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Found 4 results

  1. Sure this must have come up a gazillion times before but have searched and can't find it. In short, I put Butchery on Seenah this evening and then charged him with oRage. I used the damage buff from Butchery and managed to take the bear out, but after the game, I remembered Maverick. As Butchery is on Seenah and not Rage, does Rage get the damage bonus from Butchery?
  2. If Seasoned Brisket uses her Legendary Play, Worthy Sacrifice, can she choose Rage as part of the first clause? Place this model in base contact with an other friendly model within [6"] of this model. The other friendly model may then immediately make a [6"] Dodge.
  3. The way this rule is worded: "This model cannot be affected by other friendly Plays or Character Traits" means that none of his other traits (or Tooled Up), with the exception of "Crucial Artery" have any affect. Is that the intent?
  4. I figured we better have this one in here rather than scattered around the forums. Rage cannot be affected by any other Friendly Plays or Character Traits, apart from his own Tooled Up. A Play is a Play. Lob Barrel? Illusion of the mind. Everyone else under the AoE is KD and Pushed, Rage cares not. Scything Blow? Why are you waving that weapon around? Commanding Aura? You're not the boss of Rage. Foul Odour? A pleasant scent. The Unmasking? Another face to punch. Puppet Master/Tooled Up/Bag of Coffers/Smelling Salts on Rage? Rage doesn't need your help. This sound alright?