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Found 5 results

  1. Hello! It's time for me to get some aoe upgrades for my paper cutouts that I have used this far. My question would be what aoe markers do you guys use, and where to get it? :). I have tried the official neoprene markers, and while they look good, they are a paint to put over/under figures, removing at the end of the round, etc. Are there any alternatives to them, like ring markers? I saw metal rings in Vincent Curkov's videos, and they seem to be useful, and easy to handle, but couldn't find 3 inch rings anywhere :D. Thanks for the answers in advance!
  2. Suppose Peck starts an activation within an inch of Jaecar's Pitfall marker. Peck uses the Cocky character play on himself and jogs away, triggering the marker. Does the hunters player decide which condition, snared or bleed, is applied first and is thus negated by cocky because he is the active player during the resolution of Jaecar's triggered ability or does the farmers player get to decide because he is the active player during Peck's advance?
  3. angelforge

    Trap Markers

    Hello, In a sanctioned event do you need to use the Official trap models that come with the Mother, Chaska, and Jaecar miniatures, or does any 30mm marker work (or in Jaecar's case, a 40mm). Thanks.
  4. Can a marker be placed in the middle of an advance? Lets say Chaska moves 3", places his trap and then finishes his movement? In the Rulebook under the Ball Marker is "During its activation, a model in possession and not engaged may give up possession at any point." However, the "any point" wording is missing on Big Game Traps and Pit Fall. So, is there a difference between the ball marker and Pit Fall and Big Game Markers?
  5. Dr00g

    D6 Dice Marker

    Fellow guild members, I am planning to build my own markers and would love to get some feedback. Recently I got access to a laser cutter and am planning to engrave blank dice with different symbols. The motives for the first four sides are easy: flames = burn ; green potion = poison ; drop of blood = bleed ; KD with stars (or similar, not sure yet) = knock down Here is my problem: What to use the other two blank sides for? Momentum? Icy sponge? Or are there any new conditions on the horizon? Any guesses? Do you think I should wait and see what season 2 brings? What do people think?