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Found 11 results

  1. Bloodymason

    Any advice on using hammer?

    Now that SteamCon has past and been, I have recently changed my league team from the Masons Kick Off 6 to the following; Hammer, Marbles, Brick, Flint, Mallet and Tower. Only played two games with this team. Lost the testing game against Morts 12-11 (best match I ever had tbh) and lost the first league game with this team 12-4 against Blacksmiths. Is there any hints and tips that a new hammer user could learn and even apply in future games?
  2. Granite's trait Between a Rock and... states: Once per turn, when an other friendly model within this aura suffers damage from an enemy Attack or Play, after the Attack or Play is resolved, this model may make a Jog. When is a play considered to be resolved? For example, some sustained character plays such as Minefield and Feel My Pain deal damage after they are first used and their effects don't end until the end of turn. When, if ever, do these plays trigger Between a Rock? Legendary Plays, such as Chemical Shower and Exsanguinate, last until the end of turn (afaik only Rigor Mortis doesn't). Are these ever resolved for the purpose of Between a Rock? Similarly, heroic plays such as Stave's Explosive Barrel, last all turn. Is the damage from Explosive Barrel, which resolved previously, or Lob Barrel which just resolved? The Forceful Blow trait deals 3 damage on the charge. In an Honor vs Hammer match, Honor's Mallet charges Hammer's Brick selecting 1 damage, which is prevented by Tough Hide but triggers Forceful Blow. Does this trigger Hammer's Granite's Between a Rock?
  3. Episode 3 of Run the Length is up! Hope you guys like this one! This week I am playing against my practice partner Nick who's Masons beat both me and Alex Botts at the Grognard Games tourney last month. I would also love feedback on how the community would like their match reports. Everything from camera angle to what kind of overlays you guys want let me know!
  4. Kueller

    My Masons :)

    Harmony Mallet Flint Honour Marbles Tower Brick
  5. I have two scenarios I'd like clarification on, but I suspect they'll have the same answer. Tenderizer is within 4" of the butchers goal marker. Mallet activates and moves within 6" of Tenderizer. Tenderizer uses Rush Keeper to immediately charge Mallet. The mason's player declares a counter attack. Tenderizer uses his charge attack to push Mallet to be more than two inches away from himself but less than 3" away. Does Mallet's Extended Reach allow him to make the counter attack? Boar advances to within 6" of Brick. Brick uses Counter Charge to charge Boar. The butcher's player declares a counter attack. Boar's counter attack deals damage to Brick. Does this damage trigger Boar's Berzerk to give him a free attack?
  6. Zombiestate

    Dealing With The Mason Missile

    Hey all, In an Obulus or Scalpel line up how do you deal with the Mason Missile, and what would be your preferred line up to tackle it? I've been on the receiving end of it once, and have been thinking about various ways around the play but it seems like a tricky nut to crack.
  7. Marbles

    Let's Talk Mallet

    This was a topic started in a different thread, but really deserves it's own. So, let's talk Mallet. I should so before I begin that I absolutely don't think Mallet is a bad player. In fact I think he is a very good player. His 3" melee is unique and strong. However... I don't see Mallet as a common player among my starting 6, not every game that is. I will only put him on the pitch in specific matchups for specific reasons. I do this because I believe the alternative players, Chisel and Mist, generally bring more to my lineup. Since Brick gaining tough hide and the release of Chisel I've been successfully using a Honour, Marbles, Brick, Flint, Chisel, Decimate lineup. Turn 1 I will consistently choose to kick off (unless I'm playing against Fish or Brewers), this allows me 2 consecutive activations at the end of the turn. I'll spend the first turn bricking up behind Brick while putting Superior Strategy, Tooled Up and Second Wind on Chisel, or Flint if my opponent hasn't bee careful with their positioning of the ball carrier. This gives Chisel 5 inf (6 if I use Honour's LP) and can jog and Second Wind using her 1st activation. So she can end this move in melee with any model within 14" of her initial position, further if I choose to sprint, further again if I choose to have Honour make her dodge. She then gets to spend all her inf making +1 damage attacks, followed by a jog and Second wind to get back to where she started her first activation. I can do this again and again until my opponent engages me, dealing with Brick's counter charge. This has been extremely strong for me and Mallet, with his jog 4", just doesn't doesn't work the same as Chisel. On a goal scoring front Flint will always be the man, however when I REALLY need to win by goal scoring I take Mist too. While I can't Superior Strategy Mist (sad face) he is a fantastic back up striker. With both Strikers on the pitch I can easily set up a "no safe zone" where there's pretty much no where for my opponent to put the ball. I find this to be essential vs Brewers and Engineers. Mallet doesn't bring the same kind of threat. These are the main reasons I only field Mallet as a sub. I'll sub him in against Morts and sometimes Union. It's these matchups where I find his 1 absolutely stand out aspect, his 3" melee, at it's best. Honestly, if he had +1"/+1" Mov I would probably leave Chisel off and just play Mallet. He has a solid playbook, obscene melee range and there is merit to his charging ability (which I can't remember the name of) , but sadly his slowness makes him hard to justify in most of my lineups. I'm interested in hearing other's thoughts on Mallet. I've not mentioned everything there is to mention about him, but if someone thinks I've missed something critical I'm all ears.
  8. Bentron4000

    First turn Mallet math

    Hi everyone, I'm new here, and new to Guild Ball. I have a question about the infamous first turn Mallet take-out. I mean, it seems pretty straight forward. Let's assume that Mallet has 6 inf (due to superior strategy and Honour's legendary) is already tooled up, and has the back-to-back last activation. If i'm understanding this properly, Mallet will be able to charge for two inf, push the target out of melee range, end activation, activate and charge again. I'd like for somebody better at math than myself to figure out against which stat lines is it better to use your influence to charge, charge again, and then buy two attacks, and when is it better to charge once, and just buy four more regular attacks. The benefit of the double charge is that there's potential of a tooled up wrap, plus the 2 dmg from his trait, TWICE! But when is this likely enough to try it?
  9. Hi there, I'm looking for these masons' resin models: Brick Mallet Tower I'd rather prefer them unpainted, but any condition is negotiable. I'm located in Madrid (Spain). Regards
  10. Hi, would gluttonous mass ignore the other effects of an attack such as mallet's forceful blow trait?
  11. ratkaster

    Masons Guild

    Been a bit slack posting stuff on here lately. Anyway here's my (speed painted) Masons. Honour - Retail and KS excl Harmony Flint Brick Tower Marbles Mallet Chisel The Team