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Found 3 results

  1. Sharky

    Midas vs brewers

    Hey there I've got a battle against a brewer player tonight, that the last time I took smoke against and I was nearly ready to rip my hair out, from the amount of conditions removal that occurred. So what do I take in a all alchemist team using midas instead?
  2. Skatha, Snow, Ulfr, Egret, Jaecar, Minx Just to clarify I've played a few games now already, but I only had the Winter's Moon box + Seenah and Chaska for a while. I then got the other hunters in the mystery box and have been starting to rotate players. Still haven't played with Theron, Zarola or oHearne. This is just the first time I made a deliberate new list, using players I've already used, with an idea in mind. I really enjoy manoeuvrability and scoring goals, so I picked Skatha, Ulfr and Egret for goal threat. Previously I've always taken vHearne and the bear, but decided to take Jaecar and Minx to keep my opponent on the back foot with maneuverability. Plus I already think they're just more reliable damage dealers and I LOVE the two additional inf! Minus points - no 2" melee and not as tough to kill, but at least the higher def sacrifices less momentum. Played into morts this eve and won a 2/2 game. Ulfr and Skatha scored, Jaecar and Minx took down Cosset once each, Egret did a bit of ranged damage and the dog basically watched and played snowball with Skatha. My opponent just got the one takeout on Ulfr, who I basically sacrificed doing his lone Wolf thing, scoring at the start of turn 2 after I kicked off first turn. It's worth nothing my club and opponent are really friendly and casual. He told me afterwards that I'd put him off his normal tactic of using his mobility to outflank. I tend to deliberately spread wide to utilise the mobility of my team and cover the pitch. I'm thinking of trying this team with Zarola to extend goal and takeout threat, instead of Egret as a spare additional goal threat. I also really need to try a Theron team, but I just find ranged offensive character plays so unreliable, is it just me? You don't get to throw enough dice! Any thoughts on the list? Trouble I might have against more competitive players or other teams? Cheers!
  3. Krihm

    8-man Tournament list

    I am making an 8-man list for a tournament and I'm making a list. I have played the following list a few times: Shark, Salt, Siren, Jac, Greyscales, and Angel Angel seems to be doing nothing. I'm either putting her in the wrong position or she just isn't as useful as I think she should be. I'm thinking about taking her out and putting Kraken in for more midfield control. Jac's push with Shark's gut and string and legendary is a great combo. I think Kraken could add to that with his big push. Also, I need two more players for a full 8-man list. I have all the models in fishermen and union available. Any thoughts on who to add or any thoughts on how to play angel more efficiently?