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Found 3 results

  1. Fish-in-a-Beer

    Captains and Matchups

    I've been playing my Brewers again a LOT lately, and I've started doing the "tourney ten" draft before pretty much every game I play to get accustomed to it. I'm interested to pool the collective brain-thoughts: what matchups do you play which captain into? Are there any matchups you think we automatically go one way or the other? Which Guilds/Captains do Tapper and Esters each hate to see on the other side of the table? I'll certainly sound off my own thoughts down the discussion, but as I'm trying to gather others' opinions, I want to leave the beginning wide open so people are talking about what you all think, rather than reacting to what they feel about what I think... =)
  2. TheCurkov

    Alchemist Matchups

    I played smoke the entirety of season 2 and I really like her play style, but do we even play her anymore? Let me clarify what I mean. Let's assume we are taking a roster to a tournament with both Smoke and Midas on the roster. What match ups do we prefer Midas in and which ones make us select Smoke? I think there are a few no-brainers here when it comes to selecting Midas over Smoke. Brewers are all but immune to the conditions game between magical brew, Esters' heroic, and Hooper's heroic the conditions game seems like more trouble than it is worth. Union is also a problem for Smoke. I am having a hard time imagining that a Union team would not play Hemlock as part of their 9 or would leave her on the bench vs Alchemists. But when we consider the match ups other way around I find that there is little pointing me toward Smoke over Midas. My initial thoughts on when to take Smoke have entirely to do with when I want access to blind since Midas does little to help Calculus and outside of applying blind she does nothing for Midas. I consider the Blind match ups to be Butchers, Fish, and Masons. The 2 captains issue is further exasperated Katalyst vs Vet Katalyst. You can't have both on the roster and each captain clearly prefers one over the other. The roster I am currently considering is: Midas, Smoke, Flask, Mercury, Calculus, Vitriol, Katalyst, Compound, Harry. But I think you arguably could replace Katalyst with Vet Katalyst. The other answer I have considered to this problem is to just play one captain, but under the new organized play rules this is Strictly The Worst (and also my single largest gripe with season 3.) If we decide to not play Smoke every roster is almost exactly the same since we have only 10 selections left to make. Midas, Flask, Naja, Calculus, Compound, (one of the) Katalyst('s,) Mercury, Venin, Vitriol, A Union player (lets not kid ourselves this is Harry.) I think everyone that is leaving smoke at home is deciding between playing 2 mascots or playing every other option available. Let me know your thoughts.
  3. Out of curiosity, when you play teams that are strong on X, do you use your roster to try to match the opposing team's strengths or do you use your roster to attack them in the opposite spectrum? Vs. Butchers would you sub in more hitting to match their aggression or sub in Mist to have two really effective strikers? The versatility of the Masons is leading to some issues with figuring out their core strategies as they have effective kicking options, (Flint, Honour, Mist) attacking options, (Mallet, Chisel, Minx, Decimate) and effective control options (Marbles, Tower, Brick). Since I can play their game with three different focuses it's going to take me three times the playtime to figure them out, so I was hoping to get all of your opinions on the matter to help cut down on the reps.