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Found 5 results

  1. I'm curious about the character play that Naja has: Hypnosis. It says: The first time target enemy model spends Influence on an Attack or Character Play this turn, the cost of the Attack or Character Play is increased by [1] Influence So this will do nothing to prevent a Furious Charge, or a Berserk Attack triggered from that Charge, but it would stick around for Boar/Rage's second Attack. Was it meant to not be useful at all against ALL Charges? As it's worded, Hypnosis doesn't work against a Charge because it's not an Attack, it's an Advance with a free Attack at the end. Doesn't it make a lot more sense to have Charges considered Attacks, the same way Passes and Strikes are two types of Kick? It's a really fiddly, annoying rule loophole as it stands now.
  2. Does "the first time" mean the first time since this effect was put on, or the first time in general? Example: Naja is attacked by ester, Naja elects to counter attack. ester scores one hit and pushes naja 1" away. Naja counter attacks scoring 2 hits and elects to do a Hypnosis character play (Hypnosis: The first time target enemy model spends Influence on an Attack or Character Play this turn, the cost of the Attack or Character Play is increased by [1] Influence.) targeting Ester. Ester decides to spend an Influence to attack Naja again, does this cost [1] or [2] Influence?
  3. In the season 2 fluff impersonal pronouns are used for Naja, but since its been clutch to my victory in more than one game, I've grown rather affectionate towards the snake. Does Naja have a canonical gender? I'm not sure whether it is correct to refer to it as "he" or "she". On the same note, how is Naja's name supposed to be pronounced? I first assumed it was very similar to "Nausea" but I've also heard it as "Naha" and "Naya". It seems like a silly question but I feel weird not knowing the correct way to refer to my own player.
  4. Forum seems a little quiet recently, hoping it'll pick up now it's summer and the new mascots are on pre-release! I re-read the rules for Naja the other day, and coupled with the last Smoke game I played, I could potentially see some benefits to using Naja and Venin (despite the fact I generally consider Venin tied for worst Alchemist with Katalyst). I was using Smoke, Compound, Vitriol, Calculus, Decimate and Flask, and for two turns had poison on pretty much his entire team. I actually thought "Wouldn't Venin be great here just to force him to burn some of that mountain of MP he has (stupid Union)?". Coupled with that thought was the fact that Flask spent the entire game sat by my goal doing absolutely nothing the entire game. Yes, possibly I should have moved the robot forward to use some Intensifys and possibly explode to deal more damage, but as pretty much all the action was in his half of the pitch, I thought it was too risky to trundle the robot up and leave him to be picked off by a charge or pull by Blackheart, Rage or Gutter, who were generally hovering somewhere in the centre. Now, against Union with all those 2" melee, Naja is still probably quite risky as her UM isn't going to save her much, but what about teams like the Hunters or other Alchemists with lower range? Teams with low TAC could be good targets as that Hypnosis is going to hurt. Venomous Strike also allows re-application of Posion, and as you only need 1 success from the 3 TAC with a 2" melee, it seems quite doable. A situation I can see is an early/mid-turn charge by Venin, get poison and bleeding on the target and Melting Body on Venin. The other team go, remove the conditions, then we can bring up Naja (8" charge, 2" melee for 10" threat) behind Venin, get the Assist from Venin for +1 TAC and +1 damage, reapply the poison and stick some more pain on. Top of the turn, a charge from Naja on someone Venin engaged at the end of the previous turn (Coagulating with posion for the 5 condition damage), on a 4+ 1 ARM player is going to give you a reasonable chance of a wrap adding another 5 DAM and quite likely a kill. She isn't the best mascot (hello, Coin) but she is certainly making me look at Venin again, and in a team that wants to play defensively and keep poison on the enemy, Naja has potential over Flask. How do you think Naja will affect the Midas or Smoke team? Are there any match ups where Naja is preferable to Flask? Is it all dependent on the rest of your team? Does Naja actually make Venin slightly better than Katalyst? Is Flask too important to Vitriol, Mist, Mercury and Smoke?
  5. The first time target enemy model spends Influence on an Attack or Character Play this turn, the cost of the Attack or Character Play is increased by [1] Influence. Does "spending influence on an Attack" include spending influence on a charge, which includes an attack?