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Found 6 results

  1. IHatethePuppy

    Player Choices into Fish

    I play a lot of games into corsair fish, like a silly amount and I want to be able to better articulate the choices I make into the match up so I'm writing up this piece. Any amount of CC will be appreciated and I'll try to answer any questions to the best of my ability. FIshermen and their options- (Assuming the line up is shark,corsair,tentacles,gutter,greyscales,hag,jac,siren,vsiren,sakana) Shark- Shark is not the captain choice I believe any fishermen player would make in morticians he has a VERY linear game plan that is easy for us to disrupt with our control elements and very little way to switch it up efficiently. Silence Obulus and Casket combine to make him a very very sad boy. Corsair- The captain you'll see 90% of the time drag is very good at isolating our squishy models if you allow them to, and easy knock downs mean a combination of him and gutter will kill almost any of our models he can catch (besides casket) in one turn- and the combination of sturdy, close control, and tough hide make him extremely annoying to interact with outside of character plays. Tentacles- In my opinion one of the strongest mascots in the game, the combination of close control and a 2/6 kick makes him great at holding the ball and giving it to who needs it when it's time for scoring. Blind is a great tool for corsair to have in his control tool kit. Gutter- I consider gutter one of obulus' worst nightmares she can catch him with her quick movement and can drag him in while beating up a model like casket or ghat that makes it easy for her to hit her drag. She'll be in every corsair line up you play against. Hag- A fantastic threat range extender and great at breaking up and re positioning scrums, my most common fish opponent has lately stopped using her against me- I'm pretty sure this is because fear doesnt work if the puppet is attacking her- making her a bit of an easy take out and momentum farm if she ever ends up invested in the scrum. Greyscales- A good striker that's hard to pin down- sometimes I see him sometimes I don't generally only taken if they feel like they need another striker after sakana. Jac- Goad, and his heroic are important control pieces- he's very good at breaking up a scrum and tough hide makes him relatively difficult to take out. The local fish player and myself see him as a good way to break away from being bogged down by casket. Siren- Another important control piece, beautiful makes it very hard for us puppet master her without giving away obulus- lure in conjuction with drag can create positioning nightmares and seduced can strip the ball off of our models very easily. V Siren- Generally not as good into us as Siren 1 but dread gaze can be very annoying when we're trying to hit things. Escape fate also makes her very difficult to take out. Sakana- An all around good striker that requires very little set up and has some nice defensive tech with poised. He's like a mini shark. They'll take him almost any game for the two inch reach, the weak point, and the goal pressure he can provide. Keep an eye out for poor positioning of him though, because he can make a very juicy puppet master target if he's starting the move in cover. Morticians My line up (post rats) Obulus, Scalpel, Dirge, Graves, Casket, SIlence, Ghast, Skulk, Pelage, Brainpan and memory Scalpel- Lets get her out of the way. I have her in my roster solely for kicking off against blacksmiths. She's a really fun model and isn't really terrible into alot of stuff just generally worse than obulus. That being said The only game into corsair I have tried with her was lost 10-12 so maybe there's merit I haven't seen. Oblulus- Good ol' obby. This is the sort of match up where early you want to use puppet master to set up a nicely positioned scrum early then have him stay on the fringes of it and go for goal runs when the opportunity is there, using puppet master to strip the ball off of corsair or tentacles is a great way to get around close control. Rigor mortis in this match up is generally best used when it'll swing an important momentum race or when you need to heal several models in one activation and can't do so other wise. Dirge- The little guy's stock has gone down since sic 'em has gone away but he's still miles better than vileswarm. Use him to block drag lanes and provide crowd outs/gang ups. Graves- I never leave home without the good doctor 2" reach, a decent playbook for stripping the ball, beating down, or re positioning models, tooled up, he really does do almost everything in this match up he likes to poke around the scrum with his reach and tool up casket or memory for take outs. He can also take a few influence and turn it into some bleeds in the scrum which can go a long way against some fish models. Be on the look out for sweet spots for consistent scything blows. It won't happen often but when it does it's super value. Casket- The other model I play in every match up- he is a fantastic tar pit being near unkillable for alot of factions. Heavy burdening an out of position corsair can be back breaking and his rough ground can be a super annoying momentum tax if the scrum is positioned poorly for them. Trying to casket time some one (if possible gutter) is of course very strong and a tooled up casket or memory last activation followed up by a first activation casket will do it to most models in fish. Casket timing corsair is honestly not very realistic but I have done it once (and yes it feels very good :p) SIlence- I like Silence when kicking off. Kicking off with silence and keeping him 12 from corsair allows you to during your first activation fire blast directly in front of corsair then re position how you'd like to decrease corsairs turn one pressure. Corsair is a fantastic tucked/shut out target and as such I always allocate at least one to silence to threaten to do exactly that. Which can mess very hard with how the corsair player needs to do their activation. Just like in every match up hes an annoying control piece. Just be careful with his positioning because he can be an easy take out for them. When deciding who/when to tuck or shut out its important to note that ALOT of their killing potential is tied up in two activations in corsair and gutter. Ghast- Ghast takes silence's spot when receiving he's caskets Scrum buddy. 2" reach a knock down on two and fear are all things fish find pretty annoying. Jamming him and casket into a scrum properly can force the corsair player's game plan from a 1-4 to a 2-2 which is significantly more difficult to do against a team that has obulus messing around with where the ball is. Skulk- A goalie model would seem great into the "scoring" team however I don't like him into corsair. While horrific odour can mess with their goal runs and lightning reflexes can be a pain for greyscales he doesn't bring enough to the table to make it in this match up. Pelage- While she is a murderer that can realistically bust through corsair's tough hide while tooled up our goal isn't a lot of take outs in the match up, if they happen great but I prefer not to have a model in the list who commits entirely to that, so she doesn't provide enough for our game plan to validate a spot over other options. Brainpan and Memory- Brainpan and memory are fantastic in this match up- their flexibility really shines in it. memory can be used early to block drag lanes and is uniquely good at hunting down hag or greyscales while tooled up. Their unique way of movement and "One, Two!" Can also be used to help them escape scrums once they're done providing their crowd ups and gang ups to allow them to set up their goal runs. A memory parked in front the opponent's goal is a snap shot machine, with a 90% success rate with bonus time! These are my thoughts on fish relatively unedited thanks for the read and leave any CC! Thanks
  2. Today I played round two of my local escalation league. My line up: Ballista Hoist Velocity Mother (Still haven't painted my ratchet, woops) His line up: Obulus Mist Bpm Dirge The game starts off with the engineers receiving and passing around to make influence, followed by the obvious puppetmaster to retrieve the ball. Ending with a dead bolt to Obulus's face and an unfortunate scatter resulting in Mist collecting the ball. The turn ends with MIst and Ballista fighting over the ball eventually ending with Mist in possession but stuck hanging out with Ballista. Turn two starts off with Velocity ripping the ball off mist and sinking a quick and easy shot, followed by quickly paying for her crimes and dying to the puppet. The rest of the engineers struggle to make efficient usage of their influence and are unable to get the ball back into their possession thanks to Obby and the bird. Turn Three starts off by demonstrates the mort's inability to simply kick a ball. Starting with Obulus missing a 2 dice tap in. Followed by dirge doing the exact same thing. At this point Ballista and hoist have killed mist and the ball scatters relatively close to Obulus. Turn 4 results in the quick goal from Obulus putting the morts at 6 points. Followed by a goal kick out to Ballista who sinks in his Breach to end the game with a screamer. Final score 8(10) to 6 in favor of the engineers.
  3. Stubbyholders

    Don't forget the Potatoes

    The moral to the story is, don't forget countercharge. Playing into Midas, the game was always going to be about the midfield. I received with Grange, Peck, Tater, Grace, Harrow, Jack. I knew it would be a cagy game, in the end I waited until the last activation, setup Grange as a bait piece and let a Lure of gold Katalyst come at Grange.... Tater said no and this setup a turn 2 goal run and kill of Kat.The counter goal was academic, but I had the midfield. We played a bit more with the Farmer healing being important to stop andy easy takeouts. Jakob hunted the ball and I hunted his players. But turn 3 I had another kill and was looking for a goal. A great play off to my right saw Venin tackle dodge and fire a pass to Crucible for a snapshot and it went to 8-8. the Game was in a grind, I kicked it up the middle and while Jakob tried to get the ball back I went about killing another model. In the end I managed to get the ball onto Jack in goal range with a teleport and shot with enough Momentum for the bonus time. Jakob charged with Vitriol (who had a vengence token on her) and I chose to let him try, but countered as I would automatically get the Tackle and KD....... he had to roll 6 x 5s..... to wrap and get the tackle push dodge.... which he did. So then he passed off to an engaged crucible for another snapshot.... this time the dice said no. So it turns out that Grande can kill midas no worries when he is on 7.... so I did this and won the game.
  4. Despite my relative success with Morticians at Vengeance (finished dead last, no wins - but I almost won one, and scored in all but one, I think?!) I thought I'd dust off my Masons to give them a fair crack at S3. I even bought reinforcements before the day! Wrecker, vharmony, and Minx (Union, gross, I know...) I faced another Masons team (Honour, Harmony, Flint, Tower, Brick, Marbles?) hoping to pick up some tips and tactics (heal! HEAL!), but I just do not 'get' these guys. I liked how Andrew's Brick and Marbles kept getting in my business and can see that being frustrating to face but I would think better players will be countering that already. So I'm disappointed to say it was right back to business as usual for the Masons. Hammered by turn 3, not even getting across the half way line. I was set up nicely for a good run at goal, but it was all over by then. I didn't bring the 'best' line up (Honour, Mallet, Flint, vHarmony, Minx, Wrecker) I suppose, though I was certainly expecting more from Minx and vHarmony, who were just an easy 6 or 8 VP. I was really stoked in the run up to the GBI Christmas Get Together, but I think I was looking at their cards in isolation, rather than how they interact. Another lesson I'll soon forget! In summary, I can easily say I had far more fun using Morts for 7 games than with all Mason games put together (maybe about 12 - 14). Is it worth my sparse hobby time to keep plugging away at a nut I just can't crack, or carry on losing but with a smile and having a laugh? This got long. Sorry. I was waiting for a drawing to open at work and it took ages.
  5. Well I managed complete mid table mediocrity. Coming 16th out of 32. (There were 2 young boys there one came last, the other won.) I played against Butchers, L 10-12, Alchemists L6-12, Brewers L8-12, EngineersW12-6 and MasonsW 12 10. The day started at 08:45 & I left at 20:00 after the prize giving, just missing the bus home and got soaked in the rain! I will do a fuller report after a nights sleep.
  6. Lee

    First game advice?

    There’s a very good chance I’ll have my first Morts game this Thursday, and very likely against my mates Butchers. He’s lost just one game since taking up Guild Ball in November/December, jammy git. He’s going to be playing a bleed heavy team with Captain Fillet. I have: Obs, Dirge, Silence, Ghast, Graves, Cosset. Whilst this will really be a game seeing what the Spooks can do and getting a feel for them, is there any anti-Butcher fun I can bring to the table with this lot? I’m hoping to get some Embalming Fluid chucked about, get Ghast pushing people off the pitch and have Graves nipping at some heels applying bleed and such - maybe behind their goal waiting for them to come back on after a TO? I’m not too bothered about an 8inf obs prancing about, and I know my mate will be expecting that.