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Found 11 results

  1. IanFinley

    Dark Souls Minis

    Hey there gamers! Very much a novice painter here, but wanted to share my attempts at painting the brilliant Dark Souls minis. Hope you're all enjoying the game! And here are the bosses
  2. IanFinley

    Dark Souls Minis

    Hey there folks! So, I am very much a novice painter, but had fun with the great Dark Souls minis. Hope you're all enjoying the game! And here are the bosses.
  3. Hello guys, I'm new player and I would like to make my own Morticians goal. I have no idea where to start. It would be nice, if you can give me advice, about what materials/tools/paint should I use. I would like to make me a coffin (something like on the picture attached, sorry for stealing to whoever did that great goal). I've been googling, but I'm little bit confused. Thanks for any advice! PS.: (I couldn't find any thread like this, so hopefully it will not be deleted, thank you.)
  4. So I'll preface this by saying that my paintbrushes are already drooling and while I want to answer "Duh! Like.. ALL of them!" I won't... for now. So, which miniatures are you most interested in painting? For me it's not the ones I expected... I figured at first glance I'd be all about the big boss models and such, but as time went on I have a few that I simply can't wait to tackle: Bandaged Leon Sherry Birkin The flaming RPD zombies The morgue zombies The modified zombies The crawling half torso RPD zombies The corpse markers So these have topped my list of ones I am most eager to paint. What about you? What is at the front of the line for you? Cheers gang...
  5. Le Gaming Dude

    Painting Tutorials

    I am adding painting tutorials for the core box miniatures on my channel - I hope it is helpful. Comments and questions are welcome.

    My finished set

    Hi all, Thought I'd post my finished set on here like a lot of other people are doing. I'm extremely new to miniature painting and the knight in this set is literally the first miniature I've ever painted. This took me absolute ages to finish but it's finally done!
  7. GraeOfLondor

    So I Painted the Knight

    So I figured I'd paint at least the player models, I'm notoriously lazy so I think sticking to four unique models may be best to keep up my motivation for now! So, Here's the knight: I vaguely based it on the art but honestly I glanced at the art then winged it. Personally I'm rather happy with how the metal turned out.
  8. First, let me start by saying that I absolutely love this forum. It's been so exciting to discuss the game with everyone here and share in that anticipation with others and even see some of our suggestions have a real influence on the design process. It's been such jolly cooperation. Our conversations had been keeping me from restlessly scrolling my Facebook newsfeed, which can never be a bad thing, but the conversation has dwindled as the days have gone on between updates and that makes me quite sad. I find myself pulling it up at least 10 times a day and seeing if anyone has added anything new and being quite bummed out when I find only silence. I know many of us are still extremely excited and that that excitement is still growing day by day, like mine is. So let's get back to conversation! I'm throwing this question out as a kicking off point but I wouldn't mind at all if this became a rambling forum where we all just got the hype back. In the last update they announced that some new renders had finally been approved and that we'll be seeing them in the upcoming update. What is everyon most excited to see? I know I can't wait to get a look at the darkroot minis. Anyone having anything they're dying to get a look at?
  9. Ashlian

    metal in the future?

    Hello, I was thinking about finally getting into this game with the coming of season 3. But the shift to plastic concerns me a bit. Compared to the original models they seem a lot less dynamic and fun. I like playing games, but I'm mostly in the hobby for the painting, modelling and terrain building. So i have a few questions: *Will future releases and new sculpts all be 2D plastic mold? *Will they keep releasing higher standard metal mini's alongside the new plastic ones? *Will the metal masons and brewers get a metal rescaling to get their sizes in line with the rest of the metal miniatures? *If we don't have concreet answers to these questions => when will we? I just need to know this before I can spend money on this => if they will make a full shift to 2D plastic mold I probably won't spend any money on this (farmers seem rather static to me). (PS i tried to find this info for myself, but can't seem to find anything conclusive.)
  10. Who, (if any), of the models do you hope that steamforge recast in the near future? Personally I would recast the starter set for the masons. It's not that there is anything wrong per se, but it is rather distracting seeing Mallet, Honour and Harmony all shorter than Chisel. It's just a little uncanny looking at my thicker brewers and see friday tower over those three in the masons. (I think they are even smaller then the fishermen for pity's sake.) Yet if I had to pick one above the mentioned three, I would say Harmony needs it the most, (her head looks rather like a poorly scupleted gorgon's head). But it's a small gripe if nothing at all, and I do enjoy the detail in the models. What are your thoughts?
  11. Old_Man_and_Sea

    Female Bodytypes

    Hello everyone! I love Guild Ball and teh Character Design for the current teams! There is a great variety of different looking characters, which I really appreciate. However, so far there seems to be only one female body type - the slender type prevalent in most miniature games. I am aware that this conforms to current conventions in character design, however I would appreciate it if Guild Ball would get different body types for women as well as for men. Instead of going into sociological issues of objectification and such, which usually only lead to nasty flaming discussions on the web. Instead I argue that we have a wide variety of male body types from young slight Boiler up to massive Fangtooth and I would find a greater variety for female models more interesting on the tabletop.