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Found 9 results

  1. First match report of Season 3: Hunters vs Brewers! Jaz and I were super excited for the changes in Season 3 and we shot a super quick match report ;) Not a serious game but we give a full review at the end and plenty of the new rules come into play also!! Excuse the rule mistakes I am sure plenty exist :D If you like the content make sure you subscribe and follow we are going to bring plenty more reports in the near future. -Mike
  2. Hello guys from Steamforge forums, I would like to know if there is a way to have an access to the Union in chains forums to read and access all the match reports that were gathered there. I know some are really light but other are cool. Maybe lock it so that we can only read it ? Anyway I hope it is not lost in the web somewhere. Cheers
  3. So I'm finally at a point I have the time to write up my Engineer journey from the end of April through early May. This all started because my friend, Dan decided he had to sell his Engineers which I had been looking to pick up since the start of season 3, but didn't actually have the money or inclination to buy and paint a new guild (at this point I had Hunters, Union, Alchemists, and Brewers with only the Brewers still to paint). But Dan's engineers are gorgeous and I definitely wanted them to stay in house so I blew my gaming budget a bit for a couple months and picked them up when he said he was selling. At this time I had been debating what to put together for an upcoming Regional Qualifier in Denver for Texas GamesCon and even though I had no intention of making the Con, I still wanted to make the qualifier what with it only being an hour away and with me running (and therefor not playing in) one the following weekend in Colorado Springs for MomCon I started the game back in April of 2016 by buying the Hunter starter and really didn't like how they fared in the S2-3 transition so I hadn't really played them all that much. Union is what I had swapped to at the end of S2 and primarily played Blackheart. Early S3 I played a ton of Veteran Rage prompted by the alternate sculpt. Most recently before buying the Engineers I had been playing Alchemists which I traded some Warmachine stuff for. But, while I liked playing them, they weren't really clicking for me. I blame Vitriol who I think was at the time around 0/6 on goal shots for me. So I was kinda of debating whether to paint up Snakeskin who I (along with several others) theorized could kill the ball for my vRage team vs Fish and Alchemists long enough for me to get the 2-4 take outs I wanted or jump ship and paint the Brewers up which I'd only played a handful of times at all but owned in part due to the kick off value. With Dan's engineers suddenly falling in my lap, my decision was made! I had borrowed the team a couple times in the past to mess around with them just for fun (hook) including just playing around one regular game night practicing the steps for a turn 1 Pin Vice legendary run to nail that in a bit in my brain in terms of what was possible with a ton of free passes (line). Him selling the team fully painted and converted (sinker) fit my lazy idea of how gaming should be perfectly so I decided to get in at least a half dozen games of practice over the next couple weeks before the tournament. I hope at least some of you enjoy reading these and/or find them beneficial. My disclaimer is that all pictures are taken poorly by me and while the plan is to snap one start of turn and mid turn every turn, I tend to forget when I'm frustrated or in the groove of executing a plan. I'm terrible at balance (see user name and understand it is an accurate physical description) so some of the pictures wound up so blurry as to be unusable. All my opponent's models look way better in person than they do in my pictures and they have all graciously allowed me to post these write-ups. I'll link the thread out to all of them so they can comment if you have any questions for them. I welcome any and all questions and comments! So without further ado, here are the match reports of my 7 practice games followed by a tournament report of the regional qualifier. Inaugural Game - vs Fishermen 20 April vs Alex - I picked up the Engineers on Thursday en route to my regular game store, Gamer's Haven in Colorado Springs. Alex was down visiting us from Denver for his guard unit's 2 week rotation and had brought his Fishermen with him. This was going to be my last regular chance to play him and also was my 40th birthday so we each just sorted out a lineup we wanted to play and went with that, no draft. This match has no pictures and was before I decided to take notes, but stuck with me well enough to write it up blow by blow when I got home. Writing it up led me to decide to take notes through the qualifier tournament and try and do some written match reports because I like having them to read and figure maybe there are some other old folks like me who like reading this sort of stuff more than watching or listening to it. My lineup was Ballista, Mother, Hoist, Locus, Ratchet, oVelocity with plots Composure, Who Are Ya?, and Sic 'em. Alex went with Corsair, Tentacles, Hag, Kraken, vSiren, Avarice/Greede with plots Good Marker, Brace for Impact, Match Fixing He wins the roll off and elect to receive. I try and kick with Ballista towards A/G, but both the scatter and the re-roll are in direction 6 and land the ball in my half of the pitch. He opts to give the ball to the Hag. Turn 1 The Hag uses her free play to dodge Corsair forward and them misses a pass to Avarice, but Greede is able to intercept the ball anyways. Ballista wants to reposition into an obstruction to avoid Corsair's drag and deadbolt the Hag who is sitting in an obstructions, but I forgot that she has fear and only had 2 influence on Ballista so he delays, and instead, Ratchet tools up Hoist and drops a blast earth on the Hag which hits for a momentum thanks to Ballista's aura. Corsair drags in Ballista, knocks him down and does a couple points of damage. Seeing that both Siren and Kraken are ready to get in on him, Ballista stands up forfeiting his movement and swings on Corsair pushing him out of cover. He gets knocked down by a counter attack so spends the momentum from the push to stand up and swing again for another push moving Corsair within 2" of the hag. Siren moves in on Ballista and does a few damage and gets a dread gaze up to stymie any melee attacks I might want to make. Mother sprints up and drops a nest to be in Kraken's way if he tries to get into Ballista. Kraken gets to Ballista and KD him anyways. Due to the drag, Hoist can't get into range of Ballista for momentous inspiration (because Ratchet forgot to Overclock him) so he goes ahead and advances and drops a pair of tooled up blast earths on Siren, Corsair, and Hag. Siren eats both, Corsair and Hag, get hit once each. Alex goes for the A/G goal here instead of Tentacles which I felt was a mistake as I had 2 inf on Locus still and 1 on Velocity. They of course make the tap in goal after double sprinting and a where did they go, but taking it now instead of 1 activation later meant Velocity would have had to retrieve the ball instead of Locus. The kick out scatters in front of Locus who sprints up and passes it back to Velocity. Tentacles moves up behind the nest. Velocity sprints out wide but in a positioning mistake on my part does not end within 18" of the fish goal. Turn 2 - initiative to Engineers - 4-0 to the Fish I lead off with Locus who walks up to Kraken and >> him into some rough ground just outside 6" from Velocity and then gets a knock down on him. Kraken forfeits his movement to stand up and plays Good Marker to gamble on a Harpoon at Velocity on 1 die (due to being engaged) but he misses. He then knocks down Locus. [We played this wrong, if you forfeit your movement, you can't use Good Marker.] Ballista clears his conditions (knockdown) and walks out of range of Hag and Siren taking a pair of parting blows for 1 damage each. He pays for a Minefield and deadbolts Corsair back out of melee and triggering Sturdy. Corsair decides to Harpoon Ballista instead of taking the 3 damage from Minefield and then grabs a few momentum knocking the engineer captain back down and doing some damage. Tough Hide is doing a ton of work keeping Ballista from dropping too fast. Mother drops a nest back near Hoist and Ratchet where A/G might have tried to converge then moves up to crowd out Kraken preparing for Velocity coming in later for a momentum or two. Siren shadow likes and get a dread gaze and some damage and momentum off Ballista who is now down to 10 hp. She then heals herself after her advance to offset the Minefield. Ratchet tools up Hoist Avarice charges Hoist and Greede walks in but can't make melee range. Avarice takes a >> instead of Single Out or knock down and moves hoist enough to be in melee range of Greede. Greede wiffs for only 2 net hits so takes a < due to tough hide. Hoist, super excited by this turn of events gives Avarice a parting blow to lose the crowd out and swings 3 times on Greede for 6 non-momentous damage. Hag uses her free play to dodge Corsair towards Tentacles, but he gets stopped by the best nest ever so doesn't move the whole 2". Velocity makes her charge at Kraken who defensive stances. She gets 4 net-hits for the super awesome <<>> and dodges into Tentacles who has 1 inf and uses her last inf to Nimble because I don't want to let the octopus trigger close control with a counter attack. She spends my momentum to stand Locus back up because I'm so far behind on momentum this turn i may as well spend it. Tentacles does 1 damage to Velocity. Turn 3 - initiative to Fish - still 4-0 for Fish Alex sees a hilarious play and goes for it. The Hag shadow likes off the obstruction and walks to a spot where she has 9 players in her legendary range. She uses the free play to position Kraken closer to Velocity then pops it. She closes the gap between Avarice and Greede, gets Tentacles and Kraken on 2 sides of Velocity but can't get Corsair to close the gap still due to the best nest ever. At the end of all this, Velocity was b2b with Tentacles and Kraken and engaged by Corsair, but the Hag took 9 damage and was taken out which then left a nice clear 30mm wide path out of this scrum if Velocity was a bit lucky. 4-2 Fish So Velocity gives it the 'ole college try. Mother is still ganging up Kraken so he's the target. Minus 2 dice for Tentacles and Corsair and +1 for Mother, Velocity decides to spend my lost initiative momentum for a bonus time. The dice come up 3 hits for a momentous <<. Acrobatic gives another 2" dodge to break all the melee ranges so Velocity walks around Siren and slots in a goal staying in position instead of running the length because I felt I'd need the momentum to clear some knock downs. 4-6 Engineers The kick out scatters extremely poorly for Alex and lands well behind the scrum instead of on any of his players. Fearing Locus using Remote Control, Alex felt he had to pick up the ball so Kraken backed up and grabbed it and passed to Corsair. He sits on his momentum. It takes me a minute, but I finally see it for two reasons; 1. This was an interaction I wanted to use going into the game and 2. A/G are b2b again and 1 hp Greede will die easily and save me some grief later on. Hoist swings on Greede and gets the 1 damage for the take out. 4-8 Engineers Hoist spends both momentum I have to stand up Ballista (who is now engaging Corsair). Hoist then walks up and true replicates Burrow from Mother and uses this to place himself next to the best nest ever. He's crowded out by Tentacles but has Ballista to off set that. The burrow swing nets a T popping close control on Corsair. The counter attack triggers Sturdy. Swinging again gets a momentous T again. Last influence is spent on a pass to Velocity crowded out twice (Corsair and Tentacles) with an intervening model (Siren) so is down to 1 die. Composure brings this back up to 3 dice. He gets the 1 success once the last die stops spinning and that makes 2 momentum for Velocity to Snap Shot which she lands like a champ! 4-12 Engineers 12 points in 4 activations (his and mine) MVP was that very first nest marker that Mother placed which kept being in the way for repositions and ultimately was the burrow to win for Hoist. First game out with a brand new team and a win out of nowhere. I was really not felling good about this game until Velocity got super lucky dodging out of the death trap the Hag put her in. Hoist and Mother was half the reason I wanted this team in the first place so I was glad to get to use that this game. Having played primarily scrum teams who football when they can, it was very interesting for me to actively try and pursue the goals before the kills and there is certainly a visceral excitement to winning a game with a snap shot that I couldn't even afford to bonus time. Game 2 - vs Fishermen 21 April So, this game was vs. my most frequent opponent Jayden who was the first person I dragged into guild ball after I bought the Hunters. Since we both had some free time Friday, I took my puppy over to his house to play with his while we got in a game of guild ball. I was pretty sure Fishermen (Shark in particular) would be a very tough match for the Engineers and they guild is quite popular so I wanted to practice this match up a few times. Jayden won the roll off and opted to receive Teams in drafted order were: Tentacles, Avarice/Greede, Sakana, oSiren, Greyscales, Shark - leaving Corsair, Hag, Kraken on the bench - his plots were Super Fan, Who Are Ya?, and Match Fixing Mother, Hoist, Locus, oVelocity, Ratchet, Ballista - leaving Pin Vice, Compound, Harry the Hat on the bench - my plots Good Marker, Sic 'em, Wingback I kick off with Ballista. Greyscales sprints and decoys and passes the ball to Siren. Mother walks up and drops a nest. Siren walks up and passes to Greede. Ballista walks up and puts up a minefield and deadbolt's Avarice. Avarice clears conditions and advances. Greede passes to Tentacles and walks back b2b with Avarice. Locus sprints up the field. Tentacles passes to Sakana and walks forward. Ratchet Tools Up Hoist, advances and drops a blast earth on Tentacles missing him. Sakana walks up and bonus times a pass to Shark who dodges forward after receiving it. Velocity sprints off to the wing. Shark sprints around the minefield to engage Mother attacking 4 times for 4 momentous dodges and shoots a goal with a bonus time successfully. Hoist punts the ball away from Shark and Greyscales out towards the sidelines and then misses a blast earth on Shark. Turn 2 - Fish win @ +4 - 4-0 Fish Shark sprints around taking a parting blow form Mother for 1 damage. Locus's gravity well pulls him in and he uses his Legendary catching everyone except Velocity. Shark starts swinging for a >. Locus's counter attack > him back away from the ball. Shark keeps swinging for <<, <<, swing on Ratchet for << and finally get in range on the ball and snaps it up. Ballista uses Good Marker to Deadbolt Shark and the ball scatters 6" directly towards tentacles...so much for me being in this game at all. Greyscales engages Velocity. Avarice and Greede shuffle around in the back a bit. Mother moves her 1" and drops a nest Siren walks through the forest and seduces Locus to knock down Ballista. Velocity walks away from Greyscales taking 1 damage for her troubles. Tentacles snaps the ball and passes to Sakana which misses and scatters to just in front of the Fish goal line. Locus uses Destructive Impulse on Shark pushing him towards the edge of the pitch. Sakana sprints and snaps up the ball and gets a couple of momentous dodges off of Ballista. Hoist Blast earth's Shark a couple times because Ratchet forgot to Overclock him or the free sprint and 2 Destructive Impulses could have pushed him off the pitch. Shark is instead left on 3 hp. Fish win the roll off at even. Sakana hits Ballista for <<, <, engages Locus and gets sucked in by Gravity Well [Wrong, gravity well only triggers on advances]. << off Ballista again then walks into tap in range and slots in a goal. My kick out scatters directly towards Shark continuing the trend of why do I even bother with this game. I fail to see that A/G are fully loaded and I have Mother grab the ball with a nest and drop it next to hoist to avoid Siren seducing me into giving him a snap shot. Avarice and Greede double sprint and Where Did They Go into another tap in goal. [All the notes below were taken immediately after the game - my second with Engineers] This was the first game I'd been shutout in probably 8 months or so and it was brutal. I intentionally didn't draft Compound this time around even knowing that he's amazing to shorten the A/G threat range and can cause alot of trouble with Horrific Odor. Shark's legendary hitting the entire relevant portion of the board is every bit and stupid as I remembered only this team is all walk 4 or 5 so its even more debilitating than I'm used to. oSiren completes the Fish dominance vs Engineers because I have no one I can leave the ball on and have it safe for even a single turn. Had the scatter when Shark got knocked down gone literally anywhere except where it did, I either would have had the ball or it would have been dead for a turn, both of which I think would have allowed me to get at least some points on the board. I still think that Locus has some merit into the Fish match up, but I'm not sure how to cram him into the lineup. Taking for granted I want Hoist, Ratchet, and Compound that only leaves me one flex slot which I kinda want to be Velocity so that I can have two pocket goals (Breach+Velocity) and a semi-maybe-possible place to park the ball (def 6 with close control is hard for all the fish to actually T and is a coin flip for Siren). If this doesn't get figured out, I may as well just stick with Alchemists who I believe are a stronger team or the Union which I have more experience with.
  4. Preface: In the Tournament 9 discussion I talked about the list I won the regional qualifier with, which is Fillet, Ox, Princess, Boiler, Brisket Meathook, Boar, Tenderiser, and Minx With the core 6 being: Fillet, Princess, Boiler, oBrisket, Meathook and Minx. I plan on making plenty of changes to the list, the most obvious being removing Ox. He was only in there because...well because. I'm going to post match reports here trying different line-ups against different teams and try and tune my 9 for the championships. I've played some different line ups since I posted in that thread, but I don't remember all the details but I did win all of them. I will start recording them from here out in this thread. Warning, I can be long winded (read my S2 Mason reports). Match Report 1: Alright so tonight I played against SBrisket. This is my second game against her, I won the first I believe 12-4 with the Line-up I've been using all year. Tonight I played a different line up. Line ups: Butchers: Fillet, Truffles, Meathook, Boiler, VBrisket, VOx, Boar, Tenderiser and Harry "The Hat" Union: Blackheart, SBrisket, Coin, Harry "The Hat, Gutter, Decimate, Snakeskin, Minx and Avarisse and Greede. Pre-Game: I am receiving. There are 4 pieces of terrain. There is fast ground on the right, near the center line but more on his side. There is forest on his side of the pitch on the left near the deployment line. An obstruction a couple inches away from his line on the right and an obstruction on my side on the right as well. My plot cards were (bold i chose): Knee Slider, Super Fan, Match Fixing, Composure and Good Marker. Knee Slider is great. Not super pumped about any of the cards I got, but I got most of the relevant kicking cards which means he didn't, so this is fine. Took Super Fan just because....because I guess. Not very useful but I don't think it really mattered. Got some of the worst cards. Drafting: I will say, that going into this I suspected SBrisket because I know my opponent has been wanting to play her some more. (Bold will be his picks) Fillet, Coin, Truffles, A&G, Meathook, Mist, Harry "The Hat", Harry "The Hat", VBrisket, Snakeskin, VOx, SBrisket. So going into the draft, I knew I was taking, Harry and VBrisket. Meathook and Boar were the next slot and VOx and Tenderiser the last. He didn't take much 2" melee so I felt really comfortable bringing Meathook. Tenderiser probably could delay a goal run but I felt confident in my turn one goal and my ability to race after that so I took VOx for more 2" melee for UM and to hand out KD. Turn 1: He deploys in right to left, fairly spread out A&G, Mist, Coin, Brisket, Harry, Snakeskin. I deploy Meathook, Truffles, Fillet, Harry, VBrisket, VOx. He kicks with SBrisket, putting it past an obstruction. I give Meathook 2, Truffles 0, Fillet 4, Harry 3, VBriskest 4, and VOx 0. He gives A&G 4, Brisket 4 , Mist 2, Harry 1 and Snakeskin 2. Meathook sprints to get the ball and hides behind the obstruction and kicks to Truffles who dodges back behind Fillet and Harry for free using Harry's aura. I'm very wary of SBrisket ability to score a goal here. He uses harry to throw down a molotov. Pig drops the ball 1" from Harry who leaves it on the ground to avoid a Route One threat. He gives Bag of Coffers to Brisket. Harry snaps the ball up passes to Fillet, sprints up and sets Brisket on Fire. Mist moves a crazy distance and gets on the other side of the obstruction Meathook is at. VOx moves up the field. He moves up snakeskin into the forest and puts up Clone. I notice two things here. My opponent position in a way that I would have to go into the forest and around snakeskin for my goal. My original plan was to charge Harry and end up on the other side of him and dodge out of melee and into goal range so I would have the momentum to bonus time. Going through the forest left me with no way to bonus time and missing this goal would be big. The other thing was that I had no reasonable way to stop the A&G return goal. I use Fillet to put Quick Foot onto VBrisket and pass to her, dodging her up. I sprint over to A&G's side of the pitch to try and be as annoying as I can for the return goal. He charges Harry with Brisket and does some dodging and forgetting Rising Anger, damages him which is great for me. He makes three momentum from this. I go for the goal, going through the forest and using Quick Time to get there and make the 4 dice shot. I don't use Knee Slider cause I'm fairly ok where she is. He kicks over to A&G and makes the goal on a 4 dice shot as well. He is up momentum and better set-up for turn two than I am. I take a risky goal kick off to the left in no man's land and the scatter puts it just over my goal line. Not good. But no one can get to easily (except VOx) Butchers: 4 Union: 4 Turn 2: He wins the roll off as we both roll 2's. He chooses to go first. I get no momentum (awesome). He loads up Brisket, gives Mist 2, Harry 3, Snakeskin 3. I give Fillet a full stack, Meathook 3, Truffles 1, VOx 1, VBrisket 2 and Harry 2. He uses Snakeskin to engage VOx and hits on him a couple time just taking dodges. I see he is setting up Brisket's legendary to get the ball. I take a parting blow with VOx and get poisoned and run to get the ball to at least make the attempt harder. He activates Brisket and hits on harry to double dodge into range to legendary. He does so and jumps to Snakeskin and moves them both to engage Ox. He takes 3 attacks and takes two momentous dodges (using 1 to tackle the ball) and one With Aplomb , sitting at 1" of VOx. He has two influence left. He takes another attack and whiffs, missing the two hits he needs the double dodge (He is a little less than 9" away). So he can't make the goal and he just buys another attack and hits almost all of them and just takes a dodge. I was able to snapback goal without him being able to so I was ready for him to make the goal, but this made things alot easier. I use Harry to attack his Harry and hit all 7 dice. Do 3 and a KD, and use the other attack to push him into my Harry and in range of Fillet. I heal Harry. He use Coin to bag of coffer's Harry. I use Truffles and charge Greede, netting 0 hits. Harry stands up and wails on Harry leaving him at 9 and moving Harry out of Fillet's threat range. I use Meathook tool up Fillet. I walk over to Greede and hit him getting the 1 success I need to Hook and Bleed him. Attack again and do 3 damage. He runs Mist back away from Fillet, attempting to set him up from a return goal in turn 3 if I score. Greede is at 3 and I consider just using Exsanguinate to kill him and go for Avarrise but decide to save it and just attack and kill him getting 2" of dodging putting me back into threat of Harry. I spend 2 to stand my Harry up for a crowd out. I charge his Harry. He uses Brace for Impact (the only plot card I see), defensive stance and Counter attack. I hit 4 hits down to 3 and do 3 damage. He hits 5 successes on 6 dice and does 2 damage and a double push to Fillet. Fillet uses 2 to drop Pain Circle on him, hitting and leaving him at 4 HP. I should have used my legendary here but for some reason decided to save it. He moves Avarisse into a safer position. I charge Harry hoping for a wrap of one to kill him but miss it by 1 hit leaving him at 1. I'm up 2 momentum (8 to 6) and I'm in a really good spot if I win the roll off and I do. Butchers: 6 Union: 4 Turn 3: He is going to score with Brisket but Harry is at 1 and that will put me at 8 and if he scores I just score back. I load up Fillet, Harry, and Brisket and give VOx one. He loads up Brisket, Mist (for a goal run if things go badly for me) and gives 2 to snakesking and Avarrise. I start with Harry and kill his Harry, I move Harry to engage the snake and Mist, hoping to KD the snake and push Mist out of cover, and I whiff all three attacks. He has no one left who can fight my guys so decides to go for the goal anyways. He does some dodging off of Ox (and a With Aplomb) and makes the goal. I send position it so Brisket or Fillet will get it. It lands at Fillet's feet. She Quick Foots and runs to be withing 4" of the goal and taps it in for the win. Butchers: 12 Union: 8 After game thoughts: So right off the bat, I should have positioned in a way to better stop the Greede goal. I could have kept Harry back so Brisket could not have made the momentum but he probably would have been able to reach him anyways. This was my first game using VOx. His only contribution was grabbing the ball once. I will be giving him more time on the pitch for sure, but I did not utilize him much. While I'm glad I finally got to use VOx I think Tenderiser was the right call in the draft and I talked myself out of it wanting to use VOx. Harry over Minx is still agonizing me but I'll probably stick to Harry. I do miss marked target and her mobility (snared is also big. Helps a lot with the math.) This game felt a lot more difficult than the last time I played SBrisket with my usual line-up but I think that is due to me being so familiar and comfortable with those models. The goal kick after the Greede goal was a mistake too. I could have positioned it better to where I would the scatter would have to been really terrible. And where is landed made it possible for Brisket to get the goal, where if I had done it better should wouldn't have been able to dodge far enough off of Ox. One change I'm thinking of making is dropping Boiler (Or VOx depending on future playtests) for oBrisket. I pretty much only want to play VBrisket when I'm receiving. And not against every team, so I really want both in my list. If I do decide to only keep one, it will probably be oBrisket. Anyways, hope it wasn't to unbearably long. I'd love to hear any feedback. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hello everyone. this is the thread where i will be putting match reports for my engineers in their tournament performance 2017. so far i am signed up to the EGG cup (tomorrow) at element games in Manchester. then i have a break until the losers guild tournament in march and then vengeance 2017, i may fill in other tournaments in-between depending on life. to date i have played 20 games with my engineers in season 2, and i am still yet to win one. so my official goal for the EGG cup is either, break this losing streak , or get the spoon. (hence EGG and Spoon Race. My line up will be as follows. Captain: Pinvice. Mascot: Mother Mascot: Mainspring Union: Harry the hat Player: Velocity Player: Hoist Player: Compound Player: Ratchet Player:Collossus i decided to go with just the one captain as i feel like i know pinvice better than balista, and with my almost entirely mechanica line up she makes more sense. i prefer her legendary to balistas, and having 3 models in the list with reanimate and 3 models with close control makes for quite the potent denial game i think. depending on if i kick or receive i will switch between mascots, if im kicking then the spider is in to try and help defend the goal, if im receiving then the mainspring free pass is more useful. hoist and velocity will likely be in every lineup for me, and then depending on the opposition i will work out what else i want, against slow teams i will likely go with harry and ratchet to try and slow them down (3 blast earth with deletion and tooled up and one fire per turn) and to speed my tem up further if i have the ball. against beaters it will likely be harry and compound. iv taken more and more to playing compound out of goal against beater teams as a 2 inch reach gluttonous mass 20 health model is quite useful all in all vs football its got to be colossus and compound colossus for the previously mentioned 3 close control players and compound for actual goal defence , coupled with mothers nests they can lay out a pretty substantial defence i dunno how well any of this is going to work out but id love any advice and suggestions before tomorrow. reports will go up one a day over the next week as i get them written up
  6. Welcome to the Crit Damage Miniature Games Guild Ball league "Gases and Ghosts". We have just started the game so there will be some rule errors let us know so we can make the reports better and better! -Mike
  7. Hey folks! I figure I ought to chronicle my Match Reports here. We picked up the game in February, so you're going to see some 'getting to know the game' bits and pieces wrong in the first few reports. We also weren't aware of all the errata to Union for the second game (just the shrinking of Chain Grab, so we missed 1" melee on Decimate and Gluttinous Mass on Fangtooth). Great fun though, lots more in the pipe! I'll keep this thread updated with new reports as they are released. -Ash
  8. Abattoir Away Days #ep01 - Butchers vs Engineers Abattoir Away Days #ep02 - Butchers vs Union (featuring Chris of Guild Ball Informer) Abattoir Away Days #ep03 - Butchers vs Morticians (featuring Chris of Guild Ball Informer) Abattoir Away Days #ep04 - Butchers vs Alchemists (featuring Steve of WCWW) Abattoir Away Days #ep05 - Butchers vs Fishermen Abattoir Away Days #ep06 - Butchers vs Brewers Abattoir Away Days #ep07 - Butchers vs Butchers Abattoir Away Days #ep08 - Butchers vs Masons
  9. To put it simply, I have absolutely loved my journey into playing Guild Ball. A big thank you has to go to Jay from Guild Ball informer for dragging me in! After a few games and a couple of tournaments, I decided to try my hand at filming some match reports since I have a wargaming youtube. And so Abattoir Away Days featuring my beloved (and pure!) Butchers was born and I cannot believe the support the series has had! Especially as I was coming in having only really extensively filmed Hobbit SBG as well a few other systems as one offs. A big thank you to all my amazing opponents who have taught me so much over the eight episodes; it has gone incredibly quick and I can't believe the 8th and final episode of series one vs the Masons will go up Monday. I realised that I've never really posted the videos to the forum as a resource for fellow Butchers players so for anyone who hasn't seen them, I hope it helps! And for anyone who has, what has been your favourite match or match moment so far? Thanks everyone and expect to see a lot more of me! Abattoir Away Days #ep01 - Butchers vs Engineers Abattoir Away Days #ep02 - Butchers vs Union (featuring Chris of Guild Ball Informer) Abattoir Away Days #ep03 - Butchers vs Morticians (featuring Chris of Guild Ball Informer) Abattoir Away Days #ep04 - Butchers vs Alchemists (featuring Steve of WCWW) Abattoir Away Days #ep05 - Butchers vs Fishermen Abattoir Away Days #ep06 - Butchers vs Brewers Abattoir Away Days #ep07 - Butchers vs Butchers Abattoir Away Days #ep08 - Butchers vs Masons