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Found 37 results

  1. Tsar14

    Coffee Shop Triumvirate

    Saturday October 13th 2018 - Season Four Blacksmiths - Kicking (Perspective) Hearth (Captain) Alloy vCinder - Kicking Anvil Sledge Farris Union - Receiving vRage Coin Mist Benediction Avarisse & Greed Harry Team Analysis Union: My usual Union opponent is trying a lineup slightly altered by the season four changes by swapping in Harry The Hat to take the place he most commonly uses Gutter. I think by keeping A&G over Gutter it makes his lineup easier to control in exchange for higher damage output when they make it into the enemy lines. Swapping out of one his damage dealers for an extra utility piece adds a small amount of AoE control and extra mobility from Harry's aura. Blacksmiths: I ran a lineup similar to the scrum focused lineups I’ve been running in season three but decided to try Hearth as captain primarily for the changes to her legendary. The main goal of this lineup is to form a scrum using the knockdowns, sentinel auras’, and two inch melee to control the threats to apprentices while either heavily allocating to vCinder & Sledge for takeouts or switching to Alloy for a goal-run at the expense of the beater apprentice's influence. I wanted to see if the new legendary from hearth would be able to enable a multiple threat turn by enabling both Alloy and at least one of the fighting focused apprentices. Kickoff- I lineup off center to the left to minimize the effect of terrain denying my apprentices charge lanes as both of my beater apprentices have key effects on charge. He lines up fairly grouped up in the center with his striker opposite the kickoff side. Since I’m kicking off with a fighter threat rather than a striker threat I’m aiming to make the ball as difficult to retrieve as possible to hopefully force him into vCinder's threat range. Whereas he lines up to set up a bottom of turn one or top of turn two goal threat after passing down his lines. Turn One Allocation BS- Full stack vCinder & Sledge, Anvil 2 Un- Full stack vRage & Mist, Molotov+sprint influence to Harry Turn One Key Activations Harry lays down Molotov in front of vCinder blocking off full stack Sledge and forcing vCinder to take burning if she goes in Farris sprints in and pushes Harry closer to vCinder & Sledge Anvil dodges up the team primarily to enable vCinder’s charge (dodges her into Molotov) who’s charge significantly damages Harry, while catching A&G vRage takes Farris low and wins momentum race Turn One Recap Blacksmiths - 0 Union - 0 I trade over-extending Farris for getting both of my apprentices into the enemy team to kill Harry and damage Avarisse for turn 2. However Harry’s Molotov is positioned perfectly to just barely block off sledge. This results in both Harry & Farris being very low but not dead but more importantly gives the Union team the momentum race. Turn Two Game Plan and Allocation Gameplan Cards Blacksmiths- Offside Trap Union- Go For The Knees(Wins Initiative) Clock Blacksmiths- 36:50 Union -28:39 BS- 3 vCinder, 3 Sledge, 4 Alloy, 3 across masters UN- Full Stack vRage & Mist, spread the rest on Avarisse & Benediction Turn Two Key Activations Mist takes out Farris (on two) in two attacks for the momentum and a six-point activation but fails a swing on Alloy after jogging and as a result doesn’t have the second momentum he needs due to off-side trap. Instead kicks back to vRage. vCinder kills Harry does some damage to Avarisse and runs back towards safety vRage charges Alloy who escapes on the counter attack Alloy gets a goal run off of coin Sledge kills a damaged Avarisse Turn Two Recap Blacksmiths - 8 Union - 2 The mist activation at the start of this turn was the most important activation of this game. By not being able to get to two momentum to shoot the goal the Union team lost it’s goal run, over extended Mist, and allowed vCinder an opportunity to activate. If he hadn’t forgot ‘Offside Trap’ or if Mist had managed to get a momentum off the attack on Alloy this would have been a completely different game. But the disaster snowballed over the course of this turn. vCinder & Sledge both ended up having softened targets to takeout and he wasn’t able to get the ball out of Alloy’s goal threat before he was able to go in with a charge + instructions to tackle the ball off of coin and dodge out for the goal. As a result, all three blacksmith’s apprentices had +VP activations propelling them significantly into the lead. Turn Three Game Plan and Allocation Gameplan Blacksmiths- ”Won’t Touch The Hair” (Wins Initiative) Union- ”Midfield General” Clock Blacksmiths- 25:35 Union- 15:59 BS- 4 vCinder, 3 Sledge, 3 Alloy, spread remainder on Masters UN- Full stack vRage & Mist, Harry 2 for sprint & pass Turn Three Key Activations vCinder charges vRage, a dice spike on the second attack enables her to take him out Harry gets the ball to mist for a snapshot goal Sledge kills Benediction Game Recap Blacksmiths - 12 Union - 6 The attack on vRage by vCinder at the top of turn three sealed the fate on this game by taking away the Union’s fighting options for the turn and leaving them only goal-scoring options. It was turn two that decided the game however, with the combination of Mist’s failed goal-run and the double takeout plus goal-run by the blacksmith’s apprentices that made this game a desperate situation for Union Mistakes The Mist goal run at the top of turn two seemed like a golden opportunity for a six-point activation. But once I played off-side trap I think the six-point activation is off the table and instead the Union team should either go with vRage and likely takeout vCinder, which might leave them open to Alloy taking the ball off Mist and possibly getting a goal. Or give up on Mist being able to both takeout Farris as well as get a goal and instead take multiple dodges off of Farris and use that momentum to go for the goal, which only trades allowing vCinder to activate with three influence. To his credit he had forgotten about the effect of the “Offside Trap” gameplan card and so thought he had a safe six-point activation. My positioning of both Farris and Sledge turn one was a mistake. The idea was to extend Farris then back her up with both of my fully stacked apprentices hopefully winning momentum and having a significant positional advantage going into turn two. But this was overly ambitious since Harry’s Molotov managed to block off Sledge which both stopped Sledge from getting into position and dealing damage, but also lost me the momentum race to take control of the scrum in turn two. I also think his activation order and choice of when to spend momentum on healing in turn two was a mistake. Once Mist failed his goal run and vCinder activated there was either the option of trying to get in immediate damage/takeouts or re-positioning players and the ball. He was a little flustered and opted to pass the ball with vRage and charge Alloy likely hoping for a takeout or removing/mitigating Alloy’s threat on the ball. But Alloy was able to slip away from vRage which was the start of the cascade since it leaves the Union in a position where the ball is under threat from Alloy, A&G are in threat of dying to sledge and there’s no one left to mitigate either threat. Key Model Blacksmiths- Veteran Cinder She did vCinder things in this match, taking out players with little to no support and softening other models. Her ability to threaten models before the rest of her team can catch up was a significant part of how I managed to take control of the center of the pitch and force the Union’s hand at key moments. Union- Harry The Hat Harry was at the center of everything that went right for the Union in this match. He enabled threat range extension when the Union was passing the ball down their line on turn one. He disabled models from getting into their lines turn one which allowed him to win momentum for turn two, and he even managed to use his goal-kick to the side of the pitch that Harry ran back on to allow a snapshot goal from Mist. Under-performing Model Blacksmiths - Farris I overextended Farris this game hoping to start the scrum with a forward Sentinel aura and crowd outs. However I overestimated her survivability by thinking a high HP 2/3 model in cover would take longer to kill than what turned out. As a result she simply ran in and died at the start of the game and never quite made it back into a meaningful place when returning. Union - Avarisse & Greede He had a lot of difficulty getting Avarisse into this match. The combination of slow movement and 1” melee on Avarisse resulted in him getting burned and damaged by vCinder and finding himself unable to chase after anyone without clearing his conditions at the expensive of his vulnerable HP levels. As a result he never got in range to contribute to the fight and was a sitting duck for Sledge. Play of the Game Award Veteran Cinder’s charge into Veteran Rage at the start of turn three for the takeout on a full influence captain.
  2. Nykolae

    Nyk's Adventures

    Hey all, how are ye doing? I was thinking of starting a match report thread. I'm thinking it might help with reviewing certain matches in which I encountered problems, but didn't know how to handle them. And, of course, some people just like reading match reports. First up, a practice match between me and one of my friends, who has ~5 games of Union on his belt. Mason's: Honour (c), Marbles (m), Harmony, Brick, Mallet, Flint Union: Rage (c), Coin (m), Fangtooth, Avarisse and Greede, Decimate, Grace Rough Ground on the left flank, obstructions in the center and right flank, all around the halfway line. Mason's win initiative and kick off with Flint through the middle, ball gets stuck just over the halfway line behind an obstruction. Turn 1 Rage comes forward to pick up the ball and tries to pass to Avarisse. Sadly for him, he misses. He actually wanted to use the Teamwork Action to close in with Flint. The ball scatters to just behind Grace, on the right flank. Mallet moves up on the left flank and Fangtooth mirrors his move. Brick moves in to protect Mallet and Flint with his Counter Charge bubble. Decimate moves in besides Fangtooth. Marbles completes the defensive double bubble on the right side of the center, while Coin Coffers Avarisse and walks into cover behind the center obstruction. Harmony runs forward and hides besides the right obstruction, in cover, after which Grace passes the ball to Avarisse and moves to the right side of the central obstruction. Flint smells his chance, sprints for Avarisse, steals away the ball and scores! From the gained momentum, he dodges away, but Avarisse is still able to get close to him and knock him on his arse. The Goal Kick was done into the left field, towards the patch of rough ground. Lastly, Honour Quick Time's Brick into a better position, so Decimate can't get to him anymore, and moves up along the right flank to get close to her sister. 4-0 Union gets initiative and chooses to go first. Turn 2 Avarisse drops Greede, and both of them kick Flint from the field. As vengeance for Flint, Honour and Harmony then do their Sister Act and delete Grace. Fangtooth moves up towards Mallet, but Brick Counter Charges into him. I forgot Gluttonous Mass... Oops! Mallet and Decimate start wailing on each other, while Brick repositions, and Coin slithers over the field towards the center. Only Rage was close to him, so there was no Coffers target. Marbles then positions himself to counter Rage's possible Furious charge into Brick. Sadly, the charge didn't get the required 5 results to push Rage away from Brick, which makes that Rage is able to wail on Brick some. 6-2 Mason's get initiative and choose to go first. Turn 3 I was really lucky here. The Union was +3 on the initiative roll, so he expected to go first. But now, Honour and Harmony could close with Rage, while having friends in Brick and Marbles. Honour and Harmony delete Rage, cleaning up the scrum's right side. Fangtooth starts wailing on Brick and knocks him down, and Mallet strikes back onto Fangtooth and knocks him on his arse as well. Using 'Come On Mate', Brick is able to stand back up. Decimate hits Mallet some, and dodges into snap shot range, but still within 2" of Mallet. Flint then goes for the ball, but just comes up short, so he moves to stand in the way of the pass towards Decimate. Avarisse picks up Greede and moves closer to threaten Flint's life next turn, but my opponent forgets that Fangtooth is not engaging Brick, who can Counter Charge in and drop the big guy to the ground. Marbles moves into Decimate to deny another kicking die. Grace then grabs the free ball, kicks it successfully towards to Decimate, who Bonus Time's a now two-die Snap Shot... but misses. The ball is intercepted by Harmony. 8-2 Union gets the initiative and chooses to go first. Turn 4 Decimate tackles the ball off of Harmony and shoots for goal. And she scores! The ball is kicked in towards the center scrum, to land at Honour's feet. Honour snaps up the ball, uses KD'd Fangtooth to get two double dodges, uses Quick Time and sprints to get in range for a 4-dice Shot and scores to decide the match. 12-6 The match was played against someone with an even amount of Guild Ball experience, but this was his ~5th game being Union, so he was still getting into the working of the Guild. In my eyes, his team was sub-optimal against mine, and he seemed to not respect the Honour-Harmony combo. Grace was quite overextended (while still in cover), and Rage stood against Marbles and Brick, so Honour's attacks gained 3 dice and 1 DMG He also made some key mistakes ,i.e. passing the ball to Avarisse in turn 1, who was clearly in range for Flint to grab the ball and score an easy T1 goal. For next time, I advised him to bring Benediction for Fangtooth and to bring Minx for Grace. Benediction is a much better control piece for the center scrum, and Minx helps out Rage with her Marked Target and Snared. Using her speed, she's also a decent goal threat. Maybe even Gutter for an extra 2" melee character, and forcing people in using Chain Grab, but for who? AnG? And would Strongbox've been better than Coin? I'd say yes, but I'm not exactly a Union connaiseur. What do you guys think? I also made some mistakes, but those were mostly due to playing against the Union and their roster for the first time. Most of my problems came from figuring out what to do with Decimate. That broad is só mobile! I basically just ignored what she did, or counter-attacked with Mallet to try and keep her off him. I knew that a goal from her would eventually happen, and I kept Flint or Honour/Harmony both in position to do an immediate response-goal, in this case to end the game. I think I played it quite okay, but I'm not sure if the same will happen if my opponent gets some more practice in. Getting lucky on the initiative roll in turn 3 really swung the game for me. Anyway, would you like me to continue these reports? Let me know! Any (constructive) feedback is welcome!
  3. It was expected to be a bloodbath for the ages. In a lonely field in the middle of nowhere Butcher and Brewer alike were lined up for a rowdy exhibition match for the teeming masses. As Tapper, Master Brewer and Ox, The Owner, strode onto the pitch both sides were baying for blood. Tapper flanked by the fierce brawler Hooper, Spigot waving about a broken bottle, and the foul cat Scum with a face full of hate and a belly full of children's tears. Ox lining up with his murderous associate Boar, Boiler the innocent lad with a penchant for bloodletting, and Princess the most marketable mascot save for Salt. What was supposed to be an express train to tbe Smackdown Hotel instead turned into a gross display of footballing acumen. Princess runs up to kick the ball up as she's been trained. Spigot sensing an opportunity takes the ball, tripping and bouncing the poor pooch to the delight of the Brewers faithful. The drunken striker sending a hot goal bouncing off the Butchers goal. As the crowd goes wild Spigot stumbles back to the friendly lines. He turns to the crowd, pointing out which maidens will receive his victorious seed that evening he's blindsided. Ox, having received the ball from the fans on a toss-back, launches a vicious haymaker into Spigot's charming face. The crowd loses their poop as Ox pummel into the Brewer legend and responds with a goal of his own. The ball flies through the air as the Master Brewer senses a chance to end the game here and then. The quicker this ends, the quicker he and his mates get out of this unremarkable backwater and back to civilisation. Beer, wenches, and the chance to throw back Esters' poor performance in the exhibition series against the Blacksmiths in her stupid puffy face were before him. Tapper snaps the ball with his mash paddle. The concession at the pitch must have watered the ale down as the ball landed from the toss-back with unusual precision. Dribbling the ball in his feet he runs forward, and launches the still prone Princess across the pitch with a vicious golf swing. Momentum firmly in his side Tapper prepared to launch the goal to seal the deal. Spigot was a drunken lout who vomited and pissed blood in equal amounts on the practice pitch, but the man was still a goddamned legend. Tapper felt the rush of playing with one of the greats swell in his legs as he made the kick. The ball sailed, pinged off the goal, and was scored. With the blow of the referee's whistle the match ended. Butcher versus Brewer, and save for a small dribble from Spigot's nose, no blood was spilt. The fans had no idea what the hell they'd just witnessed. They had come for blood, and received a game of football instead.
  4. This was a new match day for Fillet and her team. The Moon Goddess' servants challenged them and as sure as a pig bleeds, she accepted the invitation for people in the shadows were lurking around and gossiping about the Butchers Guild name. She needed that match to shut them up, to prove once more that her guild was to be feared and respected. Up on the pitch, she needed the deadliest of them all, the previous "Owner", his madness and fury would help her. And so she chose Ox with his chains and bloodthirst Meathook for her reliable play style that helped Fillet so much, though she would never admit it face to face. Boar, because... well because Boar. And Brisket, now that she was more seasoned she would prove useful hopefully. And finally the Pig, as Princess was still recovering from the previous match. ------ The Hunters were represented by Skatha, this lunatic woman was a real danger with the ball. She saw behind shadows and covers both Jaecar and Ulfr the half man half beast lurking on the edge of the pitch ready to trap and dismember anything that came through. Zarola was there too, she was still an enigma to Fillet for she understood people by fighting and that lionness like woman was never in the scrum. Finally, as steady as an old tree Hearne and his new faith to the Moon Goddess made him look bigger than brefore. ------- Skatha kicked the ball and the match was on. Brisket ran and retrieved the ball passing it successfully to Fillet, But Skatha boldly came forward trying to get the ball off of Fillet and score on first turn. She managed to tacle the ball but fillet managed to get it back on a brilliant counter attack. Meathook tried to come from behind but Skatha successfully dodged everything. Boar and the Pig went for Skatha but didn't managed to finish her off. While the scrum was going on, every hunters moved up the field and Hearne engaged Fillet Skewered her with his mighty spear. Fillet Finished off Skatha making a rain blood on the deadly bobcat that serves the hunter as a mascot, she dropped the ball near boar telling him not to touch it... as last time it cost them the game. She then proceed to charge Jaecar helped with Ox she did some damaged and made Ulfr and Jaecar bleed. The blood was everywhere and she proceed to do her specialty : make bleeding targets suffer even more. 2-0 -------- At the end of this first scrum, the mascot and the captain were down... this was looking good. 3-0. Boosted by that first fight, she attacked Jaecar who dodged back. but by finishing off Ulfr shed bounced off of him to engage again the deadly hunter. When dust settled Jaecar was taken out 2 down for the count. 7 points by herself, not bad but not their yet. Meathook retrieved the ball and tried to passed it to Brisket to make her dodge out of harms way but she missed the pass, Brisket skilfully retrieved the ball nonetheless. Boar Charged Hearne leaving him bloodied but standing. This man could not finish his job today thought Fillet. Suddenly out of nowhere, Skatha appeared, gliding on the pitch as if she were ice skating, she engaged Brisket and dealing some witchcraft transformed the terrain in ice. She retrieved the ball and dodged in range of the Butchers goal post. She shot and landed the first Goal then before any retaliation she slid on her knees dodging Boar and Brisket. 7-4 Fillet was going to beat Brisket again if the butchers were to loose that game. The ball bounced of the goal post near Brisket but Hearne rushed to engage her making her stand still at spear reaches. 7-4 --------- Brisket was not please with how the game was going on she saw the deadly gaze Fillet send her and she replied by sticking her tongue out and she blew raspberries to her... She proceed to Dodge into melee range with the big Hearn Fellow and helped by Boar she took him down and dodged off of him retrieving the ball at the same time. She jogged forward and shoot scoring the victory goal. 12-4. ------- Fillet was pleased, he bit flustered by Brisket but pleased nonetheless the two women starred at each other and smiled lightly, they won the game. Snow started to fall down on the pitch, turning red as it fell on the blood the Butchers spilled today. It was a good match, the spectator in the shadows saw everything, even the tiny details. She knew it was a good guild, a messy guild with internal conflicts, but one with a solid captain and players watching each other on the pitch. A red snowflake flew past her, she stopped and observe it a moment. A beautiful, bloody snowflake. She regain her composure and she knew where she was going, she was going to find her new home. A home where she could play her game and make her ennemies pay for what they did to her, to him. A Red Home.
  5. Beardminis

    DTTB8: Ferrite Vs Hammer

    Come witness just what sleep and coffee deprivation can achieve!
  6. Episode 5! Mason's Vs Brewer's more videoing, documenting and then talking nonsenseover games of Guild Ball (now with less Fish puns)
  7. Hello! Epsiode 3 of my continued crowd sourced craziness centred around Guildball. You may have recently heard those delightful chaos over at Singled out recommend my particularly brand of tomfoolery. If so, come see the nonsense. And if by some chance you have little to no idea what I'm talking about, have an explanation here: It's like a tactica, but I get better instead of you as I eat your brains and gain your knowledge. Perhaps ignore that last bit. toodlepip.
  8. Well the last one went down so well I done did another one I did. Lots of thanks that have already posted rules clarifications on the channel. Learning the game by crowdsourcing!
  9. Episode 1 of Don't touch the beard, a light hearted match report available now over at the youtubes.
  10. Episode 3 of Run the Length is up! Hope you guys like this one! This week I am playing against my practice partner Nick who's Masons beat both me and Alex Botts at the Grognard Games tourney last month. I would also love feedback on how the community would like their match reports. Everything from camera angle to what kind of overlays you guys want let me know!
  11. Bob The Builder

    Bob's Guild Ball Blog

    Hello Guild Ballers! Another report is up on my blog! Read it here! It's a friendly game between my Brewers and Hunters. We used season 1 guild plots since nobody had the season 2 plots yet. Other than that, feel free to comment or ask questions. I hope you enjoy the read, and don't be afraid to look at the other stuff in my blog. It's all guild ball related! See you on the pitch some day!
  12. Chris brings his Engineers in for his first game of Season III!
  13. Hi all, We've been super busy as of late editing our very first match report! We would love some feedback on the format/angles/layout as we have gone for something a little more sports-style with the scoreboard and cards. Its worth noting that we're going for causal play vs. competitive but are looking for feedback whether we should use scenery or plot cards next time around? Hope you enjoy!! Bonus points for spotting any rules fails (e.g. Rage forgetting his extra dice on the knocked down bear!!)
  14. Hi all, We've had some awesome and humbling feedback from our first attempt at a match report and are now back with another!! We've added terrain this time around for variety and Georgie is continuing to expand her cosplay requests while our guest Ian is one of the nicest guys you could ever wish to play!! Let us know what you think in terms of the editing and style and we'll be sure to keep working on it! ((Its worth noting again that we're going for causal play vs. competitive but are looking for feedback whether we should use plot cards next time around?)) Hope you enjoy!! Bonus points for spotting any rules fails (e.g. Cosset's magical healing skills!!!)
  15. Hey folks! Local pundit Kevin came around for a few games with his Alchemists! Here's the first!
  16. Hi all, We've had some awesome and humbling feedback from our first attempt at a match report and are now back with another!! We've added terrain this time around for variety and Georgie is continuing to expand her cosplay requests while our guest Ian is one of the nicest guys you could ever wish to play!! Let us know what you think in terms of the editing and style and we'll be sure to keep working on it! ((Its worth noting again that we're going for causal play vs. competitive but are looking for feedback whether we should use plot cards next time around?)) Hope you enjoy!! Bonus points for spotting any rules fails (e.g. Cosset's magical healing skills!!!)
  17. Marcel brings his Morticians all the way from South Africa for his first game of Guild Ball against my Masons!
  18. Hi all, We've been super busy as of late editing our very first match report! We would love some feedback on the format/angles/layout as we have gone for something a little more sports-style with the scoreboard and cards. Its worth noting that we're going for causal play vs. competitive but are looking for feedback whether we should use scenery or plot cards next time around? Hope you enjoy!! Bonus points for spotting any rules fails (e.g. Rage forgetting his extra dice on the knocked down bear!!)
  19. Good Morning all!! This past weekend I launched my first podcast talking about the Attricimen Fish build Mat Hart has been infamously ruining peoples days with ? Well, it sounded like such fun, I decided to run with it too! Here's my Match Report Vs Theron! let me know what you think, http://www.halloflegends.co.uk/2016/08/the-guild-hall-corsair-vs-theron-23816.html Regards, Mr Hall
  20. Hi all, The latest Ye Olde Battle Reps match report is up at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DKYXmrt5Zo Hope you enjoy
  21. Hi all, here's my latest match report which I uploaded a while back but forgot to post here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hdjWUL4D1E