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Found 38 results

  1. BenHasaGo

    Tactics for a new player

    Hi all. New to guild ball and only played 4 games so far in season 4 and am looking for some advice. I’ve played the below team in the 4 games and had the following results (12-6 L to Ox Butchers) (12-2 W vs Fillet Butchers) (12-0 L to Shark Fish) (12-2 L to Corsair Fish) Hammer Marbles V. Harmony Tower V. Chisel Granite I’ll be honest the beat down game doesn’t appeal to me and the win I got had 2 goals scored by Hammer in his first 2 activations. I’m looking at a kicking game going forward and wondered on people’s comments for the below list as well as any tips and tricks they have picked up along the way. I was thinking: Honour Wrecker Harmony Flint V. Chisel Mallet And Lucky hovering around the list too as I quite like him, and he doesn’t seem too bad for a kicking game. Plus I like being able to clear conditions depending who I come up against (no idea who I would drop for him though?). Any comments on the line up and tips and tricks would be really appreciated. I’m off to a 5-game tournament this Saturday and although I’m a dead cert to be taking home the wooden spoon I wouldn’t mind trying out a team I can have a lot of fun with.
  2. Ghoul

    Fishy Tactics s4

    Hey everyone! I consider myself a newer player maybe only about 30 games under my belt since mid season 3. Most of those games with Morts. I am thinking about jumping back in with Fish as I really enjoy the ball game. I was just curious about some general tactics In season 4. Who is kicking? Who is receiving? What into which teams? Dos and don’ts? How aggressive should a new fisherman player be at getting that ball? I thought it would be nice to start a post for all newer or prospective fish players. I know season 4 is brand spanking new but I figured this post can grow along with experience.
  3. So I am sort of new to Guild ball, been a little into it for the past year or so but almost never played. With my local games shop setting up leagues now I have managed to get a good few games in and really feel like knowledge of the rules is less and less of a problem. The trouble is, I'm still an indecisive player. I find myself hesitating far too much and I worry it makes for frustrating games for my opponents. I'd really like to improve on this, so can anyone share some advice for speeding up my play? Thanks!
  4. Hi, I just moved back into the area after being down south for almost 10 years for work, and am looking to get in to guild ball. I saw the Rat Catchers and loved them so much that I had to find out more about the game. Seen loads of battle reports on YouTube and read about it too but yet to buy in and play a game. Was hoping to get a demo or something first so I can get a good idea which play style suits me before I buy my first team. Not seen any groups that play in my area other than the one at element games but have been trying to join their Facebook group for 2 weeks and request is still pending so think they must have stopped doing it or something. Anyway any advice for a new player would be great. Cheers
  5. Good morning!/afternoon everyone! Long time reader first time poster. I just wanted to take a moment to say hello. ive been playing miniature games off for 20+ years and guild ball off and on since it's conception. However for the last couple months I've been eating sleeping and breathing it. so far I have amassed farmers, smiths, morticians and alchemists. I'm lucky enough to say that I at least get 4-6 games a week in (would love to get more but,school,life,etc...). I think I've finally settled on playing alchemists as I enjoy more of a ball game. I know the smiths have one hell of a ball game as well, but without access to the second box I just get bored commiting ferrite and tapping in with iron. Where as the vitriol/ Midas goal machine seems more my thing. I digress and should save that and my opinion on the farmers for another post (felt dirty for playing them).I live in California, about an hour south of San Francisco and would love to get some more games in. Time's tight right now but my local shop just sees me and 2 others playing somewhat consistently on a few days here and there. We would love to expand the meta. well I've droaned on long enough! Looking forward to being part of this awesome community and supporting the hobby anyway I can. what does it take to become a pundit exactly? thanks!
  6. Rellikofdoom

    Teaching a friend the game

    Hi, I've been playing guild ball since just after season 2 was released and have now collected Butcher's, Brewer's, Mason's and Union. I'm going to be teaching a friend how to play the game on Thursday and was looking for advice on what teams and line up's to play. I own every player and mascot's for all 4 teams so don't worry that I won't have the right player for the line up's you think will be a good for a new player. Also feel free to throw some more odd line up's out there for me to play against him as I'd prefer a close game.
  7. It's quite remote, I understand. But anyone from Utah Valley to Salt Lake is within playing range for me. I play engineers, union, and am looking to pick up farmers and/or masons. I'm fairly new; I've had the game since season 2 but have had very few players to play with so my experience is almost non-existent. I've only played against s2 alchemists, butchers, and hunters.
  8. Hello everyone. After a struggle with a particular supplier refusing to supply to our hobby store, we are finally getting more people interested in Guild Ball. I was wondering there were any convenient printouts that I can leave at the FLGS to help with rules when I am not there. We are all new players, so having some handy cheat sheets that show things like the possible modifiers to attack and kick rolls, as well as something listing all of the various teamwork options, would be the best for this particular gaming group. I tried searching, but couldn't find anything that would work. Thanks for your help.
  9. Hello fellow GuildBall fans ! I'm a new player from Belgium, small country in Europe, and more precisely Brussels. Fell in love quite recently with the game, first because of the design of the miniatures (they're freaking awesome !), then because of the simplicity of the game mechanics (for the first time, I've the feeling I understand the rules after the first reading). Furthermore, the idea of rival guilds solving conflicts and inspiring fans through a brutal ball game sounds like loads of fun I mean... Come on ! That's freaking badass !! As I said, miniatures are gorgeous, so I will be probably build way more than a single team. Will probably begin my collection with the Butchers and Fishermen (owning two teams will allow me to plan demo games and, possibly, attract new players) For fellow belgian players : I live in Brussels, I speak french, english and my dutch isn't that bad
  10. Hello, my name is John and I started playing in August, after learning at Templecon. It was the Farmers Guild Tater that got me to notice Guild Ball and I can't wait for there full release.
  11. Hi all, new to the game. Last night played a PnP demo and loved it despite a ton of mistakes we made. Hope for some fun times with our little players.
  12. byronthebear

    Help teaching newer players

    Hey everybody i wanted to get comments from the community about things new players need to learn about the game to be better at it. I want everyone to participate in this thread, because i need to know from veterans what new players often mess up or do wrong. Also i want to hear from new players about concepts and/or strategies they don't quite get. Not about problems with specific guilds or players just the game as a whole. So anything you want to know or wish you knew when starting this game. I want to help new players pick up the game faster, and let everyone improve together for higher quality matches. So i will he using this thread to get some data on that. Thank you.
  13. I picked up guild ball stuff at Gencon and am a new player just north of Cincinnati OH. I hear there is a store in Dayton, but didn't know if there was anything closer. I bought engineers, but I have only really played the fish before lol. I used to play 40k for a long time and I still play WMH sometimes.
  14. Nevermore

    New Alchemist Player

    Hello all, I am new to Guild Ball, haven't actually played a game yet. Will be demoing it on Thursday the 14th. After looking over all the teams and watching the videos, I have decided I want to play the Alchemists, and later the Morticians. I was wondering if the Alchemists starter set is worth picking up? The lineup I have envisioned would be: Midas, Flask, Vitriol, Compound, Mist, Decimate, Hemlock, Calculous. Is this a good setup? Also any general information/pitfalls to avoid would be appreciated. Thanks, Nevermore
  15. Howdy folks! I'm a new player in Pittsburgh who's been interested since the Kickstarter! I had just backed another kickstarter at the time, so I was out of spare bucks, but now that my area can easily get the models through normal distribution I'm ready to really promote the game in my area!
  16. Hello all, Looking to get into the game, it looks awesome and really deep. Probably going to play Alchemists, any advice on a good Midas lineup would be appreciated.
  17. Hey ya'll, New Masons player here. Didn't know about the KS that funded this, and my FLGS just recently stocked it, so trying it out for something new. Enjoying the game so far, and just convinced 2 of my buds to start as well. Hope to talk to many of you, and see you around mostly in the Painting/Modelling area
  18. Hi, I'm a new Guild Ball player, trying to learn to play the fishgame. So far I think my efforts amount to me realizing how different GB is to the other minature games I've played (mainly 40k and WarmaHordes) rather than any specific fishy knowledge. My first game was a 3 on 3 match where I had Blackheart, Mist and Rage vs Ballista, Colossus and Ratchet. I won due to scoring after taking out Colossus and I was sucked into the game. But so far zero fishplay. But back in the days I used to play Wood Elves in Blood Bowl, so I thought the fishes seemed neat. Also, Corsair and Kraken add a bit of the Treemen-in-the-centre vibe i liked. So second game was a real 6 vs 6 game with my models assembled with blutac. I had Corsair, Salt, Kraken, Angel, Grayscales and Sakana vs the Engineers again. This time it was Ballista, Mainspring, Salvo, Ratchet, Compound and Rage. I had to kick and kicked with Kraken to get him up the field. He immediately got knocked down for his troubles and never really got into the game. I was Warmahordes damaged and was afraid to go too near his models. The effect was that he controlled my players with KDs and fire keeping me away and not allowing me to generate my first Momentum until turn three. Which was much too little, and way too late. So I got seriously stomped by a "no you don't team". Afterwards my opponent admitted that this had been a game of perfect plays, at least for him, and had we played on clock it would have been a totally different game. Since this one lasted 4 hours, I believed him. By biggest take away was that in GB not all players can kill all other players if they get the charge and I had been needlessly afriad to get my guys into the mess of things since in his lineup it's Rage that does the killing, and he has static threat ranges. Also, I wasn't too impressed by Kraken. Then I got my girlfriend to try out the Quick start rules with stand-in Butchers out of my Warmachine Mercs range. After the first game she was like "What's the point of the game?" After the second game she was like "Didn't it end too fast?" And after the third game she was like "So in the real game it's all about knowing the other teams cards? Sounds like a twisted boring Trivial Pursuit." But she has hinted that she might just want to try a real match. Can I have found the first miniature game to snare her in and add further bliss to the household (allowing me to divert further time to man dolls in her company instead of having to split my time)? At least I can say that I'm hooked on the game, even though I've only played so little.
  19. Bob The Builder

    Meet Shadow, a union player

    Hello Guild ballers! I'm happy to say I've had another player born in my mind! Read up on Shadow here: Bob's Guild Ball Blog Would you play Shadow? Do you think he's OP ? Let me know!
  20. Bob The Builder

    Meet Necro, a morticians player

    Hello Guild Ballers! Yet another player arises from the gray matter that is my brain. Have a look and see if you would like to have Steamforged create a similar model or not! Meet Necro, a figment of my imagination! See you soon! Bob Out.
  21. Hi guys, an Englishman abroad here living in Portland, Oregon. I just ordered a bunch of fisherman stuff so looking for some opponents in the Portland area.
  22. Though I'm putting this here, because I've chosen the Engineers as my first faction, I'm curious to know how you learn how to play a faction? I'm relatively new to Guildball (still haven't played a full game), but I really like the look, feel and some of the synergies that I've identified. Do you learn by playing them over and over? I'm sure that's a component of it, but I'm curious if there are other ways to figure out tricks? Also, if there are any points of advice you might have for an Engineer player just starting out, I'd appreciate that too. Thank you for your time.
  23. noob

    First Tournament - Advice

    Hey everyone! I have a tournament coming up and was planning on these six with one alternate. What do you all think of the combination? It's scoring abilities? Resilience, efficiency, offensive power, etc... Blackheart Coin Guttter Decimator Snakeskin Mist ALT: Hemlocke Breakdowns of how they perform together or don't would be greatly appreciated as none have ever seen play with me before. THANKS! noob
  24. Hi all, I just bought (probably too much! RIP in peace wallet...) into the game at Adepticon. I picked up two (full) teams for myself (Spooks and Masons), a starter box for myself (Fish) a starter box for my wife (Union), and did some ninja shopping for a couple of people from my local store (Tempest Games in Cedar Rapids, IA if anyone knows the area). I'm really hoping the game picks up - I'm already planning a demo day for this weekend, and hopefully I can get the local store owner to get in at least a starter box for the teams for just in case that goes well. Thanks for reading this pointless post, SemanticDM
  25. MetacarpiUG

    Starting 6

    Hey guys, I'm looking at starting the Union as my Guildball team - got a few ideas for paint schemes and have an irresistible lure to some of the models - particularly the newly released Veteran Rage! Anyways, I'm looking for some advice for my starting 6. I'm thinking... Blackheart, Gutter, Coin, Rage, Mist, Fangtooth Fangtooth and Rage will buddy up, as will Blackheart and Gutter for some hefty damage output. Planning on using Blackhearts Legendary play first thing to push everyone 2" up the field in order to engage early. Coin will be keeping between my two killy teams in order to pass out Bag of Coffers as required, and Mist will be there for some ball handling. Any advice or thoughts? Also, I want to make some custom goal markers for my team, what have you guys done in this respect? Cheers!