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Found 1 result

  1. Hello there! I'm slowly creeping up on a double digit amount of Ratcatchers games, where I've mostly played the original six. I've substituted Skulk for VGraves in some games, and brought Bonesaw into one of them. What I've come away with is that I'm having a hard time seeing which match ups or playstyles the mortician crossovers are good, and I'm starting to wonder if there are any at all. Bonesaw seems more like a personal choice than anything, and I happen to be in the camp that doesn't really like what he does. He brings some massive draw backs, and I think the opportunity cost is too high. Scoring a goal with Ratcatchers isn't terribly difficult, getting the ball back is the hard part in my experience. VGraves has his bright moments, but the TAC5 is painfull at times and the knockdown seems to require too much set up to be reliable. He does bring a fun toolkit, and I feel like his advantages has been listed in multiple threads in here, but I feel like switching out Skulk is a trap; Having a TAC6 modell with a tackle on 2 that can annoy strikers and turn off carefully planned goals seems like a good threat into almost any matchup, not to mention that he can actually do some momentous damage if you need him to. This thread isn't meant to be an exhaustive list of VGraves and Bonesaws advantages and disadvantages, what I've mentioned here is mostly just to set the stage for you guys to comment on this question: In what tournament match up do you think switching out any of the original six is the better play, and why? Is it ever worth going totally diseaseless, even though that means you have to bring both Vgraves and Bonesaw? Switching out Scourge (The Munchiest of all :D) and Miasma seems like way to much off a cost for me, even into Smoke, but I might lack the experience needed here. I am very interested in hearing what you guys think, and I'm trying to keep an open mind here! I'd really like to have some legitimate reasons to bring Vgraves and Bonesaw, other than to fill up the 8 for tournament purposes. And I think new players in the guild who just bought the box of six would like to know this aswell, when they consider wether to buy the Morticians box to fill up their roster!