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Found 8 results

  1. Suppose vGraves uses the Gravedigger character play on Mainspring and attacks him, taking him out. The Morticians earn 2 VP for the take out. Later that turn, Ratchet uses his Creation [Mainspring] heroic play to return Mainspring to the pitch. If Cosset takes out Mainspring, is this second take out worth 1 or 2 VPs?
  2. When making the Season 3 Long bomb it changed from ignoring terrain and models by placing then standard-scatter, towards a long pass that can't be intercepted. Was the way a pass interacts with terrain currently taken into consideration when making season 3 long bomb and just elected to not ignore terrain?
  3. Couldn't find the answer..... so If mainspring dies after activating and then you use Creation from Ratchet, does Mainspring get to activate again for a 2nd time in that turn? Cheers
  4. Shut out specifies that the target model "must be the last model that the player activates" How does this interact with Ratchet and Creation[Mainspring]? Example: Silence uses Shut Out on Ratchet. In his activation, Ratchet creates Mainspring, who is allowed to activate "as normal". Can Mainspring activate?
  5. ratkaster

    Engineers Guild

    Engineers Guild... Ballista Colossus Mainspring Ratchet Salvo Velocity The Team
  6. After playing Michael in Tampa, I was inspired to try my hand at the Alchemists. My first game I'll gloss over, because i'm a cheaty bastard (Turns out True Replication can't steal gut and string. Lesson learned). However, try number two was against the engineers. I fielded the original 6 Mida, Flash, Vitriol, Mercury, Calculus and Katalyst. My opponent fielded Ballista, Mainspring, Ratchet, Salvo, Compound and Velocity. The game ended 8-12, him taking the win with Velocity reanimating from my last attack to take a shot on the goal. So mistakes were made on both parts. But looking back I'm not sure what I can do to stop Mainspring being overclocked and exploding all over my team. It definitely made the game harder for me, as most of my team was hovering on 1/3 to 1/2 health at any given time. So I beseech you, my peers, what can I do to improve my game against the engineers? Our meta is small atm, and i'm going to be seeing them frequently.
  7. Hey guys, A rule came up in a game today where Mainspring was pushed off the table edge and my opponent and I disagreed over whether this would trigger "Overheat". For the sake of not having to look stuff up, I'll reproduce (what I think are) the relevant rules to the situation. First is the "Movement" rules on page 36 of the main rulebook. "Models immediately leave the Pitch if any part of their base exits the playing surface... Models that leave the Pitch are mobbed by enthusiastic fans and so immediately suffer the taken-out condition." Second is Mainspring's "Overheat" rule: "When this model suffers the taken-out condition during the Activation Phase, all other models within the pulse [3"] suffer 3 DMG and the burning condition". My argument was that "leave the Pitch" triggers "taken-out", which occurs as soon as Mainspring's base goes 0.0001" over the table edge, and since you're not "removed from the Pitch" until you have suffered the "taken-out" then "Overheat" should still trigger while Mainspring is hanging over the side of the Pitch as in this picture: Clarification would be super, thanks in advance for your time.
  8. If Dirge / Mainspring have already activated in a turn, are taken out and then brought back in with Creation, do they already count as having activated, or can they be activated again?