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Found 5 results

  1. Chriscdoa

    Vs Farmers

    1) So now that Farmers have been nerfed does it change anything? I'm playing My First Morts games versus Farmers having finally got a handle on pre-nerf Thresher with my Alchs. I was Going to proably take Obulus, Dirge, oGraves, Ghast, Brainpan & Memory and 1 other. I want Obulus Because although I like Scalpel, against Farmers her AP is wasted (especially with millstone nerf) I figure Graves for 2" and Tooled up. Ghast for easy KD, Fear and 2" melee. Brainpan and memory for using memory to block charge lanes (and not set off Counter charge) and to setup a goal, and for damage (and to not give up VP) Dirge for Signled out (and not being Vileswarm) I can't decide who else. Casket seems like a good shout, but then I lack speed for scoring. Pellage or Cosset for damage, but then they can die quick. Bonesaw for Scoring. 2) help?
  2. As much as I love Minx, I've been toying around with A&G as the better option in a Hunter's squad and I've seen a few others echoing the same. Avarisse seems like a solid choice to hold down the center of the pitch, flanked by Seenah and Vet. Hearne. That'd give the squad its maximum of 2" melee models (sadly) and a healthy dose of KD on 2. They'd be looking to KD as many models as possible. Vet Hearne is a beast at moving through a scrum to get to protected players. A&G also give that nice T1 goal threat, Avarisse's Singled Out and pushes, and Greede's damage and goal threat. Skatha, I think, is the better choice for captaining the squad. Allows her to to use Snowball, Cold Snap, and Blessing to support as needed and she can hold a flank/threaten a goal. An opportune legendary allow teammates to disengage and pursue a ball carrier after a kick in. Fahad and Snow both have value: The former for its efficiency and another damage source, the latter for AP and giving those nice dodges. Who to put in the 6th slot? I see value in Jaecar for damage, Egret for goal threat and AoE, Ulfr for goal threat and that nice playbook dodge. Also, what about Zarola? As a battery, ball killer, linked with Fahad - she seems like an often overlooked option. With Skatha's Snowball and Fast Ground, she can threat distances with Midnight Offering. The Hunter tool box seems very real now, but how to develop it?
  3. Seacitygamer

    Which Mercenary Makes the Cut?

    @DrillbossD and I were just starting to have this conversation in another forum thread, but I thought I'd post it to the main page and let everyone weigh-in. I'm a new guild ball player and am slowly filling out my Engineers team, so I'll probably be picking up one or two of the models recommended here. Question: If you can only take one Union model in your tournament 9, who makes the cut and why? Feel free to respond however you want or use this small form below: Union Model: Nine Model Roster: How does this model support your team roster? What do you hope to accomplish with this model?
  4. Hello friends! Long time reader, first time posting my own thread. The Brewers were my first squad and as a real life member of the guild I tend to represent them at Tournaments, too. I'm the only Brewer in my local meta so don't have a lot of other folks to bounce ideas off of. I've been seeing a lot of love for Harry as our Union linemate. S3 Harry is quite inspiring, but what about Avarisse and Greede? Tournament 9: Esters, Tapper, Quaff, vSpigot, Spigot, Masher, Hooper, Stoker, Avarisse/Greede Lineup 1: Esters, Quaff, Mash, Stoker, vSpigot, Avarisse/Greede Typical Influence (12-13): Esters (3), Quaff (0), Mash (3), Stoker (4), vSpigot (1), Avarisse (1-2), Greede (0) Victory Conditions: 3 Goals or Two Goals, Two TOs (More Likely) Gameplay: Esters uses fireblast and provides song/buff support, anchors centerfield. Stoker and Avarisse flank her. Mash causes mayhem in backfield with Howzat. Quaff Buffs and vSpigot hangs out on flank or pursues/goads non-violent opponents or ball-handlers. Stoker is primary damage dealer, looking for models that Esters lights on fire. Avarisse looks for momentous pushes, Singled Out, or KD. Mash mashes. Swing to flanks once ball is controlled to maximize vSpigot and threaten pushes off the pitch. This team loves to be 8" from the pitch's edge. Unleash A/G gimmick goal for game clincher. Lineup 2: Tapper, Quaff, Mash, Stoker, Hooper, Avarisse/Greede Typical Influence (12-13 + Old Jake's): Tapper (4), Quaff (0), Mash (2-3), Hooper (3), Stoker (2 + 2 from Old Jake's), Avarisse (1-2), Greede (0) Victory Conditions: 6 TOs or 1 Goal, 4 TOs Gamplay: Synergy through buffing team's TAC and Damage output. Late game goal via Mash or Avarisse and Greede. Avarisse Singles Out. Tapper pops Commanding Aura and does some damage, uses Old Jake's. Mash disrupts with Howzat! Quaff buffs TAC. Hooper pops True Grit and enjoys the potential for +2 Dam and +5-6 TAC. Stoker Molotovs KD'd models and enjoys potential for +2 Dam and +3-4 TAC. Once team is softened, utilize Mash, A/G, or even Stoker to put the nail in the coffin with a goal. Thoughts?
  5. MrGears

    How do you get take-outs?

    So I'v been playing engineers for the better part of 3 months now, and I think I have a fair handle on how they work. i'd say I'm at about 50% win loss ratio at the moment. which from what I can see with Guild ball is not a bad statistic at all. however absolutely every game I have won has been won on goals and just goals. I have yet to successfully take out well anyone . I just cant seem to deal any meaningful damage. I have on the odd occasion managed takeouts by pushing people off the table edge (usually colossus or hoist), but I'v never been able to bring anyone down to 0 hp (I tell a lie I think I managed to kill Cosset once but she did half that damage to herself). I'v changed my line up recently to include rage and decimate and it has helped me put a dent in some guilds players, but its never enough so how do engineers do the killing thing? my current line up is Pin-vice Mainspring Velocity Hoist Colossus Compound Decimate Rage. my usual game plan is that colossus rushes the enemy turn one , gets the ball and walks it in Pin-vice and velocity take the mid left and mid right to counter the return goal kick, making a point of making themselves as survivable as possible (nimble and defensive stance), mainspring stays centre back ready to make a nuisance of himself or feed the ball forward on a return goal, hoist takes the centre mid and follows up on colossus when the opposition are done taking him out (usually happens bottom of 2) then depending on the match up, compound hugs the goal and shuts down opposition strikers who come past the mid line, decimate takes a far flank and either counters opposition wingers to feed the ball back to the mechanica, or if the centre fight is going badly takes it and taps it in herself, rage will sit in the centre field and usually gets taken out before he can do anything to anyone(this may be because my meta is very rage aware , I.E. they all have him and know what he does so they know how to counter him, our rule is the first rage to charge is the rage that wins...). so yes my basic question is this, how should I better use my lineup in order to transition from my current record of either 3-0 wins (or 2-0 losses) to consistent 2-2 wins. any advice would be appreciated. Kind regards Mr Gears