a general lineup for a blind meta had been considered optimal. I have also heard from people that you need 6 models, and I have heard 8, so what is it? Is it different points or player amounts? Is it used as a sort of side board?
  12. Hello hello one and all. I'm a relatively new player, having just started to learn engineers in Manchester, I have a relatively established gaming group through the universities but I'm looking to spread my wings a bit an meet some new people play some more games. I've been given to understand that guild ball central is just down the road in Stockport so I'm hoping that i can find some people and get some pitch time soon. so come say hi and lets play ball. Mr Gears
  13. Hello, this is my very first topic in this forum. When the german distributer for Guildball was announced I got curious. (Surprinsingly I'm from Germany) So I made a few games woth paperdolls and a few friends. The result: next year we are starting a mini-league. Every 2 Month one game. Till mid-year every one has played against another (so we are 4^^). In the second half the return matches start. In every half we have to chose 6 out of fix 8 player. Between two seasons and in the summer-break the transfer markt is open and we can change the 8 player. At the start paperdolls will dominate the sight, but they will be replaced piece by piece ***EDIT*** I've found the answer myself. "Knocked-down models may forfeit their Advance action in order to remove this condition (i.e. stand up). " In the introducing games one big question is occured. I've played the brewers and the question was: What happens if everyone is knocked down? You need MP to stand up, but can't generate MP. Is the game automatically lost?