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Found 1 result

  1. Chriscdoa

    Who to Drop?

    Unlike other guilds Rats only have 1 captain, mascot and 8 players total. So there's no discussion on captain into other guilds. But since we only ever drop 2 players - there can be a discussion on who to drop into other guilds... Generally here are some drops/combinations, but i'm not going into who're they're good into yet... Most 2" melee - Drop Pellage and Bonesaw Best kick - Drop Skulk and Scourge Max damage - Drop Bonesaw and Skulk Survivability - Drop bonesaw and Pellage So what do people think the best 4s are into the different guilds? Or is it always Bonesaw if receiving and never if kicking... and of course for some its captain dependant I'll try one... Fish (either) - need 2" melee and goal threat counter, so Miasma, Scourge, V Graves, Skulk.