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Found 3 results

  1. Hello here again. I am a returning player to Guild Ball, as last time resources were too short to play 3 games at the same time i had to drop GB and was upset about that situation. However, I was following news closely. Now came a time to return to my Butchers and rebuy them from nothing. I was at first very opposed to Kick Off! and PVC minis in general. Having wargame background and loving the detailed minis SFG were releasing at the time i quit, which was before vOx was released i was upset about the move to more of a board game feel. Now i know its perks all to well, but this post is not about that. So for my first buy back I got the s1 Butchers six player box. You know Ox, Brisket and everything. As i began to put them together, i noticed a huge (for me at least) difference from the same metal minis i have bought some year ago. The mould lines and overall quality was way lower than back then. I mean that You could see all the flash where the form wasnt put just right and some additional flash where there were supposed to be tight open spaces (for example between Brisket legs, or her neck and hair). Have You noticed something simillar, or is it just a case of a bad box and everything is just fine? I started to think, if this is a widespread thing, maybe the new plastic teams, as in fishermen and maybe more, are just to see if it would be better to resculpt and rerelease in plastic, or make new forms, as the old ones are used and starting to lose the sharp detail and overall precision? What do You think GB community?
  2. Looking for a Normal Honour in Metal, Resin, or Kick Off plastic. Since this is not a limited edition, I am hoping for more reasonable offers. Thanks!
  3. Ashlian

    metal in the future?

    Hello, I was thinking about finally getting into this game with the coming of season 3. But the shift to plastic concerns me a bit. Compared to the original models they seem a lot less dynamic and fun. I like playing games, but I'm mostly in the hobby for the painting, modelling and terrain building. So i have a few questions: *Will future releases and new sculpts all be 2D plastic mold? *Will they keep releasing higher standard metal mini's alongside the new plastic ones? *Will the metal masons and brewers get a metal rescaling to get their sizes in line with the rest of the metal miniatures? *If we don't have concreet answers to these questions => when will we? I just need to know this before I can spend money on this => if they will make a full shift to 2D plastic mold I probably won't spend any money on this (farmers seem rather static to me). (PS i tried to find this info for myself, but can't seem to find anything conclusive.)