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Found 3 results

  1. I just finished painting my Engineers. So I was watching a Youtube game and the application of the penalty from minefield did not seem either consistent or right all game. It seems to me that if you stand still in a minefield there is no damage. (Getting up from is not moving) Being pushed or dodging or "Where did they go" are not 'advances' but feel as though they should suffer the 4DMG. Is the damage applied for dodges or pushes ? Does it affect figures that can fly? I can't find specific mention of this in the clarifications. Sorry if I missed it.
  2. Tough Hide reduces the damage of enemy plays by 1. Is the sustained effect of a play considered a play for this purpose? How far along the causal chain does "play" extend?
  3. After reading the ruling on pushing someone into the minefield causes 5 DMG (1 for repositioning within and 4 for entering), I have to ask... If there are enemy figures within the 8" aura when the Legendary Play is played (cast, popped, et.c), do those figures count as just "entering" the minefield? They weren't in the minefield prior to the legendary play, but now they are... Basically, does casting Minefield do 4 DMG to those within the 8" aura when it is cast?Since it is an aura, it would follow Ballista, correct? If so, if he pops it and then moves during his Advance such that the 8" aura moves with him such that an enemy figure who was not previously within it is now within it after Ballista's movement - does that count as "entering"?