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Found 12 results

  1. Dear puppeteers, I already asked this question in another guild's sub-forum. Our local store is starting an Escalation league this week and I am considering my options. As it stands, we already have way too many Butchers players, so I will likely be moving away from my first team and get to know something a little... different. Thus, which players of our guild would you recommend me to bring for the first match (3v3)? I was thinking Obulus (never played him, so this is kind of a must for me :)) and Casket (the legendary seems great in the smaller game sizes, PLUS the area affects seem nice as well). I am undecided about the third player. I was thinking about Minx for efficiency, B+M for movement fun, but I really don't yet know my way around the Morticians. So yes ... HELP? :-) For example, what do you think about Obulus, Minx and Cosset? Have a great day, Sebastian
  2. jumbaligha

    Slow Grow League

    So we are doing a Slow Grow league in my meta to try and get people into painting and more into the game as well. I'm thinking of doing Hunters as everyone here hates them and refuses to accept them as viable. We are going with the starter boxes and working out from there. With the Hunters starter being 6 models, I'm only going to use them. Now to he reason for the post: What are the starting 3? I know Theron for sure, but what other two models go along side him? I want to think its Egret and Jaecar, but I'm not sure. Thought?
  3. Desertspiral

    Vassal ball tournament

    Ok so heres the deal: Vassal ball tournament to commence on the 17th (Mon) of October. I will be taking registrations from now until the 15th. I will attempt to form pairings consummate with the number of players. Additionally the tournament will follow a Swiss structure - first past the post. Each week there will be 1 round, whereby players will have to ORGANISE their own match ups. If two players cannot come to an equitable agreement then the game will be considered a draw. Results must be in by 07:00 the following Monday EAT (Eastern Australian time [GMT +10:30]). iE the round starting on the 17th, you must have results in by the 24th etc. I will post the draw by 16:00 EAT each Monday. ~~ Each player must pick a faction, and register a list of 9 players (1 or 2 captains may be used). The nine includes 1 mascot, and any captains you take. There will be a prize for the ultimate winner (I haven't figured out what yet - but am open to suggestions and/or donations). Please tell your friends and let's have a good turn out :). Any questions please PM me. Also please reply in this post to register for the tourney.
  4. byronthebear

    The Figo Cup!

    So since no one has yet to continue doing leagues i decided to start a new one using the Figo Cup system. If you are not familiar with the system make sure you read over it, just to get the concept. I will try to stay true to the format given, but i will make small twerks in the case of rewards. The format is made for 6-12 players in the cup so depending on the number of people who want to participate will determine the number of divisions. If we are lucky i can split up the playerbase by location to make scheduling matches easier. On the topic of scheduling matches, if you sign up please make sure you can be available to play every week! Since there is a chance of a lot of people in one division i would like to have everyone play a weekly. I will post the schedule when we start the league (per division) so you will have a set opponent every week. This league will have to be played pretty quickly because with 12 players in a division and just to make sure everyone plays each other it will take 11 weeks if we play weekly. So obviously it takes a long time. Anyone that is interested in playing just say that you want to join in this thread, and make sure you have the time to play at least once a week. Addition rules will be announced later.
  5. on fait une petite ligue estivale sur Toulouse, s’il y a des motivés, voici les formalités : chacun se rencontre pas d’ordre de rencontre pour + de flexibilité un rythme de 1 match / 2 semaines en moyenne (par exemple sur 1 soir, 2 matchs fait, ça équivaut à 4 semaines, …) à chaque match les deux coachs se mettront d’accord pour l’attribution d’un point d’infamie (s’il y a lieu d’être) pour l’évènement le plus honteux du match, s’il y a désaccord, alors un participant extérieur au match tranchera. bref un championnat à la cool, ou on définira quelles genres de stats on regarde et pour faire des match « sérieux » inscrivez-vous: https://www.tabletoptournaments.net/t3_tournament.php?tid=17006 plus de renseignement sur le forum : http://warmahordes.sud-ouest.xoo.it/index.php
  6. Hey guys, We started the Big League and a few of us have different interpretations on how the rules for plot cards work during the league. I have a couple of related questions. 1. "Coaches begin the campaign with access to any Guild Ball Season 1 or 2 Guild Plot cards from the core game and any of the Common Campaign Plot Cards found in the Guild Ball Season 2 Campaign Cards set." (S2 rulebook, p. 55) Since there are multiple copies of basic cards in the campaign deck, does that mean that you can fill your pool with multiple copies of the same card, to increase your chances of drawing a card? If so, does this extend to S1 or S2 plot cards as well? Can I buy my friend's "Don't Touch the Hair!" and add it to my deck, even if I already have one? Or is there a strict "no more than one copy of a specific card can be in a player's plot deck." 2. Since players are encouraged to sell plot cards to one another, can a player trim down his/her pool, to reduce the random element, or must a player maintain 12 plot cards in the deck at all times? Thanks in advance! The campaign system is really awesome. BT
  7. San Antonio, TX is now on the map for Guild Ball. Tabletop Gaming Center has become an official retailer for Guild Ball as of 3 weeks ago and the gaming community here has totally embraced the game. They sold out of at least two starters of every Guild within a week, and had to make an immediate re-order, three orders of starters and individual players have been made and sold out completely; they are now awaiting their 4th order of product. Some of us are already on our third Guild and building our own home team pitches. You guys should check out the San Antonio Guild Ball FB Group, we got about 30 active players right now and growing. We have official Guild Ball Nights on Thursdays at Tabletop Gaming Center and a brand new Slow-Grow League Starting this Thursday May 19th. After that league is complete we will be hosting a full size Tournament with prize support !!!https://www.facebook.com/groups/1539725059664682/
  8. Hey all, We will be starting up a Figo League here in Southington, CT on Wednesday nights, from 4-9pm (note that league games can also be scheduled for other days if both players can agree on a date/time). Will run for 8 weeks, starting May 11. We have a Figo League Kit, so some nice art prints and a Hunters patch are a part of the prize support. Entry fee will be $10, with all funds divided up into store credit at the end. What we have done for other games is award raffle tickets based on your final score, as well as for other achievements along the way, and have a raffle of all the prizes at the end. That way, winning the league gives you a better chance of winning prizes in the raffle, but everyone has a solid chance of walking away with something. It also lets people have some freedom to choose prizes (when your ticket is called you pull a prize from the remaining pool of prizes). If anyone has serious objections to this method I would love to chat about it, but this will probably be the way we do things for leagues from now on. For the Facebook inclined: https://www.facebook.com/events/213600892353360/
  9. Hey Everyone, I wanted to send out an open invitation to anyone in the Southington, CT area. We at Dark Omen Gaming Club just completed the first week of our eight-week long "Explorer League" and have posted the results here. Basically, it is a league designed to help introduce us to the game and the match ups, with each of the players coaching different guilds each week. We are keeping track of various stats, and will name an "All-Star" Team at the end of the eight weeks. We are all learning the game, so we are keeping it very low key and fun, and I have provided four painted teams that anyone can play each week (working on the rest!). For those of us who weren't crazy enough to buy all the teams already, it is a great opportunity to try out the different guilds and see what "fits" before buying models. And for everyone it is a great chance to play all the teams and learn the nuances of the game. We provide pitches, terrain, and even some bad jokes. We will be updating the link periodically, so if you are interested in the results I will be updating this thread. And by all means, if you are intrigued by Guild Ball and live anywhere near Southington, Connecticut, please come on down! This league is open to anyone and everyone, no matter your skill level or knowledge of the game. We play every Wednesday night at Flagship Games and Comics (1049 Queen Street), as well as whenever we can get in a game. Shoot me a PM if you are interested and I'll get you a demo!
  10. Hey guys I'm a new Butchers player from the Great Yarmouth/Lowestoft area of the UK. New chronologically, but I'm getting in quite a few games each week. There is actually almost 20 of us that now play in a league at the FLGS. Hoping to get to some of the major tournaments next year. Also my team is nicknamed Mystery Meat.
  11. Hey guys, just thought I would let everyone know that there is a new Guild Ball league starting up in Great Yarmouth (Norfolk, England). New players and late comers are all welcome, you only need a starter set to join in. We will be starting it this Thursday. And Thursday nights are when majority of players will get their games in but you can play whenever suits you. I think we have about 14 players so far., but always happy for more. The league is being held at Wyldstorm Games in Great Yarmouth. If you're interested in joining let me know or just go down to the store and ask.
  12. munkeykungfu

    Standings after Round 1

    *Stephen78 given Round 1 bye due to drop out. Game to be played once replacement sourced.