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Found 156 results

  1. Forum! Run the Length is back and it is a brand new year. We are kicking things off with my last Alchemists game (for a while at least.) This episode has everything there is action, there are goals, there is new OPD. And best of all the longshanks is guest starring! Follow me on Twitter: @TheCurkov https://mobile.twitter.com/thecurkov Follow Sam on Twitter: RedSamNotBlue https://twitter.com/RedSamNotBlue Strictly the Worst Guild Ball Podcast: http://strictlytheworst.libsyn.com/ The Longshanks.org
  2. Hey All! I know KS Honour is a very rare model, but somebody has got one and want to sell it, please notice me! Thank you!
  3. Looking for a few LE Models, and a few cards Models: -LE Blackheart -LE Rage Cards: -Chibi Hammer/Wrecker -Chibi Union -Chibi Farmers (If these exist) I'm in the US, and would like to only buy from someone in the US. Thanks for poking your head in here, y'all. Cheers, -Capt
  4. With SteamCon US coming up, it has finally given me the motivation I needed to paint my Masons. I'm fairly new to painting so it's not the best job in the world, but I'm really happy with the results. Just wanted to share my first few models! Sorry about potato quality photos!
  5. My second game on the Stadium, this time Masons vs Alchemists. Masons: Hammer, Mallet, Tower, vHarmony, Brick, Marbles Alchemists: Smoke, Calculus, vKatalyst, Compound, Venin, Naja My kick off was guite good, so the Alchemists didn't pick the ball. Hammer did it and smashed Venin, as he was passing by. Vening died in the beginning of turn 2. Hammer then used Hammer Time! and scored a goal. With Knee Slider and Tactical Flexibility he went back to his ranks and I had a solid turn coming. Fortunately for me, Calculus kept missing with Blind. Later that turn Tower killed vKat and Hammer scored again. 12:0 for me, yay!
  6. Masons: Hammer, vHarmony, Brick, Tower, Mallet, Marbles Union: sBrisket, Mist, Gutter, Harry, Benediction, Coin The game was quite intense. I was the receiving one, but I missed a few passes, so the ball was lying on the ground. It was close to my ranks, but Mist is quite a fast fellow, so he managed to get the ball and pass it to Harry, who passed it to Brisket. After that, Brisket scored and I did nothing. The Union team won initiative roll and began turn 2. Brisket got the ball and scored again. After that I kicked the ball to Hammer and went after Harry. Hammer killed Harry with ease and kept killing the ball. I had to pass the ball further and further away up to the point when I found an opening in my opponent's play. He placed the ball on Mist within Hammer's reach, so Hammer paid him a deadly visit followed by a goal. That was enough to turn the tide of the match and win 12:9.
  7. Masons: Hammer, vHarmony, Mallet, Tower, Brick, Marbles Union: Blackheart, Gutter, Rage, Hemlocke, A&G, Strongbox The game was quite easy for me. The whole point of it was waking a setup with Mallet (SO + KD) and Tower (TU) for Hammer and then ending it with a kill. Hammer killed Avarisse in turn 1, scored in turn 2 and killed Rage in turn 3. In the meantime the Union managed to kill Brick and Marbles (and Strongbox, because Gutter is insane). The game ended when Mallet scored, but I was already 3 minutes in overtime.
  8. Another 2nd round escalation league game between the Alchemists and Masons. Masons: Honour, Harmony, Flint, Marbles Alchemists: Midas, Vitriol, vKatalyst, Naja The Alchemists absolutely dominated this game, the Masons just couldn't contend against Katalyst. The win was completed by all take outs (Hidden agenda to win without scoring a goal) Alchemists won 8-2.
  9. This was an 2nd round escalation league match. Masons: Honour, Harmony, Brick, Marbles Brewers: Esters, Friday, Spigot, Quaff After a great strong start from the Brewers, who managed to position themselves to score early on (pictured), some (really) bad dice led to a no goal, which went on to allow the masons to dominate possession and out maneuver the Brewers. After a little brawl in the middle of the park, the Masons eventually went on to score the 2 goals required to win the match. Masons won 9-3.
  10. Have at ye. Quality is low. So is the cost. #content
  11. Reaping through Masons

    We made a friendly match with the blacksmith event rules. Flint kicked the Ball and Harrow was a good boy and got it for Bushel. Tater was elected as captain for this match, so he was charged up to go for Chisel, while Jackstraw positioned himself and some handy harvest mar... err... gravestones to threaten the goal. Chisel was first to fall and Bushel scored right next to Brick and dodging back to the center. Masons looked for vengeance. Flint scored and Mallet - who was elected as captain for the masons - tried to take on Tater. He couldn't even stopped Taters everlasting grin. Right in front of Mallet Tater got rid of Tower and after a huge scrum in the centre of the pitch Jackstraw brought the Ball to Bushel, who scored for the win. Right next to Brick again. 12-4 points and two souls where claimed for the Reaper.
  12. Corsair rematch against Hammer, who crushed him last time. This time we played the old deploy rules, and I don't think we'll ever be playing old deploy rules again. (Most) games turn 1 is so one sided to the receiver, and it feels like a boring waste of time. The new deploy is so much more fun, and gets you right into the game. This was also a weird game for dice, most of our rolls were all hits or misses. Fish - Corsair, Tentacles, Sakana, Greyscales, Hag, Gutter Masons - Hammer, Wrecker, Tower, Mallet, Flint, Lucky Turn 1 - Hammer kicked off, Gutter received and passed to greyscales, who passed to Corsair, who passed to Tentacles, who dropped it for Hag, who passed to Sakana, who dodged up and got reeled into cover. Tentacles blinded Hammer before he activated. While I did all of that turn 1, he could not do anything at all, and I mistakenly left Tentacles in range of Hammer (when i could have dodged away from Hags legendary). So Hammer killed Tentacles turn 1. Sakana was able to smoke bomb, jog over an obstacle to Flint, who could not counter attack because kicker doesn't get momentum in the old deploy. Sakana scored, and the ball threw back in to Hammer. Hammer passed and dodged, and was able to kill tentacles. score 4 - 1 Turn 2 - Gutter locked down Hammer, and Hammer killed her. Corsair stole the ball from Flint and passed to Sakana. Mallet knocked Sakana down and the ball scattered. The ball continued to do circles around the pitch as sakana, flint, lucky, greyscales all tackled off each other and kicked it away. But finally got it back to Sakana to end the turn. score 4 - 3 Turn 3 - Sakana got momentum and scored a tap in goal. Hammer killed Hag. The ball kept moving around, being stolen back and forth, which most of this rounds influence was spent just tackling and kicking, but no one scored. Score 8 - 5 Turn 4 - Hammer killed Corsair, the ball kept moving around. I clocked out first, giving up a few points from my activations. Luckily corsair and tentacles got killed before they activated, so that's 2 points I didn't give up. I ended the turn with Sakana having stolen the ball and in threat range for next turn, and at 4 momentum. Mallet killed Tentacles which put him at 11 points, and 8 momentum. I got super lucky and rolled a 6 and he rolled a 1 so Sakana got to go first, hit Lucky for 2 momentum, then sprint and bonus time tap in for the win! Score 12 - 11
  13. Honour gets shot by Ballista

    For the final round in the local Big League and Honour goes up against Ballista. Unfortunately noe matter how hard the masons tried the slippery engineers managed to sneak past and score. As soon as the kick off gave the ball to the Engineers who could then use their ranged attack and ball passing to build momentum while the poor masons did nothing but position themselves. In the end the one redeeming part of the game for the Masons was Honour tackling the ball from Ratchet after a 10" charge from the piece of fast ground and scoring a screamer. Unfortunately that meant she was on alone on the wrong side of the pitch and even though she dodge out of trouble and ran to hide in the shadow of a big rock and managed to hold out 3 rounds after scoring the game was over when she finally went down.
  14. After doing some research into the newest member for both Masons and Brewers guilds aka Lucky, I want to give him a test run in my masons team. The only thing that's got me thinking is his Stack the Deck. If you lose the initiative, does that 1 INF he gains count as an extra or is it part of the overall INF allocation?
  15. The tournament was too hectic and I forgot to take any more pictures, but here's one of me playing my round 3 game, and of the others at the tournament. In game 2 I was in the loser bracket and I played against a new player who was playing kick off Masons. I opted to play kick off brewers, with Stoker instead of Stave. My opponent did well, and I was trying to teach her strategies as we played. I received the ball and got it to Friday, who was able to take a shot on goal, and missed! Tapper and Hooper deployed up front and started KD'ing people and doing some damage. Turn 2, Tapper, Hooper, Spigot and Friday all laid in attacks under commanding aura and got 3 takeouts this turn. Tapper got a kill start of turn 3. Flint and Harmony danced the ball away on the other side of the pitch and Harmony scored a tap in goal start of turn 3. Then I threw it back in to Friday and immediately counter scored for the win.
  16. This was the first game I played in a 3 round tournament this last Saturday, unfortunately I forgot to take any more pictures after it started. Esters was overconfident against Masons after her previous win. Was waiting to activate her but she got KD and Singled Out by Mallet, and then Honour came up and used her legend to attack 7 times, killing Esters turn 1. The ball was dead and Flint controlled it. I fought hard after that and prevented any more points for a while. I used Friday and Scum to mess with Flint and keep him from scoring, but he was able to get the ball back into the middle of the pitch. After losing Esters, I also lost Hooper, but I took out Mallet. We played for an hour at 4 - 0, and my opponent finally got a goal and I threw it in to Friday, and then next turn chain activated Honour and Harmony to get the winning goal. Overall I played pretty well, except I misplayed so badly at the beginning that I just couldn't come back. I learned that I can't be so overconfident with Esters and I should probably deploy her at the kick off line or behind, since she has such great ranged plays, I should force the opponent to come to me.
  17. Ballista's Engineers shut out the Masons, winning 13-0. Ballista and Locus spent the game beating on Honour. Constantly knocking her down and setting up Mine Field to discourage others from interfering. Ratchet was dropping bombs and tooling up Ballista. Mother was putting out nests to let Hoist disengage and score goals, while Velocity retrieved the ball and passed it to him. Hoist scored twice while Ballista and Locus took out Honour, Marbles, and Chisel.
  18. Teaching a new player the glory of the broken pitch down at Retford Wargaming Club, an over zealous Honour over extends, tries to get away but is chased down by the bear. The mighty monkey, not having any of that, decides to weigh in on the large beast, eventually leading to hilarious scrum of knocked over models on the left flank. When the dust finally settled, it was a 13 - 4 victory to the Hunters!
  19. This was an ugly game Escalation game where the Masons were not very Mason like. But they won, 8 to 5 Hammer, Wrecker, Mallet and Flint took on Ballista, Mother, Hoist and Rachet. It was pretty much every Mason for themselves without much synergy or support. The Engineers did a great job of deadbolting and positioning themselves to do a goal and a Wrecker take-out. But a returning Wrecker kept Ballista distracted as Mallet knocked down a ball-carrying Hoist. When the fumble landed in Mallet's lap, it was all said and done. That's because Flint had been advancing up the field to eventually receive Mallet's pass then make both late game goals, bringing the team from 0-5 to 8-5 in the last two turns.
  20. https://imgur.com/a/s0CFA - I forgot to take more pictures during the game, I was too excited that my opponent @kryzak rolled poorly against Esters, which gave me a chance to actually win a game against him for the first time in many months. This was also a match in our local league. Brewers - Esters, Scum, Friday, Spigot1, Hooper, Gutter (i had just painted gutter finally so wanted to play her, never had tried her with brewers before) Masons - Honour, Marbles, Harmony1, Flint, Brick, Mallet Turn 1 - I won initiative and decided to kick off with Spigot. Hooper and Esters on the front line, friday and scum on the back line. I favored one side heavily in deploy, and masons favored the other side. Spigot kicked it into nowhere, and Harmony was the only one who could grab it and kick towards Honour (not close enough to pass). Spigot tooled up Esters. Friday moved up and dirty knives Mallet, and Get over here on Scum so that scum was within 4" of Esters for sic em next turn. Esters hit 2 aoe's on Flint and Honour, hitting 6 damage and burning on both of them, then hit Brick for a momentum. Hooper went over to harmony, rolled well for the KD, then rolled poorly and left her at 2 hp on the next two attacks. Honour superior strategy Flint and he took 2 activations to score. Gutter sprinted to attack Mallet just to get a momentum and soften him up a bit. Threw the ball back in the middle near Scum. Score 0-4 masons Turn 2 - I won initiative, and planned to finish off Harmony with Hooper, but realized I could play Sic Em, pick the ball up along the way, then charge KD harmony for free. Rolled a lot of 6's, got the 3 momentum and 2 points for killing Harmony, and brought the ball far away. Honour stole the ball from Scum and gave it to Marbles. Spigot tooled up Esters and did his GIC free heroic to give +2 MOV to esters and hooper. Mallet attacked Esters to pop GM and get singled out, unfortunately whiffed 2 attacks, and popped GM on the final attack. Esters legends and gives +1 DMG to Hooper, Esters and Friday. Then goes to attack Mallet, who whiffed the counter attack, and Esters kills Mallet with 4 inf, does one attack on Brick. Marbles runs upfield and passes the ball near Flint. Gutter goes to get the ball and passes it to Friday, who dodges to midfield. Flint tries one last attempt to charge friday and get the ball, but Friday defends to a 6-1 and keeps the ball. Friday then goes to score, success! Brick gets 2 dmg on Esters. Hooper charges Flint, KD him, then does 9 damage on his last attack to kill Flint. Score 10-4 Brewers. Hell of a turn for me Turn 3 - I go first, the ball is on Marbles again. Esters whiffs all her attacks on Marbles, except one, turning on Loved Creature. Honour kills Friday. Harmony kills Scum. Hooper attacks Brick, getting a KD and some damage. Spigot tools himself up, heroics, jogs over gets 3 attacks on Brick, does 5 damage each time, killing him for the win. Score 12-7 Gutter on brewers - she didn't have enough influence to do much this game, but I can see how useful she is in certain match ups. Having the extra 2" reach on an Esters team is nice. Also, anatomical is really great, and she is good to get that momentous 1 or 2 damage, which means Esters can attack someone who is engaged, and afford to bonus time her attacks if Gutter goes first. Gutter against Flint is great, since he is a 3-0 against her. I kind of wish I had Pintpot instead of Gutter in this particular game, because he would have been more influence efficient, but she did do well.
  21. Burning down the house

    Used this as a training game to teach my Dad Guildball. He took Masons led by Hammer whilst I fielded Alchemists. Masons lineup: Honour, Harmony, Marbles, Brick, Mallet and Flint Alchemists lineup: Midas, Flask, Mercury, Vitriol, Katalyst and Calculus. Vitirol managed to notch two more goals to her belt whilst Mercury set fire to half the field melting the masons resulting in a 12-8 victory (Flint and Harmony both managing to sneak a goal past little flask!)
  22. Need to pick up a KS Honour and any Blackheart.